Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Open Your Heart

I came home from a trip to the States late last Saturday night and thought I was simply exhausted, then the house fell on me. I've been slammed with some crummy flu that hit me late Monday or early Tuesday. My throat feels like I've swallowed razor blades, I have an exquisite headache that won't go away, a cough that would scare a big dog, and everything hurts. For about 36 hours I couldn't lift my head off the pillow. Today, I'm actually better, I can hold my head up for about a half an hour before I'm back down again.

I admit, I was feeling pretty sorry for myself when I got on the computer to answer the comments from Monday's Alex fest post. While trolling through the sites of my new followers, I ran across this. Thank you JJ.

Open Your Heart and Enjoy.


  1. Sorry the travel bug got you! Hope you feel better soon. Was the trip fun? Up until you got back that is?

  2. Thank you. Nice complement to my post today.

  3. My sympathies, hope you get better soon. Not a good way to end a trip.

  4. I am happy you were lifted by the video. Please do feel well very soon.

  5. Aw, sorry to hear you are down and out. Take it easy and feel better soon. I hope you had a good time on your trip though!

  6. Ooh that's never good. Hope you're back to healthy again soon. :-)

  7. Alex - The trip was basically fun, but hectic. DWorld sure is expensive.The rest is the added benefit of being in contact with all those people, particularly, cramped for hours on a flight in 'coach'.

    Luckymamma - Why, thank you m'dear.

    D.G. - Better to end this way than start out. I hate being sick, but it's even worse when you are not in your own home.

    JJ - Thanks for the video and the well wishes.

    Jaybird - Trip was good. It was great to get off island for a week. This will pass.

    Misha - Thanks, I'm working on it.

    EVERYONE - If you click on that 'Open YOur heart' at the very end, there is a great video. I didn't realize until I looked at it this morning, but with my blue type and the blue that bloggers uses to designate a link, you may not realize that the last "Open Your Heart' is a LINK