Sunday, November 15, 2015


If you remember all the way back to the first of November (was that only two weeks ago?), you know that Mr. McCarthy and I both used the same song, ‘The Look of Love’, but we each featured different combatants. Well, today is the FACE OFF. The BIG BATTLE, if you will. This is the time when the winner of each of those two BATTLES (Mr. McCarthy’s and mine) will face each other to see who is; ‘The Supreme Commander of The Look of Love’.

Only thing about THAT BATTLE is that it is NOT taking place HERE. You will need to go to STMCC PRESENTS BATTLE OF THE BANDS to cast your vote. Please click on over to Mr. McCarthy’s Battle and cast a vote.

I’ll show up over there to cast my vote, but not until the 21st of November, just like as if it was my very own BATTLE (you know the drill, I make you wait until after all the votes are in, till I vote).

I’m behind in everything AGAIN, so I appreciate the opportunity to take a break and it may take me awhile to get around and vote at the other BATTLES, but I’ll do my best.

Until the 21st…Happy Trails!


  1. Well, I voted at McCarthy's, but I'm disappointed that there's not a Battle here. Voting between the two losers from last round for "Look of Love", I'd vote Nina Simone's version over Diana Krall.

    See you at your next Battle.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  2. So sorry I missed the playoffs on Nov. 1st... I did vote just now, and I'm kind of glad I hadn't committed to either of these before, positively or negatively... Not sure I could've been objective enough for this final face-off. Great choice of versions, though! We'll miss you this round, but good for you on taking a break.

    Happy Sunday!
    Guilie @ Quiet Laughter

  3. Hey Fae, I hope you're feeling better real soon. I enjoyed this Playoffs BOTB!
    Will look forward to your next battle. Take good care of yourself!
    Michele at Angels Bark

  4. Did vote on the BOTB at SMC's. That's a good idea to have a face-off in the BOTBs.

  5. Hi FAE. Enjoy the break. Don't work too hard, but drinking too much is ok :)

  6. Hope you get caught up and will see whom you vote for:)

  7. I thought the losers might be duking it out over here, but I was WRONG. Can I tell you how often that happens???? ::don't ask::

  8. Well, I'm sad we don't get to vote on another awesome battle, but we're glad to hear you're taking it easy. We all need a break now and again. Enjoy it!

  9. I voted but it was really tough. Take care of you. It's hard to mail a bowl of vegetable soup (smile).

  10. Girl, we love ya and want you to rest, relax, heal, and be well! BOTB is a great thing but not the ONLY thing. STMcC will surely second that emotion.

    I can't mail soup, either, but I sure can send prayers, well wishes, and good vibes your way. <3

  11. It's always good to take a short break. I felt like doing that this time around too, but instead of skipping the battle, I opted to have a fun battle. So far, everyone has loved it. I hope you are able to get around to listen before the votes close.
    I did something a little different than putting two songs sung by different people back to back. I hope you like it and don't mind too much I strayed from the set formula.

  12. I hear you about being behind! I only have 4 book reviews to write, two more writing deadlines before January, and house to clean before next Thursday...but it seems like a ton. Especially if you consider there are 4 kids running around this house.

    I hope you come back SUPER refreshed.

  13. Hey Guys, thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment so that I know you were here. I also appreciate you all making it over to Stephen T. McCarthy's site and casting a vote. so far the race is pretty tight, that means every vote counts.

    See you on the 21st at STMCC Present Battle of the Bands for the results of this combined effort.

  14. Gotcha Fae! I already voted on Stephen's site. I went with Botti. Enjoy your little break. I'm taking next week off, but will post the results on Sunday and then be back for Dec 1st BoTB. Have a good evening & thanks for stopping by!

  15. Congratulations of the Battle results! Loved your comment! Hope you're well, and have a lovely Thanksgiving celebration.

    Love, Dixie