Wednesday, June 7, 2017

IWSG Post - Are you a Quiter?

The topic for this month's IWSG is something about have you ever quit writing and come back, and why?

I haven't quit. I promise, but I know it looks like that. Let me explain...

About a five weeks ago everything in my life went to hell in a hand basket. Yeah, yeah, you're thinking, who's life hasn't, but seriously folks, it was like (for a woman) someone took my purse and dumped it upside down in the middle of the Interstate. First, my landlord decided to put the house I was living in up for sale. Being somewhat of hermit (feel free to read crazy writer) it was driving me nuts to have strangers parading through my house, peeking in my closes and opening the junk drawer.
Then the realtor said they had a contract and I needed to get out. I tried finding another place to live in Tahoe but the real estate prices have skyrocketed and the rents followed suit. It was insane. I was going to have to pay (in rent) more than what a $400,000 mortgage would cost. So, I made a big more. Like a really big move, back to Idaho (I had lived here about seven years ago) where I have some family.

Is that crazy enough for you. I haven't opened the computer to write in all that time. I only would have been one major whine anyway, and nobody needs that.

Anyway...I haven't quit writing and the events of the past few weeks have sent my brain into overdrive with ideas for the next new project. Did I mention that during all of this chaos, I took the time to travel to Denver to see a concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater (best concert venue ever) of one of my all time favorites? Yep Tom Petty! He was, needless to say, amazing. Joe Walsh opened for him and was also great. Tom sang several numbers from his 'Wildflowers" album (my all time favorite) including the song Wildflowers. Which, but the way he sang just for me.

I also took a side trip to some of the places I used to live in Colorado. Those were good times and some sweet memories with awesome friends.  More fodder for my stories.

I'm hoping to participate in the WEP Challenge this month. I've crossed a lot of BRIDGES this the past few weeks, and as that's the topic of the Challenge, I have more than a few ideas.

My advice to any of you who have or are considering giving up..."Never surrender dear, never give up!"

Please visit as many of the participants in this monthly blog hop as possible. Find the Linky list HERE While you're at it give a shout out to Mr. Alex Cavanaugh and this months helper hosts for all that they do to keep this meme going and therefore keep all of us in line.

Until next time HAPPY TRAILS!

Here's Tom singing 'Wildflowers' just for you. Enjoy!

Love, FAE


  1. Um, yeah, talk about a big move. Idaho is not a place I'd want to live in the winter, but I suppose in the summer it would be okay. A little cold for me, but... (FYI, I did live there, twice. I'm still cold just thinking about it.)

  2. That was nice of your landlord. Glad you had a place you could move to that was close to family. I bet you do have some crazy story ideas now.

  3. So sorry to hear about anyone being forced from home like that. But, perhaps God has a better opportunity in mind.

  4. I wondered why you'd been kind of silent. Idaho! Tom Petty! Way to go. (At least you're near some family. That's really nice.)

  5. Everyone needs to find a home and be near family. Snow...big deal. I've been there. It's cold, but is beautiful.

  6. So you certainly have been busy FAE. Moving has got to be the worst and sometimes the best thing we do, but not too often. What a treat to see Tom Petty in concert. Hopefully, you'll feel right at home back in Idaho (I need to look that state up!).

    So glad you're going to participate in Bridges. You've definitely crossed some recently!

    Denise :-)

  7. You have been incredibly busy. I hope your new home is just that - and I am really looking forward to your WEP contribution.

  8. Hopefully you now have a good place. Hate it too when you have people parading through your house. One of the only good thing about apartments, you don't have to worry about them being sold on you.

  9. Whoa, that is not cool what you had to go through. I would have totally lost it! Hopefully, everything is somewhat better where you are now. Good luck with everything and your writing. ;)

  10. What a change! No wonder you haven't been writing. Moving is the pits. With the exception of the first (an adventure) and the last (to be close to family) I felt like I never had a choice--we follow Hubs' job. It's good to be close to family. I'm sure the property prices are a lot better in Idaho. Good luck. Hope to see you back here next month.

  11. EEEk; so much change. I'd be pulling my hair out. That Tom Petty concert sounds awesome though.

    My life seems to change on a daily basis. I like it - I think. Depends on the day I'm having. I can empathize with the sudden moves, but of course weeks or months of planning doesn't make it any easier. Experience talking here.

    I know you'll get back into writing. You'll go nuts if you listen to all those characters poke at your dreams and don't write something. Cool that you have so much fodder for the characters to work out, lol.

    I am really looking forward to reading your bridges post. I have about three story starts, but I think I've settled on one concept. Thats my plan for Saturday in Cedar City anyway.

  12. Idaho has an interesting history and people. You will enjoy learning about them. Tom Petty--good choice.

  13. Damn! But all things work out for the best if you give it to God. Idaho seems to me to be a fine place to go. There are some nice areas there that I remember.

    I agree with your advice about never giving up although changing plans is always allowable.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out