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Banning, Burning and other Bombasities

Banning, Burning and other Bombasities

There is so much floating around on the Internet these days about the banning of this or that. Currently it primarily has to do with guns. Emotions are running high after the shooting in CT, where twenty innocent children were sacrificed to absolute evil and madness. I have children who are very close to my heart, of the same age, attending school in the same grade, as these victims, so make no mistake that this is a tragedy that hits very close to home.

I have read emotional blog posts that say; ‘if we love our children, we simply MUST fight for gun control and ultimately confiscation’. I on the other hand believe that, ‘if we truly love our families, especially our children we must use our very last breath to insure they have the opportunity to grow old while enjoying freedom from tyranny.’

Most would seem to agree that we should fight the enemy from without, but these same folks don’t seem to grasp that the best way for an enemy to conquer is to infiltrate (be bought into the physical and emotional arena of trust) their opponents homeland as well as their hearts. This is a tactic that goes back to ancient times – anybody remember the ‘Trojan Horse’. And, of course, I’m sure you all know the best way to cook a frog. You simply cannot throw him into a pot of boiling water, as he is able to jump right out, BUT if you place him in tepid water and slowly turn up the heat he will become used to the gentle warming, as he relaxes, this poor frog will have absolutely no idea that he is beginning to cook until it is much too late for him to do anything but be served up as the main course. The questions here might be; do we know the enemy within? Who is it turning up the heat? And have we been presented with a very personal Trojan horse?

Someone, somewhere, at someplace in time is most likely advocating burning some book or effigy that they personally find offensive. It’s easy for most to jump on a bandwagon of banning an inanimate object or even an idea that is evidently the cause of some great tragedy. Persons are scorned and mocked for their beliefs and ideals every day, even when, or maybe especially when, those beliefs and ideals are backed up by hard facts. This only proves to me that most people are afraid. And by that I mean they are afraid of most everything. They have succumbed to the great evil that would paralyze us from within by our own fears, another example of conquest by infiltration.

 I abhor ‘political correctness’. While I don’t believe in or advocate all out name calling and general rudeness, I do believe in the quote by Moses acting as Charlton Heston or is vice versa? While he was still coherent he said; ‘Political Correctness is simply tyranny with manners’. Lately, it appears the world of the PC have begun to drop the manners and started to play tough. There are some people you cannot call to question. There are some questions that will not be answered even though all facts point to an explanation. There are some explanations that are not for the ears of the general public.

As I see it, in order to survive and insure the peaceful survival of our posterity we must overcome our fears, rise to the occasion at hand and shout when ‘enough is enough’. Make no mistake, I am for the most part a very peaceful person, a pacifist at heart, while at the same time I embrace the motto, ‘Don’t tread on me’ (or mine). You would also be wise to make no mistake that I’m no longer some idealistic twenty or thirty something. Also know this; I have looked down the barrel of a semi-automatic weapon with a bayonet attached, wielded by military personnel, in my homeland, in the very city of my nativity. I have witnessed people physically beaten and emotionally discharged for their very appearance, not to mention their beliefs and ideals. I have felt the heartbreak of the loss of innocence by an entire nation. I have endured the misfortune of watching as a member of my own family surrendered their belief and trust in a government gone wrong.

All of the above is way more information than I have ever intended to give about myself here in this space, and probably volumes more than you ever wanted to hear about this ‘dumb blonde’. I don’t tell you these things to make myself seem more knowledgeable or superior to anyone else, but rather that you might have some idea of the naiveté that I lack. If you have read more than a half dozen of my blog posts, there should be no doubt in your mind who I and my house serve. I also hope you now know that I believe Banning and Burning what we fear, is a Bombastic approach to securing our happiness and freedom, and exactly what the Enemy wants us to do.

Check out one nations solution to tyranny HERE. The DVD is available through Netflix. Ninety-seven minutes well spent.


  1. I disagree that gun control is tyranny. What should be considered is the availability and ease with which guns can be procured by anyone, espec in the US.

    For instance: Relatives in the US took my teens to a shooting range when we visited (my kids had never even handled a gun). As they were leaving, the gun store owners attached to this place tried to talk 18-20 yr olds into buying a gun. If I'd been there, that guy would have been missing a strip off his face from what I would have said to him. He knew they were Canadians too - made no difference to him.

    I do appreciate your passion in this post, farawayeyes, but due to several shootings here in Vancouver recently, I feel strongly about the need for something to be done. Innocent bystanders get hurt too.

  2. Faraway, you have worded it far better than anyone else. And I know exactly what you mean by tyranny, "PC," and boiling frogs. And I know Who your house serves.
    Well said - you should be a writer!

  3. EVERYONE - I fear I may have shot myself in the foot (pun intended) with my comment about the link at the end of this post. My link is to the 2 minute 42 second trailer for this movie not the whole thing, which is 97 minutes long.

    You will be missing something very interesting, if you don't take those 2+ minutes and check it out.

    Sorry about that.

  4. D.G. – I respect your opinion, concerns and fears. I DO NOT mean to suggest that nothing should be done. I DO believe that Banning and Burning are not the answer.

    Just one little example. I originally come from a large city which has recently been titled the ‘murder capitol’ of its nation, despite very strict gun control. Their gun control is so strict that a friend who is a bona fide law enforcement official (entitled and required to carry a gun) in a neighboring suburb, but who lives within the boundaries of this city, CANNOT bring his gun (a requirement of his employment) to his home. Not only is Banning guns NOT working here, but in this particular case, the neighbors of my friend are not even afforded the added protection they might enjoy from an armed law enforcement official within their midst.

    We may need to agree to disagree, because it is my opinion that any entity (person, club, religious organization or government) that denies a person the right to protect and defend themselves is a tyrant.

    If, as I suspect, you haven’t clicked on my link, check out that movie trailer. It might be something you would enjoy.


    Alex – Thank you very much. A writer, huh? I might have to give that a whirl.

  5. I'm not sure exactly what you are getting at in this post, but all Obama is proposing goes on the lines of a renewal of an assault weapons ban that was in effect a decade ago and then a smaller clip. You can still load up your pistols, strap a shotgun across your back, and charge into any place that you used to, Faraway, and practice your second amendment right.

    And people are making a ton of money on the gun control conversation. Utah is sold out of the AR15 gun for months. Doesn't that make you proud? I guess you could go and take a loan and buy twenty so that in case one breaks, you'll have extras.

    I dunno...I guess I don't see what this "Enemy" is or can even begin to understand why you feel so threatened.

  6. Michael - I appreciate your vehemence over this issue. We just happen to be on different sides of the debate.

    FYI, I live in a country where gun control is very strict, so even with a loan or winning the lottery, there isn’t any way I could purchase any type of gun. Oh, have no fear, the bad guys are still able to acquire them and with a population smaller than the city you live in, our violent, gun related crime is rising every day. I guess paradise ain’t what it used to be. That particular ‘Second Amendment’ doesn’t really exist where I live. It might say US before the name of my country, but as a Territory, we aren’t exactly 'the home of the brave and land of the free. But, we are one more example of ‘gun control’ keeping the weapons out of the hands of the citizens, while criminals do as they please.

  7. I agree with you about banning (there's a reason for the second amendment, imo, and that reason still exists) but I do think there needs to be controls to help prevent weapons from getting into the hands of people who shouldn't have them in the same way licenses help prevent people who shouldn't from driving. Sure, people who don't have licenses still drive and there will always be ways for people to acquire guns illegally, but guns, like a car, should be kept out of the hands of people incapable of using them properly, imo. However, that said, there also needs to be a great deal more done to help people with mental illnesses but until we revamp our health care system that isn't going to happen either. maybe someday, when people finally realize that money isn't the most important thing.

    I enjoyed the trailer.

  8. Thanks for the response, Faraway. Yes, we are politically opposite. That's the Idaho thing. I guess I just don't ever see myself killing someone. But if you gotta do it, the AR15 is a good choice. It's great for mass murder. I hope you get one if that's what you want. And I wish you endless bullets to mow down your enemies so that you never live in fear again.

  9. FarAwayEyes ~
    This was a really good blog bit. (I like it when you tell it like it is.)

    I had never even heard of the movie 'THE SINGING REVOLUTION'. Thanks for the recommendation and the link to the trailer. I added the movie to my NetFlix queue and expect to be watching it next weekend.

    Also... don't let that last comment by Michael Offnutt bother you.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  10. @Stephen: My last blog comment wasn't meant to be rude. I just can't understand what the purpose of an AR15 is other than killing people. Maybe someone could explain it to me. Is it to hunt?

    Anyway, yes, I'm politically a democrat. But for the record, I think the gun control debate is a waste of time and won't go anywhere. I guess I just don't understand why people are even calling it gun control when you can have as many pistols, shotguns, and other weapons as you want.

    It specifically targets the AR15 and it's only proposals that won't go anywhere in a Republican House of Representatives.

    And Obama's executive powers are basically doing things that all people should agree upon anyway...which is tougher background checks and tougher follow-up on people that lie on background checks.

    Again, I don't see the big deal. Maybe someone can explain it to me.

  11. MICHAEL, since it's FarAwayEyes' blog, I'll let her explain it to you. (She understands it every bit as well as I do.)

    If she says she'd rather not explain it, then I'll return at some point and do it myself.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  12. I've never fired a gun in my life. Really, I don't plan to. Don't care one way or another about them. But it's true that banning them isn't the answer.

    It's always nice when people rally together to try to prevent another tragedy, but this doesn't seem like the way to do it. Like you said, faraway, the bad guys will always get guns. It's just what they do.

    It's like how we've put Zyrtec D behind a counter, required a driver's license to purchase it, and limited the number you can buy, simply because the ingredients can make meth. And yet... that doesn't really stop people from making meth, does it?

  13. You have written a very good post.

    The reason the founding father put the right to keep and bear arms in the constitution is to prevent the government from becoming tyrannical. Thomas Jefferson wrote:
    "All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to ... remain silent."

    He also wrote in a letter to one William S. Smith: "God forbid we should ever be 20 years without such a rebellion."

    Inotherwords, he felt it was possible the government he helped create could become like the government he had revolted against and that civil disobedience, rebellion, revolution were a vital and important means by which the PEOPLE could keep THEIR government under control and in check. And, we can only do that we retain the right to keep and bear arms.

    What is horrible and sick is that there are now people out there who believe the atrocity in CT is some kind of conspiracy. And now, some people who came to the aide of the terrified children, are being harassed.

  14. This is a huge issue to tackle as both sides are equally passionate in their beliefs of what to be right. Insulting Faraway for her opinion, is low budget. There are much better ways to make your point without having to be rude.

    I'm married to a cop and a former Marine Corps Sniper. We go shooting as a family-for sport. I can tell you that our three children know more about gun safety and are better shots than most adults. They respect the weapon and know how to handle it properly. I believe in education and a certain level of standards and responsibility should be upheld by every gun owner. I am not opposed to longer waiting periods and/or psych testing in the slightest. But I would never concede to surrending my guns all together- because of someone else's lunacy.

    What happened in CT, is a complete tragedy. I also firmly believe, however, had someone taken all of that deranged man's guns, he would have found other means to hurt a mass amount of people.

    Any quick, rash decisions and legislation pushed right after such a tragedy, based on fear, makes me very leary.

  15. Well, for what it's worth, this democrat would never take away your right to own any gun. I honestly don't care because I've lived in Idaho and Utah all my life and all my neighbors own them. One of my co-workers has two of the AR-15's and he's buying more because they are such hot sellers. I told him that's a smart business idea to make money off of the demand.

    I just was hoping for a more direct explanation either from Faraway or from one of the conservatives here as to why everyone seems to be in panic mode over the debate to limit access to the assault weapons. I guess I'm just puzzled as there seems to be plenty of access to other kinds of weapons that are just as lethal and have just as much ability to deter an evil person.

    But this will be my last post on this topic. I feel my comments are not welcome because they are different from what others want to hear. Sorry if I ruffled any feathers.

  16. Michael – First let me say, I’m a bit disappointed in your ongoing attitude and comments. I have thought of you as a fair minded person of considerable talent, particularly when it comes to art. Yet here in my space, which I cordially invite all to come and converse with me on various topics in an adult, courteous and intelligent manner, you have twice tried to caricature me in a manner that is not only highly inaccurate, but also extremely inappropriate. Not every comment here has been in total or even partial agreement with mine, yet you are the only person stooping to personal, even though somewhat backhanded, attacks.

    I respect your right and privilege to disagree. I welcome comments that put forth their ideas, even those contrary to mine, in an organized and civil manner, but I’m not impressed with someone coming into my home (blog) and ranting about their perception of me because of a stance I take on a controversial issue. There are many things you discuss at your home (blog) that are diametrically opposed to my lifestyle, beliefs and perception of the world in general. On some of my visits, I remind myself; ‘There is nothing here for you FAE, step away and move on. At other times, I look for the positive in a particular post and try to comment on it. I don’t believe that either at your home or mine have I ever been so rude as to insinuate you might enjoy indulging in nefarious activity of any sort, let alone something as heinous as mass murder. Shame on you.

    You claim to want a dialogue where someone will explain your position to you. This does not make any sense. My post should stand as explanation of mine. What you read here are my thoughts and beliefs based on extensive study, personal knowledge and my life experience. I gave you a very brief explanation in this post of some of the things that I have experienced, hoping they might provide added insight into who I am as a person. I feel no need, nor do I have any desire, to try to ‘convert’ you to my way of thinking. After everything you have stated here, you plea for an explanation appears to be a tactic to goad me into some silly argument where you want to cite your ideas and further impugn my character. Trust me Michael, on this or any similar issue, you and I are not going to dance.

    Just for the record, let me clear something up. I make many a self deprecating remark on my blog, as a source of humor. You come by enough to know that I am fond of referring to myself as a ‘dumb blonde’. Michael, know this and take it to the bank, I want you to know and understand that I am not dumb. Hell, I’m not even blonde.

    There have been many intelligent comments here that should help to enlighten you on the matter, but if any of my commenter’s wish to enter into further discussion with you here in my home and further enlighten you, they certainly have my permission and blessing to do so.

  17. Stephen - Thank you for your comments and support.

    I think you will enjoy 'The Singing Revolution'. I would have suggested it to you earlier, but I only just remembered it as I was preparing this blog post.

    You have should have read my reply to Michael Offutt by now and noted that I do not intend to to make any further explanation of the issue to him. Should you wish to waste, er...I mean spend you time trying to explain the reasoning behind 'all of the fuss', please feel free to do so.

  18. Ms - I fully agree that there is a reason for the second amendment and not only does that reason still exist, I see many things going on in the US that indicate there may be more need of it today than in the time it was written.

    I think the issue of mental illness and the over prescribing of many drugs, but particularly those known to cause suicidal and homicidal thoughts and actions in persons, is an area that could bear extreme scrutiny. Unfortunately, nobody wants to talk about that.

    Thank you for your comment.

    Beer Boys - An interesting point. All of us who suffer from allergies must now suffer a little longer as we stand in line for 'over the counter' relief, because some idiot found a way to create illicit drugs from them. And yet, there doesn't seem to be a marked difference of the amount of this dangerous drug available on the street. Another one of those, 'hows that working out for you guys?' I've see, for a fact, gun control work in exactly the same manner. Reference my reply about the 'murder capitol'.

    Bish - AND, you have written a very good comment. Thanks for the quotes and reminder of the intent of the Founding Fathers of the USA. On one hand, I fear that this issue of gun control and ANY talk of confiscation will in fact bring all out revolution to the 'land of the free and home of the brave'. On the other hand, it may be time.

    It is always sad when people capitalize on tragedy for their own purposes.

    Jaybird - Thank you for you great comment and support. I appreciate your explanation of how firearms are handled in your household. I obviously, am more than leary of the government using this or any other emotional hot button to further their own agenda.

  19. Welcome to the debate. We've both gotten some excellent responses on both sides of the argument. This is a topic that stirs people up and they want to talk about it. It's good to discuss the topic intelligently and as rationally as possible. It's a tough issue because on one side people are mostly dealing with emotions (more dangerous than the guns themselves) and on the defenders of the Second Amendment side we are primarily dealing with logic and rational thinking (which annoys the heck out of emotionally charged people). It's a difficult argument to resolve and it will probably go on for a good while to come.

    You stated your case very well.

    Tossing It Out

  20. Very interesting post. Nothing like a hot debate here. Author Larry Correia (LOVE his Monster Hunter series) wrote a very interesting blog post about the gun control issue. Here's the link if you haven't read it:

    Very educational even if you don't agree with the conclusions he reaches.

  21. I think gun control is a good idea, but that confiscation isn't.

    Because the problem isn't people owning guns, it's the wrong people getting their hands on them.

  22. Lee- Thanks for your comment. While I'm more on the emotional side and not overloaded with facts and figures, I pray that people can see the whole picture in a rations and logical manner. THAT'S what may take a very long time.

    Donna - Thank you so much for the link. That post is amazing. Talk about a logical and rational approach and coming from someone who knows his stuff.

    Misha - Unfortunately, guns in the hands of the wrong people is a problem, but no amount of legislation is actually going to prevent that.

  23. Is their any proof that these guys are actually mentally ill?? I mean Aurora, Columbine, Virginia Tech attackers all carefully planned there attacks well in advance....And carried them out efficiently. I'm a psychology major and I don't these guys are mentally ill to be honest.

    I think they know exactly what they are doing and that it is wrong but since they tend to be loners without any connections to people at all....They don't care...I remember reading a psychology article on it and it basically says that these rampage guys are unable to form connections/relationship with anyone/women so instead they become obsessed with destruction and destroying others before they kill themselves (with Aurora being the 1 exception as he didn't kill himself)

    The psychological profile of these guys is all the same....Extremely quiet shy introverted White/Asian Male who has zero success with women (these guys are all virgins....which probably also adds to there frustration and rage) and no friends etc. They are almost always also far away from there families which intensifies there isolation etc etc...

    Instead of discussing the inanimate object, maybe we should address the psychological aspect of these "socially isolated young men" who do these rampages. Plus (I know this will sound ridiculous but it's true) these guys are all sexually frustrated as hell and believe me if you're a 20+year old male who is still a virgin and has been constantly rejected by women.....chances are you're going to have very low self esteem (feeling like you're a loser in the eyes of women) which in many cases leads to rage and the desire to lash out violently.

  24. Tommy - I’m not sure whether to be mystified, flattered, or just plain skeered. Let me explain.

    After I read your comment, I went to look at your blogger profile. Nothing weird – I do this all the time when someone new comments. I like to know who I’m talking to. Sometimes I even do it to old friends because my blogger dashboard is so messed up, I don’t get proper notifications of posts or blog addresses. Anyway…I see your profile and think Holy Carp! You have got to be the unluckiest guy on the planet.

    You signed up on blogger in February, 2013 and on February 1st you land on my page. Whoa! Certainly you could have done better than that. There are a lot of bloggers, especially women, who are more scholarly, wittier and much more beautiful than me. Heck most of them even know where the commas go, they spell better, and can actually proof read their own work.

    Well the damage is done and you’ve already been exposed to my brand of crazy, so let’s tackle your comment.

    First of all I don’t know much about psychology or the male psyche. I spent my time at university as a Theater Major. Now if you want to know about men in tights, I might be able to make a semi-intelligent comment. I do know a boat load about rejection and frustration, but from a female standpoint.

    Unfortunately, there does seem to be a typical profile is these ‘mass shooter’ types. I’m a little surprised at your comment that they were all ‘virgins’ (I can’t imagine how you would know that), but I suppose it may have been reported somewhere. I’m astounded by the theory that they are simply trying to gain attention by committing suicide in a very big way. But, as they say ‘we judge from our own perspective’. So, don’t be fooled. Because I seem to yak on and on in this blog space, don’t get the wrong idea about me. I really am a very private person.

    My discussion here was directed at the attempt and desire by many, to control, limit, or completely outlaw firearms for the American citizens. Personally, I don’t see that as the means to protecting our persons, our rights or our ideals from whomever we might need protection from. I do see it as a violation of a right guaranteed in the Constitution which would enable us to protect ourselves from tyranny.

    All that said I do appreciate you stopping by and your comment. Please understand, I don’t want to argue. As you probably have seen I’ve already taken a beating on this topic.

    Best of luck to you in your ‘new’ blogging endeavor. I hope the next places you land are filled with witty comments, scholarly quotes, and beautiful women.

  25. Actually though, I think Tommy makes a good point and may be onto one possible background issue in this problem.

    Interesting interchange.

    Wrote By Rote
    An A to Z Co-host blog

  26. Faraway: I came across you making an interesting comment on another blog and so I clicked on your blog and found this post here...Sorry if I weird-ed/creep-ed you out or anything!! Not my intention I was just trying to have an interesting discussion as I both love the 2nd amendment and am also very interested in psychology.

    It's blatantly obvious to me (despite me obviously not knowing these guys) that at-least most of these rampage shooters are virgins and struggle with women. Almost all these guys are loners with low self esteem and poor social skills...which obviously doesn't tend to produce good results in the dating world....through IQ wise they tend to be pretty smart.

    Men tend to judge their self worth and how "much of a man they are" through a few things (one major one being their success with women)...A mans self esteem pretty much depends entirely on this...Which is why if you go to a nerdy college like (MIT, Harvard) etc you will see a ton of depressed looking low self esteem nerdy guys who really have no logical reason to be depressed (they're extremely intelligent, hardworking, in an IVY league school etc) but since they have a poor social life and more importantly fail so miserably with women...they think horrible of themselves (since they consider themselves undesirable to women etc)

    I think their is definitely some sort of I guess you can say "insecure manhood" problems going on with some of these shooters...It's like they feel completely emasculated by women(since they are awful with women) other men who are more popular and do better with women and than decided to lash out with guns to get revenge and kind of "win back their manhood" or something along those lines..

    I know it sounds bizarre but trust me as a man I know how the male mind works and what I said is pretty accurate...Men and women are completely different...and judge themselves in completely different ways.

    Interesting article about one of the Columbine shooters...I think this theme is very relevant for most rampage shooters

    "If this is true, does it have any connection to the attack? Besides Eric's list of girls who deserved to die because they rejected him, his journal suggests that his sexual frustration did play a part in his motivation. Eric wrote about his self-hatred and lack of confidence with girls and wrote, "If people would give me more compliments all of this [the attack] might still be avoidable.... You know what, maybe I just need to get laid. Maybe that'll just change some s--- around." As I noted in my book (Why Kids Kill: Inside the Minds of School Shooters), Eric was desperate for status, desperate to feel like a man. He was so desperate that he thought the attack might be avoidable if he could just "get laid." This would have changed his sense of himself, allowing him to feel more like a man."

  27. Tommy – Not weird-ed or creep-ed out yet, but the day is young, there’s still hope.

    You make an interesting argument for the ’rage shooter ‘and his motive for lashing out at society in such a violent manner. While this is interesting from a purely psychological standpoint, I’m not exactly sure how it ties in to preserving the Second Amendment. Politicians will use whatever means possible to promote their agendas and these mass shootings are working in their favor with the public in general, on the issue of gun control and ultimate confiscation.

    If you’re looking for solutions, what are you promoting? Is it feasible to think that society could or should help these young men to feel manlier by providing them with ‘easy sex’ or maybe ‘drive-up love’? In my opinion, issues of self-esteem have long been discussed and overworked. Self-esteem is not something one person can give to another, as its title indicates it MUST come from the SELF. I personally believe that we currently live in a society that breeds mediocrity in its efforts to bolster self-esteem. Our society tolerates the use of sex to ‘sell’ everything. It only stands to reason that to feel successful, desirable and either manly or feminine one must prove themselves effective with the opposite sex. I realize this works on a different level with men than it does with women, as it’s my experience that women become more self-destructive while men take their anger out on others.

    In the end self-esteem issues, bullying, and other means of emotional scarring are certainly factors to consider when attempting to get into the head of these rage shooters/mass murders (a place I would rather not go), but this voyeuristic peak into their psyche still doesn’t address the issue of whether or not gun control is an effective means of preventing anything other than the American people from protecting themselves from a potential enemy within, namely their own government.

  28. I'm sorry if I creeped you out....I just am a psychology buff and find such discussions interesting..

    These guys really don't fall under the blanket of blaming others for their problems (well unless you are talking about their struggles with women)...As I said the vast majority of these rampage shooters are intelligent and do well in school....

    It's almost like it's some kind of "angry nice guy revenge" or something..Most of these guys (despite being good in school) have very low self esteem, are extremely passive/non aggressive (untill they go beserk) and lack confidence/are extremely shy....So they go through life in this overly passive/shy/insecure way until it all comes out in this "I'll show them how nice I am" fit of rage against everyone.

    It's basically that they feel humiliated and emasculated (like I said men judge there self worth based on how women view them....everything else like doing good in school is irrelevant) and than turn to violence to force everyone to respect them.

    Now this Lanza kid I think was just insane because the psychological profile that I just described doesn't fit with someone shooting 5 year olds (obviously he didn't feel humiliated/emasculated by a bunch of 1st graders) but anyone time you have a guy lashing out at his similar aged peers (Aurora, Virginia Tech, Columbine etc) in such a way that profile fits.

    Than theres also the fact that a guy who had any sort of sex/love life isn't going to go on a killing rampage at a movie theater....Someone with a healthy sex life is chill and relaxed and calm....not ready to gun everyone down in a fit of "I'll show them how nice I am....ill make them respect me as a man" rage.

    And you're right...We can't prevent these attacks or rampages...The psychology is impossible to prevent (not to mention there are tons of people out there who have the traits that I listed and don't harm anyone)'re always going to have these loner types and a few will inevitable take out there rage on others...Impossible to prevent.