Wednesday, August 7, 2013


This month I don’t feel particularly insecure (a good thing) but I do feel a tremendous sadness (not a good thing). August is a hard month for me. It’s a time when I’ve lost several people near and dear to me, and I can’t help feel bad. But, nobody really wants to hear about that.

I have a theory, my own personal theory of relativity. It’s based on this; “I felt bad because I had no shoes, and then I saw a man with no feet.”

Everything is relative. When we are hungry we say, “I’m starving”, then we might see one of those television ads of children in foreign countries who are really starving. When we don’t have the dollars to do the things we want, we say, I’m flat broke, then we might see someone sleeping in a doorway or begging for food. We say, I’m freezing when we are a little cold, then we see people (sadly too often children) in little or very thin clothing on a very cold day who are shivering. It’s all relative.

I fall into the trap of feeling sorry for myself and then I realize how fortunate I am. I live in what is maybe, the most beautiful place in this here United States. I enjoy relatively good health. I have a small but loving family. I have a few close friends. I know those people whom I’m missing so badly this time of year, are waiting to welcome me home one day. I might need a new pair of shoes, but my feet are in pretty good shape.

What about you? Are you insecure/sad/lonely? Tell me about it. Then go on over to Alex J Cavanaugh's Blog and visit some of the other participants in the IWSG.

NOW something a little more fun.

The voting results for the First Battle of the Bands:

I had 18 people stop by and vote and one vote over at the blog of Stephen T McCarthy (apparently, I had something messed up on my blog that didn’t allow this person to vote). So, that’s a total of 19 people. One person stated that they couldn’t hear the tunes on their iPad, so they didn’t vote.

A Thousand Kisses Deep

Chris Botti – Instrumental                     Leonard Cohen – Lyrics
       12 votes                                           6 votes

Three of those people stated that it was a very close race for them, but in the end Botti won out.

Well, Chris Botti was the big winner by 2 to 1.

Now, my choice and a little information.

First, that’s trumpet Chris Botti is playing. I never thought of a trumpet as a particularly sexy instrument before, but he sure has a way with that thing.

This song is from a poem written by Leonard Cohen and if you would like to read the entire poem click on the Leonard Cohen Files. This guy is an incredible wordsmith. I do have another Cohen tune up for a ‘Battle’ in a few weeks, so if you like Leonard or are at least intrigued by his lyrics and style, be sure to come back.


I have to agree with those three who called it ‘very close’. I like Leonard. As a matter of fact I like all those raspy voiced rascals, like Cohen, Dylan, Waits, LaMontagne, and any others you can think of. These guys have to carry the song on their lyrics and emotion because they don’t necessarily have the most pleasant voice, but I like ‘em. Anyway… I’ve been a fan of Cohen and ‘A Thousand Kisses Deep’, long before I ever heard of Chris Botti, but I do have to say for overall appeal and listening pleasure my vote goes to Chris Botti – some pretty sexy stuff.

NEXT, get yourself on over to Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends the home of Stephen t. McCarthy and see how the voting turned out at that site. I’m sure the talented Mr. McCarthy will have some special insights for you there (besides he claims HIS is the better blog).

Be sure to come back on the 15th for BATTLE OF THE BANDS II. Hopefully, at that time we will announce what we’re gonna do for prizes. Ya’al like prizes don’t ya?

Catch ya on the flip side. (August 15 for BOTB II)


  1. I'm first, I'm first that never happens!!!! I am finding August to be the Doldrums in many ways. It is a sad month for many reasons. Loss, end of summer, beginning of change. I do believe that you have to see the golden moments on this flat water.

  2. I'm second. I'm never second. So luckymama13 and I are in the catbird seat today.

    You're right about all things being relative. On a scale of Insecurity( 1-10/1 being the least Insecure) I think I'd place myself at about 4 today. Yesterday was a different matter, I was at the high end of that emotion. Never know where I'll be. That's part of the excitement about this life.

  3. Wow! I didn't know about the BotB - wish I had. I love Leonard Cohen. Good for you that you admit we sometimes exaggerate when we talk about our state (I'm exhausted for example). Thank God we were born where we were, just think of where it could've been (hope that makes sense!)

  4. May is a sad month for me. It is easy to fall into that morose blah cavity. However, I also rationally know that missing people who are gone is so very temporary. I hope that you move out of your blue funk and allow August to just be August soon.

    The BOTB was fun. I look forward to your next installment for us.

    BTW, that Chris Botti is not only fantastic on the trumpet but he has it all going on. Yes, I am referring to the fact that he is hot as Las Vegas in the summertime!

  5. July was the saddest month ever for me because both my grandfather and my cat passed away. So yes, I do get to put things into perspective, but in a different way. Obstacles that seemed big before suddenly become so small, because the worst thing that could happen to me just happened.

  6. Whenever I feel sorry for myself I remind myself how much worse other people have it.

    Liked your battle but I don't think I could choose. I like both versions equally.

  7. I'll be back, and I like most of those raspy voiced singers, too. 3 out of 4 of those you listed. This is a great idea.

    I had trouble at Stephen's blog, couldn't see the vids. So couldn't vote there.

  8. What a great perspective you have. I think when mourning loved ones, you just have to let yourself grieve sometimes, even years after the fact. Those emotions are there for a reason and its healthy to experience them. However, you're right. You can't wallow.

    Lovely post, and looking forward to part II!

  9. I love you pic above. So inviting ...

    I have my bad days too. Just remember in these times when the sadness comes on, it will pass.

  10. There are always those who are worse off than us. Doesn't mean what we are experiencing isn't real, just maybe not as bad as we think.
    Sorry August is sad for you though.
    And cool the Botti piece one.

  11. Yeah there is always someone who is worse, but that still doesn't make me feel better having no shoes lol

  12. This life can certainly be a rollercoaster ride, and you are right, it's all very relative. When I have months or days that have sadness attached to them from a previous tragedy, I try to either give myself extra space and patience during that time, OR I try to build new and happier memories for that time period. Take care!

  13. I think it's okay to feel sorry for your self - or as I say, "I'm honoring my emotions" because they are MINE and for me its better to honor them then squish/hide them. This is how I work through them. And still, its nice to balance all that with gratitude. I practice it every day. monkey hugs and love to you sweet lady (and I get it, truly I do) xoxo

  14. >>...Mr. McCarthy will have some special insights for you there (besides he claims HIS is the better blog).

    I just posted my final remarks about BOTB #1, but I posted them in the comment section of that blog bit (I was never planning to create an entirely new post on the 7th and 21st).

    I didn't have a whole lot to say, other than to tally the votes and announce the winner.

    Did I say my blog is better than yours? I wouldn't say that, would I?... When I could say "WAY BETTER"?

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  15. I constantly need to (but often don't) remind myself that it's all relative; I'm very blessed. Thanks for the reminder. Your music battle is fun. I'm looking forward to the next round.

    Be well, Farawayeyes.

  16. I'm sorry August is a sad month for you, but luckily it's only one out of twelve. That's a great perspective, showing tremendous gratitude for all that you have. Most of us can count ourselves wealthy in many areas of our lives if we really put things into perspective. It's important to be grateful and give back, and just as important to be reminded of that when we begin to feel sorry for ourselves and forget for a time. Great post! :)

  17. I get stuck in my own woes sometimes too. Its an "almost" problem I think; so much good but not excellent, and so I look at the empty side of things instead of the awesome.

    Thanks for reminding me that, all things considered, I'm doing ok. I liked your analogies.


  18. Great turnout for BotB. I'm glad to see it growing!

    Also, I know exactly what you mean about hearing people complain. Back when I was employed I was working with a guy who made $106k a year (he was the boss's favorite, and everyone knew how much he was making because he slipped and told someone - we all made half of that. Whoopsy).

    He drove the most beat up, falling apart 1980s Jeep I've ever seen. He ate Ramen noodles for lunch every single day without fail. And he would always complain, "God, I am FLAT BROKE." And we would all think, what the hell do you waste your money on? I could live like a KING on what you make.

  19. There seems to be a bit of a gratitude theme this month. I like it.

  20. YAY- I think I'm two for two on the BOB.

    And I'm so sorry that this is a hard month for you. I lost two really good friends this summer to Cancer and I am having a hard time dealing with yet more loss. But I have to pick myself up, and go on. If I dwelled on all the family and friends I've lost over the years to Cancer, I would slip into a depression so deep I would never come out. In my immediate family alone, the numbers are staggering.

    Sending you many blessings, hugs and God's peace, my friend.

  21. True, everything is relative. There are many times I'm feeling miserable about something, then get a reminder of what I'm blessed with. I lost one family member in August, right before his birthday. I always think of him this month.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

  22. It's okay for us to get a little wrapped up in our own turmoil. But it does help put things in perspective when you look at the bigger picture.

    The beginning of your post reminded me of that song "Wake Me Up When September Ends."