Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Speaking of pestilence and other disasters…..

My last post was a whine about the current state of our air quality in the Lake Tahoe area. Smoke from the ‘Rim Fire’ in California has taken up residence here over Tahoe. NOW, I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing a Nevada earthquake. YES, a Nevada earthquake.

Monday, early evening 5:51 PM to be exact, it felt like a giant, giant gave my house a shove. Just one big shove, but it actually moved the chair in was lounging on a few inches across the floor. I had some friends visiting and one of them says “What was that?’. Her husband calmly replied, ‘an earthquake’. I’m like; “WHAT DID YOU SAY’.  A few minutes later we switched on the tube and sure enough, it was an earthquake centered about 50 miles away. YIKES!

I just keep reminding myself that in de islands they are now at the height of hurricane season.


  1. I read about that. Odd for that area, but a year or two ago we had one that shook several of the Eastern states, and that is really out of the ordinary.
    Minor tremble versus hurricane? I'll take the tremble.

  2. I'd take a little shake versus a hurricane.

  3. At least a hurricane can't suck you into the earth. haha but yeah minor vs hurricane, take the minor shake.

  4. I know I'm new here, but do disasters always seem to follow you?

  5. We get the odd shake and tremble in my area too. San Andreas fault is just off shore. We were on vacation in the east when Mt. St Helen's blew.

  6. Monday morning my wife was convinced we were going to be having an earthquake here in L.A. Maybe she was sensing the one you all had. She's always on edge waiting for an earthquake to come.

    Tossing It Out

  7. So true. There are hazards no matter where you live. I tell you what, I would take the earthquakes and hurricanes in a heartbeat over constant snow, wind, fog and ice.

  8. Alex - I'm with you so far. If this shaking keeps up or goes on for more than a split second, I'm not so sure.

    Robin - Ditto

    Pat - Gee, I hadn't thought of that, until now.

    CW - Well I guess that depends on who you talk to.

    D.G. - Lucky you. A volcano is something I hope to NEVER experience. When I lived in Idaho, we were on the rim of the largest cauldera in the nation (world maybe? - Yellowstone), but I tried not to think about that.

    Arlee - Not sure I could live on THAT edge.

    HG Writer - I'm with you.

    Crystal - Well Crystal that is correct. I guess I'll talk to you after this winter.

  9. Have you never experienced an earthquake before?

    I thought CW Martin's comment was funny.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  10. And this is why I'm content to be in Colorado, where the worst natural disaster you're going to find is a tree falling over from too much snow piled up on it. I can handle that. Hurricanes and earthquakes and sharknados? No thank you.

  11. There are a lot of tremors in the islands too but most of them happen deep in the Puerto Rico Trench.

    *All* we have to contend with here in where I am in Texas is drought, fires and the occasional flood. But our home isn't on a flood plain so we're even safe from that.

  12. uh there was a Earthquake while we were on St. C remember shook all of St. T but we felt it too???

    CW yes I think so :)

  13. An earthquake is far less scary than a hurricane, a tsunami, a raging wildfire.

  14. STMc - Well yeah, actually, but not quite like this. About CW's comment - I'll deal with you later.

    ABFTS - Yeah not too much exciting disaster wise in CO. Ha!

    Bish - Yeah, felt a few little blips while there but not like this one. It was when they put up the Tsunami warning signs that I started to have second thoughts.

    Luckymama - Yeah,yeah, yeah. Everybody else beat you to it. I'll deal with you later too.

    Susan - OK, I'm gonna take your word for it. Only experienced one minor hurricane, but they can be fierce. Tsunami - no thank you 0 see comment to Bish. Raging wildfire another big no thank you, and so far so good.

  15. Oh my gosh, a few inches across the floor? Scary! Stay safe over there, Farawwayeyes. I grew up in CA, so I'm used to earthquakes, but I've never sat on a piece of furniture that moved when an earthquake hit.


  16. I read Arlee's post about joining your BOTB fun. And then I saw that Alex J. Cavanaugh was also on board. Naturally, that prompted me to make a list of every song that I could think of that had been remade and be appropriate for a BOTB match-up. I think your next match-up is tomorrow, and that is a bit fast for me, but I would be interested in joining the next one IF you are willing to have more participants. You can email me at My email is also on my page; IOW, you don't have to "refind" this blog in order to have the information. Look forward to hearing from you:)

  17. Oh man! One thing I DO NOT miss about living in CA are those earthquakes. Glad to hear everything is ok and you survived.

  18. @ Robin - Certainly nobody needs my permission to hop into the BOTB. Arlee invited everyone, and as you sais Alex J. Cavanuagh coming on board will probably bring about a lot of interest. I expect many new participants will be hoping in and out of BOTB from time to time as they are prompted by the posts of others.