Thursday, March 15, 2012


Go on click on that song and listen to Waylon while you read this post,maybe it will help put you in the mood.

I'm at my wits end about something. For those of you thinkin' well, FAE we all know, that for you, that's a short trip. You're right. Regardless, I need some help. As I'm pondering my dilemna, I thought I'm going to turn to my Internet Buddies and see if there is anybody out there who can help me out, or at least help me spread the word.

HERE'S THE DEAL ~ Don't know if I ever talked about this in my blog but I used to breed and raise horses. When I left for the Caribbean I had to leave five of 'em behind. Thank goodness for good friends and family.

Over the course of my two years down in the islands, with the help of my daughter, I've sold two and given one away. The two I sold went to good homes were they will be loved, and better, used. The one I gave away, went to the best home.  A friend who is one of a dying breed, one of the last of the real deal American cowboys. It was fitting as this horse was the real deal also. One of a dying breed. An honest to goodness wild mustang stolen off the free (or at least what used to be free) range of the American West. That stealing was NOT done by me. But, I digress from my real mission here. You're all probably a lot better at math than I am, so you already know I have two horses left. One of those horses - Frenchman's Baby, is my personal horse. She is hopefully enjoying life on thousands of acres in Idaho at the place of a good friend. I know it's foolish, but I just ain't ready to part with that part of my life, just yet. It's the second horse I need help with.

His name is 'Smokey'. Smokey is a well bred American Quarter Horse. I bought him as a stud and we bred him successfully on a number of occasions. Unlike what most people believe about 'stud horses' he's a sweetheart. He would come when I called his name, even when he broke out of his little pasture and was visiting his harem. Highly unusual. I personally did the 'ground work' on this horse. (Are you impressed? Do you know what that means? Basically, it means I spent hours and hours in a round pen chasing him around with a buggy whip, then getting him to come to me on his own. All the necessary work to get him ready to be under saddle. Impressed now? And you guys thought I was some 'dumb blond bimbo' - that's only when it comes to the computer/Internet.) Anyway...I need to sell this horse.

Smokey has been at my daughter's (She's the REAL horse trainer - the one who is brave enough to get on that thousand pounds of ornery blood, guts and muscle, while she helps him learn to be a 'gentleman'.) and now she is moving. Her house sold and she has to be out by March 23,2012. Smokey needs a new home.

Here's the link to the ad she posted on Craig's list:

The bottom fell out of the 'horse business' along with everything else. I and my daughter had no choice but to get out of the breeding business. Smokey has been gelded, but that only serves to make him a better 'riding' horse. The price is less than half of what I paid for him and if you look at his pedigree, a real deal. (I can send you a copy of his 'paper' so you can see his pedigree, if you like. Email me.)

Smokey is in Ririe, Idaho. That's about 15 miles outside of Idaho Falls (southeast Idaho to be exact). He can be shipped anywhere in the US and my daughter can help you with that.

Daughter and I are the 'real deal' also. Genuine American West Cowgirls. I was raised in Chicago, but don't let that fool you. Daughter was raised in Colorado and Idaho and literally grew up on the back of a horse. Now of course, I'm prejudiced, but my daughter is one of the finest hose trainers around. Truth be told, if you want a good riding horse, get one that has been 'broke' and trained by a woman. The reason being; a cowboy breaks horses by riding the buck out of 'em and he trains mostly with muscle. That option simply doesn't work for most cowgirls. They break horses with love and a whole lot of logic and train the same way. Horses are some of the smartest creatures around. If you show them what you want and then ask real nice, they can't help but want to please you. All that said, if you meet my daughter, she'll want to shake your hand, be careful. I've seen grown men wince under that little girls grip. It's ain't about muscle, but you still gotta hang on.

If you're interest in a fine riding horse and one of the best companions you'll ever have. Text my daughter at the number given in the Craig's List ad. If you know of someone who might be interested send them here for a 'look see'. 

I use a figure of speech in my blog all the time; 'you know me' referring to the fact that most of you know that I'm goofy. I realize you don't know me at all, so I want to tell you something. Believe it or not, I am the real deal. I'm honest as the day is long and it's breaking my heart to sell off this piece of my life. Sometimes 'A Gal's gotta do, what a Gal's gotta do'. Neither my daughter or I have ever been horse traders. We're both honest to goodness real American Cowgirls who have been breeding and training some nice horses. We won't lie to you. Smokey is not 'FINISHED' he still needs some work, especially for someone who is more of a novice rider, but like the ad says 'all the hard stuff is done', and like the ad also says he has been rode and used.

It's hard for me to ask for help. I was raised to do the right thing, or die trying. I'm dying here. I'm hoping you guys can help me spread the word and find the right home for Smokey. Most important is that he goes to a good home that will love him and use him. All any horse needs, as a matter a fact all any cowboy or cowgirl needs is a job, and their happy. We all gotta have something to do. Something we're good at. Second to finding Smokey a good home, is the fact that I really need the money.

A little bit of 'cowboy logic' and 'sound advice'. Like Waylon's been telling you 'don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys/cowgirls'. The world doesn't have much use for us anymore. I have got to be one of the luckiest people in the world that my fortune allowed me to associate with some of the finest, most honest, genuine people in the world. The cowboys and cowgirls of the American West. I don't care where you look or what you say, some of these folks have literally given me the shirt off their backs and the hats off their heads, there simply ain't no better.

I may be onto the 'next adventure' but my heart will always be running right next to my herd. I'm standing here with my hat in my hand hoping for a leg up. all you need to do for me is send anyone you know this way. I sure would appreciate it.


  1. I don't know anything about Horses, but I will tweet and facebook this, in an attempt to get the word out.

  2. My family is of the wild west. We have ancestors that are of the notorious sort as well as settlers and pioneers. I grew up around horses, know how to ride. I just never heard that calling. I love them and recognized them as beautiful and smart creatures that deserve love and respect. I wish you the very best in finding a good home for him.

  3. "Hey, you wanna buy a horse?"
    "No, but I have to see a man about a dog."

    Sorry I can't help you, NITRO, but I'm just not aware of anyone who's in the market for a horse.

    But as long as there's one cowboy taking care of one horse, it AIN'T OVER!

    Hey, I have recently sent you two Emails and haven't received any sort of acknowledgment that you got either one of them.

    This concerns me because I was also recently having computer problems, so it's quite possible you didn't get either E.

    Can you just let me know whether or not you got 'em, so I'll know whether or not I'm STILL having computer problems, even though everything now "seems" to be working OK? Thanks. (Maybe my Email system's broke and I don't know't.)

    Alright, off to bed... perchance to dream... or just to lie awake again for 8 to 10 hours.

    ~ Stephen

  4. I know of no one that needs a horse. My home town is Idaho Falls, Idaho by the way. If you are ever there, I could drive up to meet you. My parents live there but they are 80 and should be in a nursing home. But oh well. That's life I guess.

  5. Good luck! I don't know anyone that can take a horse, but whoever ends up with Smokey is a lucky person.

  6. Good luck with finding him a wonderful home.

  7. Thanks you guys, the good wishes are appreciated. We're still workin' on it.

  8. My heart breaks for you.
    I have to sell my horse, my beloved, and I'm still at the point where I break a little more every day.
    I will put this on FB as well.
    You take care, cowgirl.
    I'm thinking of you.

  9. I have a couple of cousins who are into horses, so I'll have them take a look. Not sure where they stand in terms of taking on more horses, but it couldn't hurt to ask. :)

  10. Totally wish I had room for a horse. I've only rode rented horses, and I'd love to have one now.

    I'd probably fall off though; I'm a bit scared of heights. Came with age, not bad experience :)


  11. I'm crossing my fingers that Smokey finds a home. Good luck.

  12. A thousand thank yous for all the good thoughts and best wishes.