Sunday, March 18, 2012


I've been having a hard time writing lately. Apparently, the 'muse' has abandoned me. Probably need some time 'neck deep' in salt water or something. Probably need to have my head examined. (Daddy used to say that all the time.) Anyway...they (whoever they are, the experts I guess) say, when your stuck, try something different. So on this sullen, sunless, Sunday in a somewhat silly and simplistic mood, I decided to write some poetry. Are you laughing yet? Hold on just a little bit longer, you most likely, will be.

Never cheat on your memories
Never live a lie
Never love someone falsely
Don't be afraid to die

Speak for the truth
Protect what is right
Give to the future
Stand up to the fight

Don't break a confidence
Treat others with care
Give more than you take
Be not afraid to share

Go where you're sent
Do what you must
Find meaning in life
Are you still afraid to trust?

Dance like you're dying
Sing to no one
Step out on the ledge
Let yourself feel the world crying

Don't tell your secrets
Least they break your tender heart
Try to be better  

What I like best about poetry is that punctuation CAN be arbitrary. For me punctuation is ALWAYS arbitrary. WHEN I'm famous and someone finds this poem, they will think how clever was it that my only form of punctuation was that one question mark. I'll bet whole dissertations will be written on my silly, sullen, simplistic punctuation is this most interesting poem. Or, maybe not.

Anyway...listen to this. I wasn't going to post this song as another blogger so recently posted it on their space, and I fear to seem unoriginal. BUT, I like it Personally I don't like Warren so I decided 'what Merle says' and posted it anyway. In an effort to be fair Warren made some good music, he just was not 'one of the good guys' in his personal life. I had never heard this song before it appeared on the aforementioned (isn't that a cool word) blog. I do like it.


  1. I think there are some wise thoughts and advice in your poem!

  2. I'm not laughing... I like your poem a lot - like Alex says, there're some really good thoughts and advice in there - good advice to live by.
    And if you're stuck, fill yourself up with something you love to do, it always helps me... (Chocolate and chick-flicks in my instance :))
    Laura x

  3. Wise advice. I didn't laugh at all!

  4. Very good advice... I especially like the one about giving more than you take....

  5. I also think it's great advice. It's really well written. No laughter here!

    I'm a big Zevon fan. The music, not the man. I appreciate the oddness he had.

  6. Love the poem and your down-to-earth "horse sense." All too rare these days.

  7. 'Give more than you take'

    I'm not a hypocrite, just an airhead. I should have credited the 'aforementioned blog' and I didn't. Sorry about that Stephen.

    Stephen T. McCarthy introduced me to this song on his FINAL blog post at

    Thank you Stephen.

    A thousand thanks yous to all the kind comments sans laughter. There have been a lot of hits on the site since I posted this and only six comments, so somebody, somewhere is laughing (that would be my basic insecurities rising).

    In an un-sarcastic moment I do want to add; I didn't think long and hard about this poem. Yesterday morning it was just there. (Actually, I don't believe anything is 'just' there. It got put there for some reason.) Apparently, a message to me and about me. Now, to live up to the hype. There's the challenge.

  8. That's an awesome poem. I really respect people who can do it--because I can't!

  9. NITRO ~
    Hey, there's some seriously good stuffs in that poem!

    And I like this:

    "Dance like you're dying"

    I don't think many people would be able to relate to that line, but I certainly do, and I know my brother Nappy would too.

    I'm wondering why you concluded the poem with an unrhyming, 3-line stanza, instead of a 4-line rhyming stanza like the others that preceded it. What's up with that? Why, how come, what for?

    Yeah, that's a good song, and that one classic line particularly makes it for me. (There was no need to "credit" me concerning this. So no offense taken or nuttin'.)

    I consider Warren Zevon to be one of the 5 best lyricists ever. He wrote a lot of really clever, funny, wicked stuffs, but that one particular line in "The Heartache" was his crowning lyrical moment, in my opinion.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  10. Its like reading from Proverbs. Lots of good wisdom here. Thanks!

  11. I can't wait 'til you are famous so that I can ride the coattails of your success and troll the comments sections of your website with thousands of others.

  12. Great poem! New follower here. I'm trying to get a head start on visiting my fellow "A to Z"ers. I'm really enjoying your blog and I look forward to visiting again.


  13. Thanks Donna - truth be told, neither can I.

    STMc - Like I said it was just there. You gonna tell us the dancing - you and your brother both.

    Stephen T - Proverbs huh? That's some pretty exceptional company to keep.

    Michael - Me too!

    Sylvia - Hi nice to meet you. I'll stop by later and chat.

    Again a thousand and one thank yous for the kind comments. This is something new for me trying to respond in the comment section. I hope some of you see it, as I know you're not used to this.

  14. It is funny how popularity can make the difference between something being considered brilliant or being considered trash.

    Imagine Lady Gaga trying her shtick as a street performer.

    One thing I admire about this exercise is that when you were feeling artistically lethargic you pushed yourself to create. That's a sure way to break the spell.