Saturday, July 13, 2013

BOTB results

 Once again, I’m a day late and I’m perpetually a dollar short. My house guests didn’t leave until 6AM this morning. After a late night and an early morning, I’m still running a teensy bit slow.

Glad you guys enjoyed the Battle of the Bands. I admit it was a lazy way to fill a blog post for me this past Wednesday, but I may just keep this going as a weekly or at least monthly thing. Let me think on it for a few more days, and I’ll let you know.

My favorite of the two is NINA SIMONE and it seems that she is (almost unanimously) yours also. I like the smoky, bluesy quality of her, not so feminine, voice. Muse and lead singer Matt Bellamy do a good job, but somewhere in there, with the more electric sound, it loses that genuine blues quality. Thanks for playing along. I’ll see what I can come up with in the future.

After a week of playing at vacation with my guests, I feel a little let down getting back to the same old, same old around here. I think we might have had a little bit too much fun.

I did notice how much people can change (even in a short time), sometimes according to their environment and circumstances. It’s kind of funny how with some people, particularly those that you feel really connected to, you can just pick right up wherever you left off, like it was yesterday. On the other hand there are people who might have been special friends at a point in our lives that become fond memories and nothing more. Oh well, enough of that. You all know how fond I am of talking about myself.

I do want to take a few sentences to plug ‘FIGHT CLUB’ again. You can find it over at DL Cruising Altitude 2.0. A lot of people have put a lot of time and effort into this little project, so go on over and check it out. Vote for your favorite (I already know you like to vote*) and leave a helpful comment for the participants. I didn’t submit a written piece this year, so this is not a shameless ploy for your vote (even though it’s all anonymous), but it’s a fun contest and a good way to support your fellow writers. While you’re there, give DL a great big thank you for all he does to put this program together. 

*NOTE* to be able to vote this year you will need to add your name to the Linky List.

See you on the flip side (I always wanted to say that) or next Wednesday for sure.

I think I actually might be starting to figure out where the commas go.


  1. I never before even heard of that second contestant, Matt, but I did kinda like his version, although Nina's was better.

    What I especially liked was when he sang through the megaphone, like Tiny Tim before him, and like Rudy Vallee before HIM.

    sOMe oF tHosE VidEO iMaGEs wERe A BIt DiZtuRBiNg thOugH.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  2. Yeah that is true on the friends thing, some are just like you saw them yesterday, others you want to go the heck away haha pfft all the cat does is talk about himself.

  3. Some friendships are just for a season.
    No surprise Nina was the favorite.
    Voting and playing judge in this year's Write Club!

  4. I'm much more familiar with Muse than I am Nina, but I love that smoky, blusey type of music, so I should definitely pay more attention to her.

    And I never know where commas are supposed to go. I have to resort to relying on instinct. And occasionally just guessing.

  5. Glad to hear you enjoyed your house guests. I have friends like that; that no matter how much time has passed you can pick up and carry on like you were never separated at all, and others who, unfortunately, you grow apart from.

  6. Friendships are a tricky thing.

  7. houseguests can always be a hit and miss, glad it went well!

  8. Thanks for the comments. I'm hopefully back on track and will have another post tomorrow. Something, dark, mysterious and intriguing. OK maybe not so much, but you never know.

  9. Glad to hear you enjoyed your guests. I love those friends who you can get together with after a few years, or even ten years, and seemingly no time has passed. :)

  10. I have a few of each type of friends you mention.I feel so blessed to have the kind that are always with me, no matter what.

  11. HA HA HA, its good to know where I stand :)

  12. I bet your friends absolutely loved vacationing with you on a tropical island. That sounds like a dream.

  13. I've been out of town and off line so I miss the BOTB but I'm also a fan of DL's Write Club. Just voted on this week's contestants.