Wednesday, July 24, 2013


 Before we get started, here's something more to my liking than yesterday's post, for you to listen to. That post was for someone else, and the song was one of their favorites, not mine. 

This piece of music evokes something in me I can't explain.

Today I’m sitting here staring at the screen wondering; ‘WHAT TO WRITE’?

I really want to be witty and entertaining. Give you some new information, tell you a something funny, make you think, stir up some controversy, or at least leave you with an interesting anecdote. BUT, none of that is happening for me right now.

I’ve also been having a hard time getting back to my story. I stopped in the middle of edits to move, next I had to wait for my manuscripts to be shipped (I have to work from a hard copy), then I needed to organize my work space and now I can’t think of another excuse not to write something, anything.

Recently, a friend suggested I ditch the fiction and write a memoir. Are you kidding me? I did start collecting some of my stories about my family and putting them together in a file with the thought that maybe one day (long after I’m gone) someone will want to put them together and see if anyone is fool enough to publish them. Although I occasionally like to tell you things about my life (past) the thought of asking/thinking someone would find my life interesting enough to publish those stories, kind of makes me a little nauseous. Well, maybe it more like talking about myself that makes me feel kind of sick and queasy.

Recently, while indulging on a new ‘guilty pleasure’ I was watching early morning reruns of ‘Frasier’. Funny, I never saw this show when it was ‘first run’, and today I find it hilarious. Anyway, the episode that I’m thinking of right now is one where Frasier and his brother are forced to admit that they don’t know how to ride a bike. Daphne, his brother Niles’ wife is trying to teach them and Frasier keeps running into things. Daphne tells him it’s because he is fixating on these objects and therefore steering directly at them –– resulting in him crashing into trees, mailboxes, etc.

So, after laughing hysterically at poor Frasier and his inability to ignore the large objects in his path, I’m wondering is that what I’m doing. Fixating on the large objects and not allowing myself to concentrate on the things I really want.

Whoa! There’s some $.25 psychiatry for you. Must be too much Frasier in the morning. OK, I’ll play along with his ‘Talk Radio’ format. Tell me what you think, but please be kind, or lie if you have to. No seriously, tell me the truth. I think.


  1. I guess what that means is you can focus on what you want or you can focus on the obstacles.
    Now take two boxes of Hot Tamales and call me in the morning.
    You'll find your rhythm again.

  2. Focus so hard on the objects that you burn a hole through them. Then you can see through and get things done. 10 cents please.

  3. My brother Nappy and I think that 'FRASIER' was the funniest TV show of all time, which explains why we own all 11 seasons on DVD.

    You inspired us tonight to watch a few episodes, including the bicycle one you mentioned, titled 'FRATERNAL SCHWINNS'. Frasier sure had a lot of bicycle accidents. (Unlike the car crash I was involved in today at 16:25.)

    Even the episode titles - like 'The Last Time I Saw Maris' - illustrate the comedic brilliance of the show.

    If the TV station is showing you the 'Frasier' episodes in order, then that means yesterday or today you saw the episode where Frasier begins imagining his new (girl's P.E. teacher) girlfriend to be his old high school gym teacher. TOTALLY HILARIOUS!

    If you're seeing them in order, then tomorrow or Friday you will see the episode titled 'ROE TO PERDITION' - another TOTALLY HILARIOUS one about Frasier and Niles dealing caviar like it's cocaine.

    >>... Recently, a friend suggested I ditch the fiction and write a memoir. Are you kidding me?

    Well, if the person is a friend of yours, he/she is probably also very spiritual. And if he/she is very spiritual, they may just be giving you advice from the Throne of God.

    You should listen to him/her, and at the very least, pray about it and see what sort of answer you get. Watch your dreams for symbols that might relate to this.

    Just sayin'...

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  4. LOve me some Fraiser reruns too. But it's the writer in you that finds wisdom in a sitcom. You're closer to getting back on track than you know. Keep watching, keep laughing to amuse your muse.

  5. Frasier was a brilliantly written and well acted show. A lot of that is missing from what's on TV right now!

    I love reading memoirs- other peoples lives always seem to captivate me. But sharing the minute details of your life is a very personal decision, and one that only you can make. I'd be all in for reading it though!

    Taking some time off from my WIP has really helped me. I needed that space. Here's hoping this break will help you when it comes time to work again on yours!

  6. "Ditch" is such a hard word. I definitely wouldn't ditch your fiction. Sometimes I just need to put something on hold and let it stew on the back burner for a while before I get back to it. It always helps me to look at something with fresh eyes when I'm struggling.

    Also, I never appreciated Frasier when I was younger. Now, watching it again, I see just how smart and funny it really was. And in a world where we have shows like Big Bang Theory disguising fart jokes as "smart humor" just because they throw in a few inane scientific terms, I really, really miss "smart tv."

  7. You need cheaper psychiatric help. Lucy only charged 5 cents.

    Switch to science. An object at rest tends to remain at rest, an object in motion tends to remain in motion. Get your writing self into motion.

  8. I guess the real question is why you find the obstacles so fascinating. I've got a son who comes close to success frequently. And manages to sabotage himself every time. Makes me wonder what he's afraid of.

  9. I am so guilty of that - fixating on the large object. so I have no advice. I just know for me that if I have to do the same thing every day (if I'm not home and not away). Must go for walk, must write... etc. If I stop, even one day I break the cycle and I end up facebooking which is on my can not do in morning list.

  10. Right, go to your writing room, take out the manuscript, have coffee ready, open manuscript and now take a deep breath, begin reading where you left off and hopefully you'll get back to writing, if not, have another cup of coffee, and make some notes about what you read. And I seriously need to take my own advice lol. Best of the best with it.