Wednesday, July 31, 2013


 Ya’all might remember a few weeks ago I was at a loss for what to say and I introduced a new concept, well not actually a new concept, but new to my Blog space, I called it ‘Battle of the Bands’. Yeah, like I said not really original, but hey it was fun and some of you liked it. As a matter of fact one of my blog friends liked it so much he challenged me to do it twice each month, and he’s going to do it too.

SO…on the first and fifteenth of each month I will host my concept of BATTLE OF THE BANDS. This is where I pick a song that has been done/recorded/at least can be found on YouTube, by more than one recording artist. I invite you to listen to each version and then vote for your favorite. I’ll give you a week and then I’ll tell you my favorite and why. I encourage you to also to give me YOUR comments on each version.

NOW, the really fun part. That blog friend I mentioned above is Stephen T. McCarthy of Ferret Faced Fascist Friends and on the first and fifteenth of each month he will post his own version of BATTLE OF THE BANDS and I suggest, actually I insist, you pop over to his blog and see who he has chosen and vote there also. Stephen has immense musical knowledge and will probably really stir your melodic juices with his selections. Me, I just know what I like and although I do have somewhat eclectic tastes, that I hope you will enjoy, my commentary regarding the selections will be entertaining (I hope), but nowhere near as musically knowledgeable.

COME BACK TOMORROW and check out the tunes here and then head on over to Stephen’s place at F-FFF and see what’s cooking. Cast your vote and come on back for our choices. Who knows maybe we can even come up with some sort of prize for the most votes over a few months time or the most creative commentary, I don’t know, but I bet Stephen will think of something.


  1. Ready to find out what you've chosen for us!

  2. Cool... with so many choices you'll have a near endless supply!

  3. Sounds like a fun time will be had, with the battle at each of your pads

  4. FAE ~
    You have definitely exaggerated my musical knowledge. These people are going to think I'm a musician.

    Regardless, it should be fun. I think I'm ready to post my BOTB #1 in the morning before work. If I run into problems, I'll have to do it when I get home - but I believe it's all set.

    I like your "prize" idea. I don't know but... maybe the person who casts the most votes on both our BOTB blog bits combined gets a free CD from us featuring one of the songs they voted for (their choice)?

    Just an 11th hour (and 24 minute) idea...

    Off to sleep. Yak Later.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  5. Excellent idea Mr. McCarthy, let's do it!