Tuesday, October 1, 2013

BATTLE OF THE BANDS V and IWSG (a day early)

Woo-Hoo! It’s October 1st and is it ever ‘BRISK’ here in the high Sierras. The leaves are changing, and we’ve even had snow; once up on the peaks, and once down here at the lake shore. I’m still freezing, but loving it all the same. Have I ever mentioned that fall was my favorite season? Well, now you know.

October 1st also means it’s time for ‘BATTLE OF THE BANDS V’. Up until a few hours ago I hadn’t decided which tunes, from my vast list, I wanted to pit against each other for this go around. While perusing the blogs earlier today, I landed at ***** the home of Arlee Bird one of the other participants in the ‘contest’ version of BOTB. Today Mr. Bird was hyping his BOTB posting with the topic of being hurt so bad and holding grudges. I refrained from leaving a comment (sorry Arlee), cause you all know how I hate to over-expose myself, especially in matters that can become so personal, but it did give me an idea for this little battle.

Also, during the last BOTB, in the comment section of *****the home of Mr. Stephen t. McCarthy the first participant in this ‘contest’ version of BOTB, Mr. McCarthy (otherwise known as TSMIK) let it slip that he was planning on a ‘ménage a trios’ for this fight. So…while I was surfing the YouTube channels looking for suitable versions of my choice, I found a third and thought…WHY NOT?

So without further delay, here is my three-way Battle of the Bands V. I like to call it ‘the screamers, the dreamers, and the indomitable (I let you decide for yourself exactly whom those epitaphs’ fit (well, I guess in reality epitaph is only appropriate for one, but I digress – as usual). I better just ‘shut it’ and let ‘the ladies’ (ahem) take it away.

First up with 'Take a Little Piece of My Heart', the veritable girl next door. Janis Joplin

Next, everybody’s friend and lover Melissa Ethridge

And, finally Mrs. Tim McGraw, ah… everybody knowsthat is…Faith Hill (yeah, surprised me too).

No offense intended to any of these ladies, just a little added ‘snark’, for your entertainment.

Now, it’s up to you. Make your choice and let me know who you prefer and why in the comment box. Once you’ve done that head on over to Tossing It Out the home of the every kind and gracious Mr. Arlee Bird and, Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends the hangout of  that cool dude, Mr. Stephen t. McCarthy and vote at these sites also, for your chance to win an amazing prize.

Check the comment section at each site for other participants. Likewise, if you want to join in the fun, leave a comment that not only registers your vote, but also lets everyone else know that you have a ‘BATTLE’ going on in your space too.

Last but not least the contest rules:

Find The True Purpose For Voting On ‘Battle Of The Bands’ Installments: Win Compact Discs!-Compact Discs!-Compact Discs! Spectacular, Super-Colossal Blogosphere ‘Battle of The Bands’ Voting Contest!

Here’s The Deal: By voting on the ‘Battle Of The Bands’ blog bits here and at the ‘Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends’ blog, you can win the compact disc of your choice. Every 4 months, Stephen and I will add up how many times you voted on our blogs, and the person who has participated most often (i.e., submitted the most eligible votes) will get to select one compact disc that contains any one of the songs that were included in either of our ‘Battle Of The Bands’ installments (“Super-Colossal” expensive boxed-sets, imports, and ‘out-of-print’ compact discs not included). In the event of a tie, the names will be put in a Stetson and the name drawn from the cowboy hat will win the CD.

Rules For Voting: Stephen and I post new ‘Battle Of The Bands’ blog bits on the 1st and 15th of each month. We also post our own personal votes for the respective blog bits on the 7th and 21st of each month (i.e., six days later). For your vote to be counted, it must be submitted in our comment sections BEFORE we post our own votes (BEFORE we make our own votes known on the 7th and the 21st).

Every 4 months there will be a new compact disc winner. In other words, ‘Battle Of The Bands’ #1 was posted on August 1, 2013, so at the end of November, one of you lucky voters is going to win a CD that includes one of the songs we’ve featured in our ‘Battle Of The Bands’ installments (you get to choose, and it doesn’t matter if the song won or lost its battle – if you like it, it’s YOURS!)

Alright, now... VOTE ON and ROCK ON! (while we ‘Count On...’)

I know this post has gone on long enough, but since tomorrow is the monthly posting of the IWSG and I don’t want to completely cover my BOTB V, with another post so soon, I’m just gonna tack it here on the end, short and sweet like.

That about sums up my feelings about being insecure this month. No matter what your insecurities might be. No matter how big or small they are today. Whatever you do --- Never Quit!

If you’re reading this on Wednesday October 2nd, the official day for posting on the IWSG, then head on over to The Home of Alex J. Cavanaugh where you’ll find a Linky List. Click on some of the other blogs and see what their insecurity for October is. Maybe you can help encourage someone else, or find some encouragement yourself.

Whatever else you do ENJOY THE GLORIOUS FALL!

Whew! I bet you thought I was never gonna shut up.


  1. Never quit is the way to be indeed and hmmmm number one for me I think

  2. Instead of 3 songs I did 3 posts to showcase my battle. My IWSG post tomorrow will also be referring back to my BOTB post. I'm getting as much mileage as I can out of this. Then later I'll do my winner announcement post. Maybe I should just start a BOTB blog.

    Melissa's version is too much like Janis and I usually don't like extended monologues injected into songs so Melissa is out for me.

    Faith does a nice bouncy country take that is quite appealing, but not enough to win this contest.

    Janis wins my vote. I don't like her screaming voice, but Big Brother and the Holding Company was a fantastic band and I love what they do. I vote for Big Brother and the Holding Company (featuring Janis Joplin on screaming vocals).

    Tossing It Out

  3. Hokey-Smoke! A second ménage à trois! What does that add up to? Hmmm... Just a full-on orgy, I suppose.

    I will be back here after work sometime tonight to cast my vote, but for now I just want to leave y'all with a funny trivia question:

    Q: While she was attending college in Texas, what "honor" was Janis Joplin voted by her fellow classmates?

    A: Ugliest man on campus.

    Ha! True story.

    FAE, I'll see ya tonight with my vote in hand.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  4. Joplin tops the list, although Melissa did a good cover. Janis set the standard and gets my vote.

    I didn't care for the FH version.

  5. Bummer, I don't think I can vote. Not into the song.

  6. Who knew this would translate into a country song so easily? Never been one of my favorite songs, but I'm going with Faith - and I'm not a big country fan.

  7. I gotta go with Janis...too many years listening to this version...


  8. Just a bit of trivia for those not all that familiar with Mrs. Tim McGraw.... Faith and Tim first met when they toured together. She opened for him on what turned out to be appropriately called tour: Spontaneous Combustion. And apparently there was (spontaneous combustion, that is), because it was while on the road and performing together during that tour that they fell in love. That was in the mid-90s. I cannot remember the year off the top of my head. Maybe 1994?

    Anyway, I really like Faith's version of this song. It isn't a repeat of the Janis Joplin version. Her voice is so smooth and lovely that it really lends whole new meaning to the song. That said, I still think Janis Joplin's original version is far and away the best.

  9. Also, I posted a Battle of Bands this go-round, so anyone looking for more music, please feel free to stop on over and vote:)

  10. First let me say that Melissa Etheridge's versions, like most of her songs, make me long for what it might sound like with several thousand packs of cigarettes removed from the equation. Having said that, I liked Faith's version a lot more than I thought I would, so she gets the prize.

  11. STMc - Not one of those women you would give two bits for, eh?

    Alex - maybe next time

    Wendy & CW - It IS surprising how many hard driving rock songs translate very nicely into country.

    The rest of you - apparently, a lot of die hard Janis fans.

  12. FAE ~

    >>... Not one of those women you would give two bits for, eh?

    Not a bit!

    OK, I've now listened to all three versions (or as much of each version as I'm willing to listen to).

    I guess I should start by saying I'm not really a fan of this song in general. For starters, what's wrong with the following lyrics? Anyone?

    But I'm gonna show you, baby, that a woman can be tough. ... never hear me when I cry at night; Babe, and I cry all the time!

    Uh... is it just me, or do others also believe that really "tough" people don't "cry all the time"?

    When it comes to the J.J. version, to some degree, I agree with what BOIDMAN wrote: "I don't like her screaming voice, but Big Brother and the Holding Company was a fantastic band and I love what they do."

    Well, I wouldn't call them a "fantastic" band, but I do think the best part of Joplin's version is the backing band; the overamped guitar does a good job of expressing 'electrified heartbreak'. But I simply can't get past Joplin's screeching! ...Honey, there are other ways to express heartbreak without actually "screaming"!

    Obviously, I am NO Janis Joplin fan (although she had a lotta sexy hair). I have not heard every song she ever recorded, but I've heard MORE than enough to know that I don't dig her. (The ONLY J.J. song I've heard that I really DO like is 'Me And Bobby McGee'.)

    With "Sweet Melissa's" version, I got only to the 4:03 point before I had to shut the video down. It was obvious that she was bringing NOTHING unique, NO musical territory to the song that Janis hadn't already covered. I didn't need to hear what she had to speak, because her "musical voice" had already indicated that, musically, she was just parroting what Janis & Big Brother And The Holding Company had already said.

    That leaves FAITH HILL. Her cover of the song was easy enough on the ears. I do LOVE some Country-Western music but, frankly, Faith strikes me as just another "contemporary, cookie-cutter Country chick".

    These modern Country-Western artists seem like bland, copy-cats of earlier, better, more original musical artists to me (e.g., what did Garth Brooks ever do that Waylon and Bocephus didn't do before him, and better?)

    So... my choice is clear. I vote for FAITH HILL, mostly just because her version was not bad - good enough - and didn't make my ears bleed... like the Janis and "Sweet Melissa" versions did.

    [Those of us "in the know" want that 'Woody Allen' "Dusty" song for a BOTB blog bit instead. Maybe next time?]

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  13. I was gonna cast my vote for Janis without even listening to the other versions, but I figured that'd be kinda cheating. So, I gave them a listen.

    NOW I'll vote for Janis. Yes, I was a fan.

  14. I love Faith Hill. Her voice gives this song a smoother sound. Melissa was very good also - but my heart belong to Faith.

    Hello FAE :)

  15. Oh dear. I don't care for Melissa Etheridge, I don't like country (sorry Mrs. McGraw), and I've never been a huge Joplin fan. With that said, my pick just probably comes from bias. I can't hear it any other way than Joplin's. It just doesn't sound 'right.' So begrudgingly I give it to Janis Joplin's harpy screeching.

    Yeah, I said it.

  16. Um, I'm going with Melizza Etheridge.

    AND fall, yay! It's no longer UBERsummer in Florida, and that makes me happy. It also makes me want to hit the beach and have picnics and even go to Disney. =)

  17. Melissa gets my vote. I'm not much of a fan, but she gives songs her all. For that, she deserves to win.

    Be well and safe.


  18. That is a wonderful message for your IWSG post.

    Of the three, I think I would go with Faith Hill's version.

  19. Faith Hill all the way. Janis does a good second.....can't stand the middle one.

  20. I know that it is past time for the vote to count, but I wanted to support the BOTB blog efforts by commenting anyway. I have been out of internet and even cell coverage, hence as unable to vote earlier.

    Although not a fan of country music, I like Faith Hill. I like her voice, although perhaps many current country girl singers are rather "cookie cutter" as Stephen said. Her version is fun, and the best one here. In addition, she is EXCEPTIONALLY HOT, even amongst a flock of relatively good-looking country singers. So, she wins on both counts!