Monday, October 7, 2013


I have really been neglecting my blog lately. If it weren’t for my commitment to the Battle of the Bands, I don’t think I would have posted anything. I promise not to whine, but I have been dealing with a health issue lately that I thought I had licked, but this past weekend it came back with a vengeance. I am in extreme pain and sitting for any length of time is excruciating. Anyway…enough with the excuses.

I do promise not to do another three-way in these ‘Battles’. I know it’s very time consuming to have to listen to two songs play all the way through, and then to add a third becomes a bit tedious.

As I counted up the votes and looked over the comments in this particular battle it seems most of you voted for that person that might not have been your favorit, but was the most familiar. I believe that there was only one person who voted for their favorite and then admitted they were a fan of the singer. That got me to thinking; do we really develop our own musical tastes or are we once again programmed by the music we publicly hear. Interesting Huh?

Anyway…I have never been a big fan of Janis. I think she was more popular for her rebellious nature than she actual screeching (singing). Also, at one point in my life something bad happened to me, and I went through a very self-destructive period (see I really and truly can be a dumb blonde). A good friend compared me to Janis and her self-destructive ways. Needless to say I was highly offended, but it worked. I saw the futility and more important the stupidity of my current lifestyle and cleaned up my act. Recently, someone joking referred to me as Janis and I seriously overreacted.  Anyway… over-exposed airtime or not. there is no way I would vote for Janis.

There are a few songs that Melissa has recorded that I do like, although she tends to scream and screech her way through most, but this is not one of them.

I vote for Faith Hill. She’s easy to listen to and does a nice melodious rendition of this song. I’m also a big fan of country and western music. Faith may not be my favorite female vocalist in this genre, but in this song it’s my opinion that she does it better.

So, the final tally, including my vote, surprised me some. Here it is;

Janis 8 votes the clear winner
Melissa 2 votes
Faith 7 votes – not bad Mrs. McGraw.

I guess not everyone went with the familiar screaming’ and screeching’

Go check out the other official sites for the winners there. Stop on over at Tossing It Out the home of the ever funny and controversial Mr. Arlee Bird and Ferret-Faced Fascist Freinds the home of the ‘Music Man’ himself, Stephen T. McCarthy. There were some other entries that you might want to also look into Your Daily Dose was onE and DiscConnected the other. If I missed someone, please leave a comment with a link so others can find you.

By the Way…I thought it was very interesting that Mr. Bird took a popular/familiar song and pitted two relatively unknown artists AGAINST EACH OTHER, and not the more played version. Interesting that he had two ‘write-in’ votes for that more popular/familiar version. See what I mean about the programming.

See ya back here on the 15th of October for Battle of the Bands VI. I’ll even try to post something new in the meantime.


  1. Sorry, that was one I just couldn't vote in.

  2. I knew you would vote for Faith Hill (even if Janis had sexier hair).

    It's not a song I would ever feel compelled to buy, but the fact that I could listen to Hill's version without it making me look just like Roger Rabbit after the incomplete rapping of "Shave And A Haircut--" made her take an easy winner for me.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  3. I really liked the Faith Hill version and was torn over my vote. So even though I voted Joplin, I am happy with the Faith win!

    I vaguely remember watching an interview with her on CMT (or the other country channel... can't remember now) about this song. They asked how difficult it was for her to record this version with the Joplin version out there. Her response: "It was easy. I've never heard the Joplin version." That blew me away. However, I bet ya dollars to donuts that she grew up in a house that only played country music. And there you go.

  4. Well she and her screeching was the one that first struck my ear, maybe I'm just deaf lol

  5. I am going to post a comment on my blog responding to your comment, but in the event that you don't make it back considering you are feeling poorly, I decided to also post something here.

    Your vote for Rod Stewart was only a write-in from the perspective that I embedded three videos and posted a link to his. I said with the link something like, "I know some people are die-hard fans of this version, so here is the link, and you can vote for it if you are so inclined." So, you didn't break the rules. I wrote it in such a way that a Rod vote was okey dokey.

  6. Couldn't really vote in that one either.

    And I hope you get well soon. I hate dealing with health issues, but hopefully you're on the mend.

  7. I'm definitely not programmed for familiarity (I love unique, and 95% of the music I listen to is stuff people have never heard of - hipster alert), but in this one case I just didn't like any of them so I just kind of defaulted to familiarity as a way to pick which one I disliked the least.

    I hope you feel better!

  8. Life happens, right? I totally understand the being so busy thing. Miss talking to you! Funny that you move back to the mainland and I hardly "see" you anymore.

  9. Thanks for the great comment on my post today and I left a response that I hope you will find worthy.

    I can't believe I missed your results post here. Like I said in my voting comment I was mostly voting for the band, but I do prefer Faith as a singer, but not so much her version of this song. Although it could probably grow on me.

    do we really develop our own musical tastes or are we once again programmed by the music we publicly hear.

    I have something similar to what you said here as the basis of a post I've been planning to do for a year now. I keep pushing it up though. I'll probably address this on some upcoming Friday post. The idea was inspired by a discussion Stephen T and I had after some blogfest post. I did part one a long time ago and still need to get to part two. Someday I guess.

    I've got my post for tomorrow ready to go. My post today was a hint about the song but I don't think anyone even noticed.

    Tossing It Out