Monday, January 23, 2012

Rude, Crude, Bad Food Dude and Adagios

First things first. Yesterday I posted this quote:

        "Two dead ends and you've still got to choose."

Pretty cool, right? Well it should have looked like this:

        "Two dead ends and you've still got to choose."
                                              Tom Waits - "Funmblin' with the Blues"

Least anyone thing I was trying to plagiarize an incredible line like that. My apologies to Tom and anyone else I may have offended. I had the weekend from hell and frankly that line pretty much summed it up. I have got to get better at...being better.

Something else I did last night. I was on my way to the movies when a friend called with an invitation to go out to dinner. When I told him tonight was out, he suggested Wednesday and the one restaurant on the island I really dislike. I hesitated so he asked,"do you like (insert name of restaurant here)". Without a second thought I say, "No, I hate that place, let's go (insert name of restaurant I like better,here)." 

OK, you can have at me. Was that rude? Do I owe him an apology? Should I suck it up and graciously accept a dinner invitation, no matter the restaurant? I wasn't over my 'bad day blues' at the time and someone told me I was incredibly crude and rude. Unfortunately, on Monday, January 23, that shoe fit. I'll take and follow through with whatever advice you guys give.

On to more of my eclectic music. Yesterday, it was the Allman Brothers. While they are not necessarily my one favorites, that particular song pretty much summed up my mood.

Today, I'm gonna post a piece of music I used for a final project in a Music Appreciation Class I took on one of my many forays into the mysteries of college life. (I've been to universities all over the place. I probably have enough credits for three degrees, but I fail to meet the graduation requirements in any particular discipline. Ah well, who knows, maybe one day.) Anyway...I believe this particular time it was Colorado Mountain College. My final project was an incredible visual show of the ranch I lived on at the time, set to this piece of music. I wish I could show you the visuals, but like so much of my life, that's packed up in a storage locker in Idaho.


I got an A on the Project. Adagios are supposed to work on the alpha waves in your brain and be great contemplative music. 


  1. No, of course your answer was not rude, crude, or dude.

    I've said this a million and two times:

    "Don't EVER ask me a question unless you're sure you are prepared to hear my honest answer."

    There's just so much patty-cake, nicey-nicey bullshit in "this world" that I sometimes think I'll explode. (And nowhere will you find more of it than in the Comment sections of blogs.)

    Most people can't handle me, but that's because they "can't handle the truth." (I never even saw that movie, but I know the line.)

    I've pretty much offended all but a couple of persons who have come within the sound of my voice or the range of my typing fingers. (You're probably next.)

    I always want a truthful answer, and I have little tolerance for patty-cake. If I ask someone a question, they should consider it a compliment that I am interested enough in their HONEST opinion to ask for it.

    And if anyone asks me for MY opinion on a matter, they had better be prepared for an honest answer. If what they really want is a little white lie or an answer cloaked in "nicey-nicey" they are definitely talking to... the... they are definitely talking with a... well, they're certainly... and... uhm... wait. Could you repeat the question?

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  2. If you feel really bad, you can apologize for the way you answered, but if you really don't like the place, don't apologize for saying no. Like's too short to spend good money on bad food.

  3. I've learned if I didn't want to get unwanted gas, I have to say no to certain restaurants. My friend likes one joint and I bloat, belch and do other things for hours after. We've learned to compromise. Don't feel bad for saying "no". You have the right to enjoy a meal wherever you want.

  4. I'm assuming your friend would want you to enjoy the dinner, so I think you're right to say if you wouldn't enjoy going to the place suggested.

  5. Perhaps it was a bit blunt, but everyone has those days where these things happen. If the person's a friend, then that person will get over it, and you two could probably even laugh about it later. I agree with Alex about spending money on bad food. :)

  6. Sorry about the bad day. I believe there's a difference between being rude, and being short. I'm like Stephen above, cut through the bullshit and tell me how you really feel. That's all I really care about anyway. :)

  7. I don't think it was wrong to say you hated the place. If you had gone it probably would just have led to you being uncomfortable, him picking up on it, and leading to a negative evening for you both.

  8. Oh, and that's a great piece of music. :)

  9. Actually, I do not think you were being rude. By being upfront, you were able to go to a place you both would enjoy.

    Helen Ginger

  10. Hey guys, thanks for the support. Here's an update. Got the 'friend' to go to one of my favorite restaurants. {Note - do not take people you don't know well enough or that you have probably POed to your favorite places} Here he told me in his polite 'southern' manner that I was agoraphobic. Next, he opens a discussion about music and what you liked to listen to when you were young. He didn't let me answer, but proceeded to 'peg' me with music that he assigned to my personality. Actually, I was somewhat complimented, but I'm pretty sure he meant to be insulting.

    Believe it or not, I kept my mouth shut, except to enjoy a delicious meal. This guy is leaving the island for good on Saturday. Not a real loss in my opinion. In the end I learned, it's cheaper to buy your own dinner.

  11. Suffice it to say, *He* does behave like a Rude, Crude and Bad Food Dude! My southern self might have told him, politely, to stick his piss poor table manners where the sun don't shine.

    But that's just me.

    LOVE your place!
    Question: How many times a day do you actually turn to the ocean and *sigh*?