Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tuesday's Post on Wednesday 'or' Will I Ever Get it Together?

I'm working on the video from Carnivale, but it's taking longer than anticipated. (Technologically challenged)

Here's a fact about me to tide you over. When I lived in the States I used to raise American Quarter Horses. I still own two horses back in the States.They are staying with friends. Some days I really miss those ponies.

Here's a video I find inspirational. (Not me,my horse, or anybody I know. It is an American Quarter Horse.) I like the song too. Everybody should learn to live like they are dying. It makes the livin' that much more beautiful. Even if you don't like 'country music' listen to the words.

I'm going to have to face selling these last two, one of these days. Probably sooner than later.

Today, I own three pair of flip-flops.

Are you surprised? (not about the flip-flops about the horses) Not a side of me that slips out too often.

I finished the first edit of 'Ghost Story'. Editing is grueling. I bet you didn't already know that.

Today, I'm glad 'thinking is optional.


  1. Gorgeous video. Stacy and her horse are poetry in motion. Yes, people should live life like maybe tomorrow won't b there. I'm sick of people dying because they gotta have a pair of shoes to put in a closet full of shoes. Hmmm, maybe I'm thinking too much.

  2. Sorry you'll have to sell your horses. I guess transporting them to Hawaii would be expensive.

  3. Horses are such beautiful creatures! Good luck with your editing! Hang in there. :)

  4. So much about this post is just awesome to me. Thank you for sharing - and thank you for making me cry tears of joy.