Monday, January 2, 2012

The No-Kiss Blogfest

    Here’s my entry to the ‘No Kiss Blog Fest’. When I first heard about this one I thought, “Are you kidding me?” It came up a few more times on other blogs I follow and my reaction was the say. Last week while finishing up my WIP, I wrote this scene. Holy crap, I wrote a ‘No Kiss Scene’. So here ya go.

 I’m back in her room before she gets there. She’s back in my arms before she comes through the door.”I’m sorry. I know this hurts you. Everett, let me help you. Help me,” she says as she’s unbuttoning my shirt.
      I just watch her hands work at each button. She pulls the shirt off my shoulders and down my arms. Next she peels the wool shirt over my head. I stare over her head as she looks at me and runs her hands over chest. I don’t think about the fact that she don’t feel nothin’ cause I feel enough for both of us.
     “Everett, why don’t you ever change? Your hair doesn’t grow or your beard. You always have the same clothes. Nothing about you changes,” she says.
     “’Cause I’m…” I try to say, but she puts her hand gently over my mouth before I can finish.
     “Not tonight. Everett, don’t be dead tonight, OK?” she asks.
     I just nod.
     “Wait right here. Stay right here like this. Please,’ she asks.
    I nod again.
     She leaves and I hear her bathing in the washroom. I stand there waiting, like I promised. I could wait years, like this, for her. When she comes back she’s wearin’ a robe tied up at her waist. She’s still drippin’ water from the bath.
     “Everett,” she says standing right in front of me, real close.
     “Yeah,” I say, lookin’ in her face and smilin’.
     “Everett, touch me. Please.” she asks.
     This ain’t no problem for me, until she opens the robe and lets it fall off her shoulders. Sandra Baker is standin’ there in front of me with only the air between us. In all her life I had plenty of chances to look at her naked, but I never took ’em. Any man wants a woman to come to him and offer herself, just like she did then. At that moment, I saw I wasn’t any man. I was a ghost, a memory of a man. I wasn’t real. I wanted to touch her. I wanted to take her and lay her down and make her mine forever. Right there lookin’ at her, thinkin’ I never saw nothin’ so beautiful, I knew it would be him and not me. I knew it should be him.
     She’s standin’ there lookin’ in my eyes. I see the love she feels for me, but I also see a love for life. I see a woman needin’ to be touched, needin’ to feel a man touch her. Just behind her eyes I see the love she has for him, too. It’s always there, winkin’ at me. Keepin’ me in my place. Lettin’ me know he’s alive and I’m not.
     It don’t matter none, I can’t help myself. I reach up and put my hand on her neck behind her head. I know she can’t feel it, but her head moves forward as I apply pressure. She takes a little step as I force her closer. I want to cry when I feel her breasts touch my chest. I lean my face in and tilt her head. I have to kiss her just this once. She don’t close her eyes like she does when she kisses him, ‘course if she don’t watch me she won’t know when our lips meet. Her face is so close to mine. She opens her mouth just a tiny little bit, and I feel her breath in my mouth. It’s almost like I can feel her heart beat in that breath. Like for that one instant my heart might beat again, too. Sandra closes her eyes. There isn’t a hair between our lips. I can feel the warmth of hers on mine, and yet I can’t press my mouth to hers. Why not? She won’t feel my kiss, and I’ll suffer an eternity rememberin’ this moment of not really havin’ her. I release her head and swiftly pull the robe back around her shoulders. Sandra opens her eyes and pulls me close. That’s when I know, she never knew I didn’t kiss her. That’s when I know I have got to give her back to Danny and go on.
     Sandra reaches her arms back around me, and I feel her press against my shoulder blades. For a minute I almost forget where I am, who I am. I almost forget about what is not going to happen and reach back for her head and to try to kiss her. Almost, but I don’t.

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  1. Being dead is between a rock and a hard place...

  2. Happy New Year!!! I hope that the new year is a great blessing to you and yours! Thank you for your blog and can't wait to see what you will write this year. ;D

  3. The idea that she doesn't realize he didn't kiss her after all is just so sad. I feel so sorry for him.

  4. My heart broke a little when he realised he had to give her back. So sad.

  5. This is so meloncholy. Poor man being able to feel must ache inside and out. Fantastic scene - so full of longing.

  6. Awesome just doesn't cover it :) A unique take on the no-kiss theme.


  7. Poor guy. :( I could feel his lonliness.

  8. You did a great job of expressing this guy's emotions. Great "no kiss" scene. Happy New Year!

  9. WoW!!!! Can I just say that I can visulize my and all this is gonna buy it for us all!

  10. Oh, that is heartbreaking. Makes me really curious about the story though. Thanks for sharing!

  11. I can't even imagine how lonely that would be, for the person you love not to feel you. Great job.

  12. This is pretty hot and steamy for a no kiss scene! Very cool that he's a ghost. I love the twist. Bravo!

  13. As soon as the notion of him being dead came up... this lost any kind of *sexy-vibe* for me, but it was sad, very sad. Interesting take on the no-kiss :)

  14. It must be hard for him--I can't see how it could end happily for a ghost.

    Great writing!

  15. Oh my heart is sad. Good job on the "no kiss" part

  16. Hey you guys, a thousand thank yous for the comments. I live for the applesauce.

    I'm still working my way through the Blogfest,so if I haven't visited your site yet,I'll get there eventually.

    This was more fun than I thought it would be.

  17. This was a sad piece. You did a great job pulling at readers' emotions.