Monday, April 16, 2012


NOT quite myself. I've been sicker than ten dogs. I never get sick. Apparently, some tropical thing. Now that you've got way more Information for today than you hoped...


N is for NEFARIOUS {wicked or evil, infamous for being wicked}
When you’re writing NEFARIOUS is one of those words that would be considered a double no-no. It’s an adjective and a whopping seventy-five cent word. It is also NOT a good thing to be. Having the NEFARIOUS tropical ‘bone crusher flu’ is not a good thing either.

{definitions courtesy of Wikipedia or Wiktionary}

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  1. Hope you get better soon. I'm sending tropical chicken soup vibes your way )))))))))))))(((((((((((((
    And no, never used nefarious before. And if I did, I killed that adjective long ago.

  2. To "N" already? Too bad about your illness. Hope you get well soon. It's Not Nice having a summer cold ...

  3. Oh dear, so sorry you are not feeling well. Take care of yourself and for 'o' just put a sign up that says, "OUT OF ORDER!" that is 3 O's...problem solved!

  4. NITRO ~
    I'm glad you managed to get out of bed long enough to NAIL the "N-word".

    I had a lot to say about the so-called "'ritin' rules" in the comment section of THIS person's blog bit.

    Looking back, it seems you had something to say there as well.

    Anyway, glad to know you're feeling better (got yer Email), and I will reply when ahh cahn.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  5. Nefarious is one of those words that you don't get to use that often. Kinda like "gargantuan".

  6. Get well soon! Aren't words wonderful? Absolutely love playing around with them, as I suspect you do...

    As you're recovering, pop on over to my blog. I'm the author of the Bella and Britt series for kids.