Saturday, April 28, 2012



Y is for…before we get there I’ve got a few things to say, so sit back and get comfortable.

OK, folks, we’re down to the wire and the letter Y. I have got to admit my brain is A to Z fried. I asked for help on these last four letters of the alphabet and I got it.  W was probably my best post for the challenge, so if this one makes you crazy go back and read that one again. I’ve also reverted to one of my all time cop-out blog post tricks (just post a Youtube video of music – Hey, when you’re this beautiful, you just can’t be clever all of the time)

Anyway…here’s my Y post. I only ever get to hear this song once a year. Actually, I haven’t heard it for two years because I own it on an LP (yes, real vinyl), and when I moved to the Caribbean all the vinyl moved into a storage locker in the States.

Jeez, FAE, shut it and give ‘em the music.

Here, enjoy YOGI YORGESSON (take note that’s a double Y). Hope you can get this little ditty out of your head quicker than I can.



    Let's face it, for as much as we'd like Christmas to be about 'The Reason For The Season', for all of our high ideals and how we strive to remember what "Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown", the truth of the matter is...

    ...this song pretty much describes what Christmas winds up looking like for most of us.

    I love it, yet I'll not deny that I take my Christmas decorations out with lotsa joy, and I put them back again with about an equal amount of relief that it's over for another 11 months.

    In fact, I de-Christmas the outside of my house EVERY SINGLE YEAR - without fail - on December 26th. That's how eager I am to see Christmas boxed up again!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  2. you are too funny! and hey, the video is great so why not share! hang in there; one more letter!

  3. I did a music post today too although I didn't come up with a double Y. Nicely done. =)

  4. Lots of Y's there. I remember that song. It's been a lot of years, though. My vinyl isn't that useful since I have nothing to play it on.

  5. Wonder what you're going to give us for Z now?

  6. These last few letters are real killers. I have to say, your Y is a funny one! One more to go!

  7. You just make me smile. We're almost done!

  8. Are we going to have an anti-climax after this or what? Great music, best wishes and savour your "Z" moment.

  9. LMAO I just became a fan of this song. Y is a challenge as was X. We are almost there and congrats for making it through.

  10. I thought I'd heard every Christmas song in the vorld (sic), but this was a new one to me. I yust loved the part about hugging and kissing his MIL and not speaking to her for the rest of the year. Good find and a good Y post.

  11. I remember hearing this song at christmas as a child. Thanks for sharing. Also, I love the picture in the background of your blog.