Sunday, April 29, 2012


This is what I was doing on Sunday instead of writing my 'Z' post. Country Music concert at the beach. 
Can you blame me?


Z is for…before we go there; I just want to say how relieved I am that this is over. I mean, it has been fun, kinda. I’ve met a whole bunch of new and interesting people, kinda. And, I proved that I could do it – with a whole lot of help and encouragement. BUT all the same, it was eating my brain.

I hate to admit it, but I’m that totally undisciplined, rebellious, somewhere out there (I know there should be some sort of punctuation here, but for the life of me I don’t know what – more proof of the brain eating) soul and having to blog six days a week with a basically prescribed topic and using a minimum of words so you guys would stick with me, was almost more than I could bare. So, I say ZOUNDS we’re DONE.

ZOUNDS {an old English ‘minced oath’ coined by William Shakespeare: a contraction of ‘Gods wounds’ referring to the crucifixion wounds of Jesus Christ, formerly used as a mildly blasphemous oath ~ BTW a MINCED OATH is an expression based on a profanity or a taboo term that has been altered to reduce the objectionable characteristics}

And here you thought ZOUNDS was merely an expression of anger, surprise or assertion. 

I find it interesting to know where some of these words come from. This brings me to something that really bugs me... Our common language is getting more and more profane. Today, you hear words on the TV and radio that were on lists of ‘words you can’t say in public’ just a few decades ago. Many of them are those pesky ‘minced oaths’. My least favorite and my rant for today is the word SUCK. Everybody says it. Unfortunately, even I have reduced myself to saying it a time or two, BUT I really dislike that word unless I’m trying to explain to a small child how to get liquid up through a straw.

People who would roll up in a ball and die of embarrassment before they would use the infamous F-word because it’s slang for sexual intercourse and just plain impolite, have no trouble saying SUCK all over the place. Do you realize that SUCK is slang for oral sex? Yeah, think about that. Do you think about that? Do you think when you say some of these words? Like I said earlier I’m an undisciplined, rebellious, kind of out there (still no idea what punctuation should go here) soul. On an earlier blog I admitted to being a sinner and heathen, BUT I do think about saying this particular word, most of the time.

OK, I’m done. We’re done. A to Z is now officially over.

I posted this late last night and left off a song for ya.

I wonder if Sir Paul even knows what he is talking about?


  1. Back when I was teaching English, we read a Shakespeare play (Hamlet, I think) and one of the characters says Zounds! The kids got a kick out of it and spent the next week or so saying it every chance they got.

    Love the rant... congratulations on having finished the challenge.

  2. Some words just shouldn't be uttered. Notice how they're used by the people with the least disciplined minds? Words should caress you, make you feel good. They're our best form of expression.

  3. wonderful last post--and i love that song---congrats!

  4. I couldn't agree with you more--especially about the word suck. It's so prevalent these days. I keep telling my kids not to say it because of what it means, but they just don't make the association like I do. Sigh...

    Congratulations!! You made it! Great job.

  5. I bombed out last week on the A-Z! Yes, it drags on you, and although it is a way to meet people, it can be overwhelming. I met only a few this year, but the first time I did it, I met like 50 folks.

    I am now much, much, MUCH more selective about the sites I follow and the friends I hook up with. It is best in my opinion to only follow blogs in which you are genuinely interested. If they are not for you, don't follow just to add a follower. You'll lose your good fans in the pile of slush you generate.

    That said, I have no issues with profanity. I use it in my work (not my YA), and in life. Like or no, that's how people talk, and I'm people. I also find a well-placed curse can pound a phrase into someone's skull.

    I even curse in my prayers. I refuse to pretty up my prayers, and instead pray to God as if He's sitting across from me at the pub drinking a beer of His own and cursing back at me, mostly calling me a Flipping-fracking fool for not listening.

    - Eric

  6. As you can tell by my blog, I tend to swear quite often. I've begun to get better seeing as my girlfriend has told me to stop swearing on my log as it detracts from my conveyed message (or lack there of). I substitute 'lame' for 'suck' in everyday conversation though. Anyway, congrats on finishing the A-Z Challenge!

  7. As a former high school English teacher I was always battling the gradual impoverishment of the language. I came to appreciate slang and use it a lot myself. But I never appreciated the rising tide of profanity. There used to be dikes that held the 'bad language' out of certain places and circles. We all knew the rules and which version of slang (or none) belonged where. The dikes have been breached. Now anything goes and I think that we and our language are poorer for it.

  8. Sounds like you had fun on Saturday. And congrats for finishing the challenge. I'm glad it's over.

    As for suck, it's morphed over years and has added more meanings. I fear the F bomb is doing the same thing. Still feel like someone's hit me when I hear that one. For some of my kids it's a filler word. Grrr

  9. yay! itz over!

    your words were fun! great to meet you =)

  10. Well, that...
    Won't say it!
    I know you're beat, but you did it. Challenge over.

  11. Congratulations on finishing, NITRO WILBURY BABSKIDDO.

    Believe me, I know how relieved you are that it's Over, because I felt that same relief during the 1st annual 'A To Z Blogfest' when I quit with the letter "O" for "OVER and OUT".

    It's very time-consuming trying to keep up with posts, comments, the visiting of other blogs. I just didn't (and still don't) have that much time in a day to spend at the computer.

    But you made it to the end, which is better'n I did.

    I love the word "Zounds", as you know.

    As for profanity in general... I try to use it sparingly, usually only when I need that extra "Umph!" for effect.

    Certain words I try never, ever to say, in particular, the taking of the Lord's name in vain, as in: G##-damn it! (That expression is like nails on a chalkboard to me, regardless of who says it.)

    I have ALWAYS hated the word "sucks". I'll admit to having used it occasionally (only in more recent times), but in those rare times I do, it's likely to be when I'm talking about something that is so common, low, and overhyped in our society - just like that word itself.

    For instance, if I'm yakking about Harry Potter or vampires or tattoos or body piercings, I might say those things "SUCK!" because that seems to be one word all those lovers of Harry Potter, vampires, tattoos, and body piercings will be able to relate to, to understand.

    But... I mostly try NOT to use the word "sucks", and I always feel cheap when I do. I mean, seriously, the word "sucks" sucks!

    I'm glad to learn you feel the same way about that one as I do.

    ZOUNDS! I gotta get going - lots of things to do today.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

    POSTSCRIPT: I was a little surprised you didn't include a picture of a Calvin And Hobbes 'Spaceman Spiff' cartoon in this blog bit. Zounds! What an oversight, what a missed opportunity!

  12. I'm with ya. It was fun, but not really!

    But you hung in there.

    When I hear "zounds," I can't help but think of Shakespearean insults.

  13. Zounds and Gadzooks! Lovely words. Well done on reaching the end of the A-Z and it's great to meet you!

  14. I understand all your feelings in this Z post, but I'm glad you did it so I could meet you and your blog. I will keep following. BTW thanks for the song.

  15. Hiya .. I have to say that is one word I positively dislike .. but Zounds is a great word - probably shouldn't be!!

    Cheers and well done for finishing .. Hilary