Wednesday, February 27, 2013

One can only hope...

I have a post mentally prepared. A story I wanted to tell about my Daddy and my Great-Grandfather, but today I don’t feel too good. It’s going to have to wait.

I didn’t want to completely miss another Wednesday post, so, here listen to The Band, et al.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


OK, I completely missed a blog post last week and today it’s getting pretty late and I haven’t come up with an intriguing topic yet. A few weeks ago I finished ‘Roughing It’ by Mark Twain and thoroughly enjoyed the read. I love the way he thinks and writes. If there is a chance to digress into another topic than the one at hand, Twain will go for it with gusto. I suppose I love that style so much, because it fits exactly the way my brain works. Having a twenty minute conversation with me can leave you confused and wondering just exactly what we began talking about. I would have loved the chance to sit down with ole Mark and have a visit, but then it could have taken us months to completely converse on one small topic.

Anyway…’Roughing It’ is his memoir of sorts about his big excursion to the West. Nevada in particular during the boom days of silver mining in the Carson City area. I love that part of the country, especially Lake Tahoe and have visited there more than once, therefore, many of the things he discourses on are familiar. His dry wit evokes downright hilarity in extreme situations.

The final chapters of ‘Roughing It’ are dedicated to his travels to the pacific islands that now make up the state of Hawaii. The descriptions of various attributes of the tropics, particularly the insects are exact and fantastically funny, at least to someone like me who currently resides in the tropics and has no choice but to laugh at the predicaments you can get into involving bugs.

Most of you are probably familiar with Mr. Twain’s characterizations of Tom and Huck and their antics, but if you haven’t read ‘Roughing It’ and been a little more ‘up close and personal with ole Mark Twain himself, I highly recommend it.

Next up with a little book that was far more frivolous and profane but another up close and personal look at a man, including  his relationship with his father, ‘S#*! My Dad Says’ by Justin Halpern. This was some light reading that only took me a few hours to finish. There are some awkward moments for Justin with a father who is blunt and profane about everything, but by the end I definitely had the feeling that he wouldn’t have missed a minute of it. Although, Dad is a tough old bird who tell it like it is, there is no doubt that he loves and is proud o his family, Justin in particular. This is a light read that you might enjoy while waiting in the dentist office to have a root canal, but be careful least others worry about you because at times it is just plain laugh out loud funny.

So, when I opened this blank page I hadn’t intended to write a review of anything let alone two, but it’s just how my brain works. Blank pages – start typing – see what is hidden in the recesses of my mind. Give ‘em a try. Start with ‘Roughing It by Mark Twain and finish out the day with “S#*! My Dad Says’ by Justin Halpern. I think you’ll might like them both.   

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

IWSG or Die Vampire Die

I’m up to my arse (it’s not really cussing is you spell it like that, right?) in alligators. Trust me, this does absolutely nothing for my basic insecurities. I’m not in a good mental state to really go on, so I’ll just let you listen to a little tune that may or may not help you with your own insecurities and at the same time it should clue you into my biggest one ‘the voice of reason’.

Please be warned this little song is from the Broadway Musical ‘Title of Show’ and you know how those Broadway types are, thar be  adult content here (that just insured you’re all gonna click on it, didn’t it?). Know that you have been warned, I don’t want anybody showing up in my front yard with torches and pitchforks.

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