Monday, March 21, 2016


Time to crown the ‘Supreme Commander of Poinciana’!

As most of you know the BATTLE held on March 1 here at Far Away Series was a collaboration with Mr. BOTB, Stephen T. McCarthy. We each featured the song ‘Poinciana’ using four different artists. At that time both BATTLES were pretty much blow-outs with Danny Gatton winning at Mr. McCarthy’s BATTLE and Ahmad Jamal winning here. My BATTLE on March 15 was a face-off BATTLE between these two winners.

I was a little disappointed in the outcome of this face-off BATTLE. Considering that the strictly jazz version by Ahmad Jamal was a blow-out over The Keith Jarrett Trio (another strictly jazz version) I thought more of you would hold to you vote from March 1, but that was not to be. I guess in the end when it comes to ‘strictly jazz’ most of you are not fans.

Instead this face-off BATTLE was another blow out in favor for what I consider to be a more rock than jazz version by Mr. Danny Gatton.

Now don’t none of you get me wrong and start putting words into my writing here; I think Danny Gatton is a superb guitar virtuoso and his rendition of “Poinciana’ is excellent. I liked it so much that I voted in favor of Mr. Gatton over Glenn Miller (a favorite of mine) in the March 1 BATTLE and Mr. McCarthy’s site. BUT, I like jazz, and when I say jazz, I mean that ‘strictly jazz’ sound completely undisturbed by a more raucous rock sounding guitar.

So, nobody will be surprised that in the face-off BATTLE I cast my vote for Ahmad Jamal. I could listen to his version all day long. I enjoy Danny Gatton’s version and there are certainly times when I would crank up the stereo and enjoy the heck out of his ‘Poinciana’, but not necessarily all day long.

The final tally was a disappointing blow-out:

                Danny Gatton      15 votes
                Ahmad Jamal        6 votes (including mine)

Most of you are familiar with my philosophy about BATTLE outcomes; the closer the BATTLE the better the BATTLE. Well, by that criteria this wasn’t a very good one, but in MY defense, it was a face-off, and one that I seriously thought would have a better turn out.

Ah, you can’t win ‘em all.

I’ll be back on April First with some tomfoolery another BATTLE for you.
Until that time…Happy Trails!

Here is some more 'great jazz' by Mr. Jamal to tide you (or at least me) over until next time.


Tuesday, March 15, 2016


I'm running behind, as usual, so let's dispense with any extra yak and cut right to the chase.
You'll remember that the last time out with BATTLE OF THE BANDS Mr. McCarthy and I collaborated and used the same song with four different artists. Well, these were interesting BATTLES at both sites. Interesting in the fact that both BATTLES ended in what we like to call BLOW-OUTS, meaning one artist won by quite a large margin.
Today here at FAR AWAY SERIES we're gonna see just who the 'winner take all' will be. The tune Poinciana.
First let's hear from Mr. Ahmad Jamal the winner at Far Away Series on March 1:
Next up, Mr. Danny Gatton, the winner at STMcC Present BOTB on March 1:
Last time out Mr. McCarthy thought maybe Danny had the advantage of a live video as opposed to a static picture, audio only video, so, if you've gotten this far and not yet listened; why not give it the sound only test and don't watch the videos. But most likely you're reading this after you have already clicked on those links. No matter.
Once you have finished up here by leaving a comment with your vote in the comment box, please do head on over to the home of Mr. BOTB hisself; Stephen T. McCarthy At his site not only will you find a superb BATTLE, but he is the keeper of THE LIST. That LIST included all the official participants. Please try to visit all of the BATTLES and leave a vote.
I'll be back on the 21st with my vote, the final tally, and the Supreme Commander of Poinciana, in other words the winner.
Until then...Happy Trails!

Thursday, March 10, 2016


Using only song names from ONE ARTIST OR BAND, answer the following questions. Try not to use the band I used, or repeat a song title. (It’s a lot harder than you think!)  Publish as “My Life According to (BAND NAME)” and link back to this post.

This fun little Meme comes to you from Debbie the Doglady (not to be confused with Debbie the Dog Lady - thank you for staying out of my business this time Mr. Auto Correct). You can read her 'My Life According To...' post HERE

Debbie the Doglady also posted a list of other participants, so you can check out them out from her blog. They are hilarious. If you have the time, visit them all.

Well here are mine...


Are you a male or female? 
American Girl
Describe yourself:
 Baby's a Rock 'n Roller
How do you feel?
Describe where you currently live:
If you could go anywhere, where would you go? 
Your favorite form of transportation:
Your best friend is:
Your favorite color is:
What’s the weather like? 
Louisiana Rain
 Favorite time of day:
If your life was a TV show, what would it be called?
What is life to you?
Your relationships:
Your fear:
What is the best advice you have to give?
If you could change your name, you would change it to:
Thought for the day:
How you would like to die:
Your soul’s present condition:
Your motto:
I Won't Back Down

Well folks, there you have it; My Life According to Tom Petty and you don't know how true most of this is. tom is one of my vary favorite performers, but more important than than he really does sing my life. Thanks Tom. Thanks Debbie The Doglady (thanks auto correct, for finally staying out of my business) and thanks to all of you for listening and playing along. 

If you weren't sure, every one of those song titles is a YouTube link to the song itself, just click on it for some pure Tom Petty pleasure. I tried to use ones with printed lyrics, so you could see as well as hear the words. If you don't have time to listen to them all, please at least listen to ... 'What is life to you?' - WILDFLOWERS; my all time favorite Tom Petty song.

I'll be back on the 15th with another BATTLE OF THE BANDS. Until then...Happy Trails!