Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I know you're all surprised to see me here when it's not time for another BATTLE OF THE BANDS, and I've just posted the RESULTS from the last BATTLE OF THE BANDS, but that should give you an idea, how important this message is.

DL Hammons is hosting another 'Write Club' bout. This is an incredible endeavor, and an opportunity for you to get a free critique on a five hundred chunk (that's a technical writing term) of your current WIP or five hundred words of something new. Either way, you get to enter anonymously,(how cool is that?) and see what folks have to say about your work. In the end your piece has the potential to get before an actual agent.

Now, you all know me, and if I try to give you the particulars we'll all be thoroughly confused. I suggest you head on over to DL Hammons Web Site . Once you're there click on 'Write Club' on the bar across the top. This way you'll get the rules and regs right from the horses' mouth, or DL's Web Site, as the case may be.

The deadline for entries if this Saturday, May 31st, so what are you doing' still hanging around here. Get on over there and check it out. Then sit yerself down and crank out those five hundred superb words and join the fun.

I'll see y'all back here on June 1st with another BATTLE OF THE BANDS and Mr. McCarthy and I will announce the winner in our May contest. 


Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Before we get too far along here I want to take a minute and thank each and every one of you for the well wishes. When I wrote my BATTLE OF THE BANDS POST I was thinking ‘what is wrong with people today?’ THEN you guys showed up and told me just exactly what is RIGHT with people, at least some people, today. THANKS!

Just so I don’t mislead you, my troubles aren’t health related, other than the stress involved in this whole mess, but rather someone lied to me, cheated me, and stole from me. In the end I’m having to hire a lawyer, and probably go to court to get back what is mine. In other words: it’s a fine mess and the only people who are really going to ‘make out’ in the end will be the lawyers.

Anyway…enough of that!

This BATTLE OF THE BANDS was a little different for me. Because of the troubles in my life I was totally unprepared and had not made my choice of songs or artists. The day before while I browsing some of my friends sites, Donna Weaver over at Weaving a Tale or Two posted the Alex Boye version of ‘Roar’. I clicked on the link, but didn’t recognize the song. I was thinking this song sounds familiar, and when they got to the chorus. I was pretty shocked to realize it was Katy Perry’s ’Roar’. All along I thought I hated this song, but it turns out what I really don't like is Katy Perry's shouting her way through a musical number, and calling it singing.

The final tally was pretty lopsided and there was a lot of ‘Katy hate’ in the comment box. While I’m personally not a Katy Perry fan, I was shocked that so many of you felt the same way, and so strongly. I normally don’t try to predict (even in my own mind) how the voting will turn out, or who will vote for which artist, but I have to say there was only one vote for Katy that I had mentally predicted. Four of your really surprised me.

I’ll agree with most of you who said that Alex Boye’s version was primarily drum driven, and a sing-a-long, but I did think it was fun. Alex does a lot of covers. He calls them ‘Africanized’ versions. Most are beat driven, as you might imagine African music would be. If you have the time, go over to YouTube and check him out.

                        Alex Boye           14 votes including mine
                        Katy Perry          5 votes

Before I forget, I also want to thank Sheboyganboy 6 and STMc for the ‘conversation’ in the BATTLE comment box. You guys went a long way to take my mind off my troubles. And Sheboyganboy 6, you can disagree and correct me any ole time you want, as long as you continue to do it in French.

Leave me a comment and tell me what you think about the outcome. Remember, a comment here and one at F-FFF gives you a final chance to enter the drawing for a CD. Check out the contest rules HERE

Also, be sure to see who won the other BOTB contests playing around town.

See you back here on June 1, when we’ll announce the winner of this May BOTB contest and present another fine BATLE for your vote.

Thursday, May 15, 2014


For the past few months my life has been traveling down a track like a bullet train. Yesterday, there was a major derailment. There is blood and body parts all over the place, but don’t worry they are only mine.

Due to the fact that I am currently running a contest on this blog, I feel that ‘the show must go on, but I hope you will understand my need to be brief.

For information regarding the contest, please check my previous posts. You may do so by clicking HERE.

For information about other participants in BOTB please go to F-FFF the home of Stephen T.McCarthy.

As might be expected I am completely unprepared for Battle of the Bands today. A day or so ago while visiting friends in the blogosphere I stumbled upon a new artist. So, in keeping with my state of mind today here are two versions of the song ‘Roar’.


Now leave me a comment with your vote and your WHY. Then visit Mr. McCarthy at F-FFF and do likewise.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Today is a busy day. It’s time for my RESULTS post for BOTB XIX and it’s IWSG day.

Let’s do BOTB Results first, shall we?

Seems poor ole Leon Russell took a beating in this one. His version was compared to a lounge act, elevator music, and ‘gasp’ dentist office music (I want the name of your dentist). I’ll admit that these two version really weren’t all that different. The better contests are the ones that really strike a different note, sometimes they don’t even seem like the same song. Anyway…

In the end I’m gonna give my vote to Leon. I really enjoy his style; that is if you think not really having a definitive style (other than his good ole boy voice) is a style. You always know when it’s Leon singing, but as far as a particular style, it’s my opinion that Leon just keeps on reinventing himself. I was fortunate enough to see him in person at a small intimate venue while I lived in Idaho. Great show, even if he was and ‘old guy’ now, with a physical appearance that Santa Clause could envy.

The final tally including my vote:
                Danny O’Keefe            9 votes
                Leon Russell               5 votes

Remember a comment on this post gives you one more entry into the May BOTB contest (see contest rules at the end of this post). Before you read any farther (or should that be further) click on over to Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends and leave a comment for Mr. McCarthy after his ‘VOTE COMMENT’. Then check out all the other participants and see what their results were.

For my IWSG post this month I’ve been scouring YouTube for an ad I’ve seen on TV. It’s about optimism. I figure if you’re an Insecure Writer that is something you can use. Can’t find the ad I’m looking for so I’ll just give you my basic ‘two cents’.

The ad I'm talking about is the one with the little guy who drags a bucket of balls up to the backstop. He then proclaims 'I'm the greatest batter in the world' and proceeds to strike out THREE TIMES. A look of surprise crosses his face and he shouts 'I'm the greatest pitcher in the world'. Now that's some OPTIMISM.

I try to live by the motto 'Attitude is Everything'. If you believe that, and I do, you might as well try to have a good one.

My advice today to all of your Insecure Writers out there is work on a positive attitude. It will show through in your writing. Write to please yourself and PLEASE break at least one rule.

Now if you want some really good advice, check out the other participants in this monthly endeavor by clicking over to the site of the originator Alex J. Cavanaugh. Click on the link at the top for the list of participants While your there, thank Alex, and all those who help each month to put this group together.

Contest Rules and Prized for May BOTB
Here’s how it’s gonna work. Everyone who comments will have up to eight possible entries. Vote once here at Far Away Series (FAS) on May 1 and May 15 on each BATTLE OF THE BANDS post and once at F-FFF on May 1 and May 15 on each BATTLE OF THE BANDS post. Then come back on the 7th and 21st and leave a comment here on Far Away Series in my BATTLE OF THE BANDS RESULTS POST and return to Mr. McCarthy’s original BATTLE OF THE BANDS POST and leave a comment after ‘HIS OWN VOTE’ HAS BEEN RECORDED AND THE WINNER ANNOUNCED. If you VOTE at each site you will receive four (4) entries into the contest AND if you return and comment at (FAS) RESULTS post and comment at F-FFF (Mr. McCarthy’s site) after his “VOTE’ comment you will receive another four (4) entries for a possible total of eight (8) entries = 8 chances to win. On May 31st, we will drop all of the entries into a hat and draw one.  The winner will be announced on June 1, 2014 at BATTLE OF THE BANDS XXI.
What can you win? After careful consideration it has been decided that we will be giving away an all-expenses paid vacation to spend either a week in lovely Phoenix, AZ or Lake Tahoe, NV with the your respective hosts Far Away Eyes or Stephen T. McCarthy    - JUST KIDDING!!! Seriously now, we will be giving away a CD of your choice, as long as it contains one of the songs featured on any BATTLE OF THE BANDS posted at Far Away Series or Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends. (Super expensive imports or Boxed Sets NOT included.) To make it even more interesting and to honor the origination of BATTLE OF THE BANDS you may go all the way back to that first BATTLE on August 1, 2013 to make your selection.

KEEP IN MIND this contest will only run for the month of MAY and votes will ONLY be counted from FAR AWAY SERIES and FERRET-FACED FASCIST FRIENDS. But, we encourage you to visit and vote at the sites of ALL THE PARTICIPANTS in BATTLE OF THE BANDS (links for other possible participants can be found at F-FFF) cause that’s what makes this such a ‘party’.

I'll expect you back here on May 15th for BATTLE OF THE BANDS XX.