Friday, April 15, 2016


No BATTLE OF THE BANDS here today. You can just move along and get on with your business, but if you want to know how things are going…

For the past week or so, things around here have looked a lot like this…

And this…

I’ve kind of looked like this;

Today while you’re trolling around an enjoying various BOTB selections, at my place it looks like this;

Or at least I hope it does.

Over the next week to ten days the process with reverse itself and my new place will probably look like this;

And this;

I hope all is back to organized chaos by May 1 and then I can get back to playing with you guys at BATTLE OF THE BANDS. And, I can look more like this;

I’ll do my best to get around to your spaces and vote, but it may take me awhile. I won’t have the Internet until after April 18th (I hope). 

Have a good time. Enjoy BOTB and good luck with the A to Z Challenge. Today you’re only half way there. YIKES!

See you on May 1, I hope, and until that time HAPPY TRAILS.

Friday, April 8, 2016


Apologies are in order AGAIN! I’m a day behind with my results post and for that I apologize. My doctor changed some of my meds on Tuesday and I'm having a dill of a reaction. You gotta love it when the medication that's supposed to make you better, makes you sick. I expect that a lot of you are so busy with the A to Z Challenge that you didn’t even notice, but none the less, I like to adhere to the regular schedule when I can.

This was another BATTLE that I was afraid could have been a blow-out. When the first six votes came in it was 5 to 1 in favor of Hank Williams Jr. Certainly looked like ole Bocephus was fixin’ to run off with this BATTLE, but that was not to be. Subsequent votes went resoundingly to the bearded boys from Texas, ZZ Top.

I’ve been a fan of ZZ for quite some time. I’ve seen in concert and they really put on a terrific show. They probably hold a special place in my heart of concerts I’ve attended, because as I was waiting to enter the venue for one of their shows, right in broad daylight on the midway of the southeast Idaho State Fair, I had a rather profound Spiritual experience. YIKES! Just goes to prove that when the Spirit is strong and there is a message you need, no matter where you are or what you might be doing. My advice to you and myself, is; do your best to always be prepared.

Anyway, even after all of that I cast my vote for Hank Williams Jr.

Yeah, I’m going with Bocephus. I’ve not been a big fan of his music. Some of it like quite a bit and some, not so much. When Mr. McCarthy proposed this joint venture he gave me the choice of which song to use. When I heard Hank’s version of ‘La Grange’ I was blown away. Frankly, I could not have imagined anyone even trying to cover that notorious ZZ Top number, but Bocephus not only covered it, but managed to one up those guys at the Top

In the end it was not enough to put him over the Top, but all in all this was a real horse race, with each contender taking the lead for a day or two.

The final tally:

                Hank Williams Jr./Bocephus   9 votes including mine
                ZZ Top                               11 votes

By my reckoning and your voting both here and at STMcC Presents BOTB, it would appear the bearded boys from Texas – ZZ Top, reign supreme, at least when it comes to their own music. These two BATTLES have certainly proved my theory that it’s a hard choice to pit the original against a cover. Maybe it’s best to let two covers battle it out in the future.

I’m going to be moving over the weekend of April 15. My WiFi service will be turned off at the old place on the 15th and won’t be turned on at the new house until the 18th, so, I’m going to sit out the next BATTLE. Besides most of you guys will be just rounding the bend of the A to Z thing and will most likely be worn to a frazzle. Having one less BOTB to visit, should be a ‘good thing’.

I’ll be back on May 1st with another BATTLE and most likely a tale of woe with respect to yet another move. Until that time, HAPPY TRAILS!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Let's Not Fool Around cause It's Time for BATTLE of the BANDS

Ah my friends, it’s All Fool’s Day, but I ain’t doin’ no foolin’ around cause it’s time for another BATTLE OF THE BANDS. I have something special planned for you today and I want to get right to it, so I’m gonna dispense with the normal yak.

I will tell you one thing about today’s BATTLE, first I likes it a lot. And, (OK, this is two things.) This is a BATTLE between two artists one of which I have been a big fan of for some time, even seen ‘em in person a time or two and truly enjoy their music and the show they put on. BUT, without giving my vote away just yet, I will say that in this BATTLE, although I think both versions are very, Very, VERY good; I’ll be casting my vote for the artist that I like well enough, but to whom I have not favored as I have the other. Confused, yet? I know I am. Let’s get to the music.

First up those blues, boogie, hard rockers from Texas, ZZ Top with their hit LaGrange:

Next up that ole country, southern, blues rocker of a country boy, Hank Williams Jr. or Bocephus doing his cover of the same:

Now I sure do hope you guys know what to do (but, don’t worry, cause I’m gonna tell you anyway). Tell me who you vote for in the comment box and also give me some inkling as to why. When you finish up over here head on over to the home of Mr. BOTB hisself Stephen T. McCarthy. Stephen has a special BATTLE of his own going on (NO FOOLIN’) and he will also provide the list of all the other participants. Please try to vote at all of the sites.

I’ll be back on the 7th to reveal my vote and the winner of this here BATTLE. Until that time H-A-P-P-Y T-R-A-I-L-S!

Now that you’ve decided who to vote for, wanna give a guess as to which artist of the two I’ve been a fan of for some time?