Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Hi guys. Miss me? It's been quite some time since I posted here. I even thought maybe I was through with blogging. Not saying I'm planning on returning on any sort of regular basis, but I am going to try to post at least once a month for the IWSG. Well, let's say the only thing I know for sure is that...I'm gonna post this month for the IWSG.

I guess we don't often think of most musicians as writers. Of course they write music and if we're really lucky some incredible lyrics. I suppose technically they are called lyricists, but for  my money we're all just writers of one creative sort or another.

If you know me or think you know me, or if you've only come around here occasionally you know that my favorite musician/writer of all time is Tom Petty. This past summer, right smack dab in the middle of my move from Nevada to Idaho I was taken to see him perform in person at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado. Not the ideal time for a road trip, but what are ya gonna do. Tickets were purchased and let me tell you the cost was almost obscene, but in the grand scheme of life, 'it's only money'. This is when it really pays off to be 'the girl'. Anyway there was no way I was gonna miss this concert. AND, IT WAS TERRIFIC.

When Tom sang 'Wildflowers', I promise you it was just for me. Red Rocks is an outdoor venue and one of the best, in my opinion. As usual it poured rain. There are no alt dates so the musicians take cover and the audience just waits out the storm and enjoys the 'light show' playing out over the prairie. When Tom and the Heartbreakers came back they played about twice a long as planned to give us our money's worth, because he was that kinda guy. Do I need to tell you how glad I am that I didn't miss this show?

Tom Petty wrote my life in his songs. I know a lot of people say that about musicians, but this is uncannily true. I participated in a meme a while back titled 'My Life According to..." you can find it HERE. The one and only time I participated in the A - Z Challenge my 'W' post included Mr. Petty's "Wildflowers". You can find that one HERE (if you have limited time, read this one, it's one of my better memoir pieces). My writing has all been inspired by music and great lyrics, much of it Mr. Petty's.

I had a recent conversation with a blogger friend, in person, about writing We had an interesting weekend with a lot of brainstorming and some good advice. I also recently joined a new writers group here in Idaho, which I hope will prove fruitful, but nothing helps me as much as music.

I've backed away from blogging, because I really do want to devote more time to serious writing. I have a two book series of what I hope won't be more than three completed, and have set a personal goal to finish the third and work hard to have the publication process (traditional) at least in it's earliest stage by June of 2018. Easy feat for a procrastinator like myself, eh?

 I have decided to take all the writing advice and throw it to the four winds. I'm not sure where I'm going in the last book and not exactly sure where my story ends, but I do believe that as I begin to write my characters will tell me. After all it's their story not mine. They are only lending it to me for the telling. My goal is to be good enough, strong enough, inventive enough to tell it properly. Believe it or not, I have confidence I can do this.

Losing Mr. Petty at such a young age(yeah 66 is pretty damn young - see, I'm older than most of you probably think) and the recent events that have proved just how cheap life in an advanced country like the US really is, or at least should be, a wake up call for us all. It's my goal to take the time to 'write good stories' . What about you?

To Mr Petty and his family I want to say thank you, Tthank you for putting my life to music. Thank you for giving me the inspiration in my ear to complete the work I want to do.Thank you for being an extraordinary writer who also exhibited pure musicianship. You Tom 'belong among the wildflowers, You belong in a boat out at sea, Sail sway, kill off the hours, You belong somewhere you feel free.' If you meet Mickey have him tell you his stories and maybe one day we can all sit down together and listen as you put them to song.

Probably not what you guys were expecting in an IWSG post, but I gotta go where my heart takes me. To read more and probably better posts go HERE. Take the time to thank the admins, especially Mr. Alex Cavanaugh for their efforts in keeping this forum going. I do appreciate you guys.