Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Here we are at the first Wednesday of the month, or in other words IWSG Day and I'm not prepared AGAIN. YIKES! LET ME EXPLAIN...

Back on May 22 I left my home at Lake Tahoe to make a move to Idaho. For the past seven weeks I've been staying with family. It has been an adventure. Idaho is not completely foreign to me (I lived here sever years ago), but it is a place I thought I would never return to for more than a visit. Anyway, things have been a bit today-turvey for a while now, I am moving into my own place onFriday and hopefully will be able to settle in and have a more normal live back. Ha, ha, ha! Like I would know a normal life if it bit me in the butt.

The IWSG QUESTION of the month is something like "What have you learned since you started writing?" I'm gonna tell you what I've learned about writing and life in the last seven weeks. Family is important. They can drive you nuts and even take incredible advantage of you (kind of like I have been for the past seven weeks), but in the end they love you and take care of you in a fashion that most others won't even attempt. Now when it comes to writing, family can provide you with some of the best fodder for your imagination. Whether you're writing a memoir: where family and family reminisces are of the utmost importance, or just creating characters for a totally fiction piece, your family and their nuances can be of tremendous value.

My advice to each and everyone of you...value your family. If you've had a falling out with one or more of them make amends and do what you can to build a bridge. If you live far apart make an effort to stay in touch, regularly. Life is shorter than you think and I promise you, one day you will be wishing to have a nice sit down with a family member who is no longer with you.

Having said that, today is my mother's birthday. She is no longer with me and has been gone for quite some time (38 years). I was much too young to lose her when I did, but that's life or the absence of it, I guess. Love love you Momma and I miss you every day of my life.

Now get yourself on over to the IWSG site where you can find the list to visit other participants and see what they have to say. Unfortunately, I'm still having computer problems and working on a iPad, which is way smarter than me and won't let me make the link. But, I trust you're smarter than this dumb blonde and can find it without my help.

Enjoy my parents song.