Saturday, September 21, 2013


Today is the first day of fall, my favorite season of the year, and I’m freezing my butt off. It’s currently 41 degrees, windy, and rainy on the north shore of Lake Tahoe. After having spent the last three years someplace where the temperature didn’t drop below 75, and averaged 83, this is dang cold. I have even had to turn the furnace on. YIKES!

Anyway…with all of that going on, I almost forgot that today is the day to post the results for my Battle of the Bands. Before I get to my vote and the final tally I want to be sure to thank everyone who stopped by to vote or at least leave a comment. For the first time since we stated this thing I had two people come for a visit, leave a comment but not vote. I’ve given you credit in the contest anyway, because you were nice enough to leave a comment even though you either couldn’t decide, or had such an adverse reaction to these two songs you didn’t cast a vote for either.

The Broadway production of ‘HAIR’ first hit the stage in 1968 – 45 years ago and the movie was released in 1979 - 34 years ago. It’s nice to see that after all that time it can still evoke rather extreme reactions. Controversial then and now. As I said in the comment section of Arlee Bird’s ‘Battle’, I have never owned a sanctioned copy of either soundtrack. I do own the movie as a VHS tape (which is still stored in a locker in Idaho) and at one time I had a bootleg copy, on a cassette tape, of the Broadway musical, made by a friend. I think it might be time I remedy that situation.

Now, I know you’re all waiting for my vote. I cast it for the version from the Movie soundtrack. The Fifth Dimension did a wonderful job with their mash up of ‘Aquarius’ and “Let the Sunshine In’. I do think it was one of their biggest hits. I have always enjoyed their harmonies and particularly the beautiful voice of Marilyn McCoo. I’m very fond of their hits ‘One Less Bell to Answer’ and ‘Wedding Bell Blues’, BUT,(Yes, Mr. McCarthy, there’s always a BUT) when it comes to Aquarius, their sound was a little too mellow, too ‘Brady Bunch’ or like a theme from some TV show like ‘The Love Boat’, perhaps (BTW, those are some of your words not mine). I felt that the movie (and the stage version) captured the essence of the song, the story it was trying to tell, the changing of the times, if you will. I think everyone would have to admit that those times were anything but mellow.

The final tally including my vote is:
The Fifth Dimension – the clear winner***with 7 votes
Hair the movie soundtrack – 3 votes

I was pretty sure this is how it would turn out. I will admit that I was pretty surprised over how many of you admitted to owning the soundtrack, but everyone was certainly more familiar with the version by The Fifth Dimension.

Tune back in on October 1st and see what’s up next on BATTLE OF THE BANDS V, and until then; stay warm. I think I’m gonna go and build a fire.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Today I'm hosting Alex J Cavanaugh as he --Takes the World by Storm. I had the privilege of asking Alex a question which you see below, so I'm just gonna zip my lips and let Alex take you by storm...

What 'drives' you, as in why do you write?

I wanted to write a story that I enjoyed reading. I kept writing because fans wanted more. I guess the drive was to see if I could make everyone happy three times in a row.

By Alex J Cavanaugh

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A storm gathers across the galaxy…

Commanding the Cassan base on Tgren, Byron thought he’d put the days of battle behind him. As a galaxy-wide war encroaches upon the desert planet, Byron’s ideal life is threatened and he’s caught between the Tgrens and the Cassans.

After enemy ships attack the desert planet, Byron discovers another battle within his own family. The declaration of war between all ten races triggers nightmares in his son, threatening to destroy the boy’s mind.

Meanwhile the ancient alien ship is transmitting a code that might signal the end of all life in the galaxy. And the mysterious probe that almost destroyed Tgren twenty years ago could return. As his world begins to crumble, Byron suspects a connection. The storm is about to break, and Byron is caught in the middle…

“With a talent for worldbuilding and a compelling cast of characters, Alex J. Cavanaugh combines high powered space battles and the challenges of family dynamics to provide readers a space opera with heart.” 
- Elizabeth S. Craig, author of the Southern Quilting and Myrtle Clover mysteries

“I thought the revelation was going to be one thing and I was completely wrong … CassaStorm pushes the limits…”
- Tyson Mauermann, Speculative Reviews

$16.95 USA, 6x9 Trade paperback, 268 pages, Dancing Lemur Press, L.L.C.
Science fiction/adventure and science fiction/space opera
Print ISBN 9781939844002 eBook ISBN 9781939844019
$4.99 EBook available in all formats

Find CassaStorm:
Amazon -

Alex J. Cavanaugh has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and works in web design and graphics. He is experienced in technical editing and worked with an adult literacy program for several years. A fan of all things science fiction, his interests range from books and movies to music and games. Online he is the Ninja Captain and founder of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group. The author of the Amazon bestsellers, CassaStar and CassaFire, he lives in the Carolinas with his wife.

Be sure to visit Alex at his SPACE and leave a comment. This will enter you to win some cool 'CASSASTORM' prizes. 

Sunday, September 15, 2013


It’s the fifteenth of the month already (YIKES!). You know what that means don’t you? It’s time for another BATTLE OF THE BANDS (BOTB). This will be number four. The other two parties to this contest The Debonair Mr. Arlee Bird and  The smartest man I know Stephen T. Mccarthy and I decided on a theme for this particular battle. Since I’m always a day late and a dollar short, I bet you already know the theme, but I’ll tell you again anyway. It’s HAIR. I almost posted a picture of myself and my hair because it’s one of thing I got a lot of, but then I thought better of it. Anyway…let’s get on to the contest.

The three of us decided which song from this iconic musical we would let battle it out in advance and I chose “Aquarius’. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to use the song from the original Broadway production or the movie, but I love the accompanying scenes in the movie so much, that’s the way I’m gonna go. So here’s the first selection Aquarius from the movie soundtrack ‘Hair’.

Next up the ‘HIT’ version of the same song. Sit back and enjoy the melodious sound of marvelous Marilyn and the Fifth Dimension.

Now you know the drill. Vote for your favorite in the comment box and tell me why. Once you’ve done that hop on over to my partners in crime cohorts in this endeavor Stephen t. Mccarthy and Arlee Bird, see what they’ve chosen for you and vote there also.

If you’re one of the many hopping onto this war wagon, please say so in the comment box, so that everyone can find their way to your space and vote for your selection also.

One more time here are the rules that accompany the contest hosted by myself, Stephen T. McCarthy and Arlee Bird –

Find The True Purpose For Voting On ‘Battle Of The Bands’ Installments: Win Compact Discs!-Compact Discs!-Compact Discs! Spectacular, Super-Colossal Blogosphere ‘Battle of The Bands’ Voting Contest!

Here’s The Deal: By voting on the ‘Battle Of The Bands’ blog bits here and at the ‘Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends’ blog, you can win the compact disc of your choice. Every 4 months, Stephen and I will add up how many times you voted on our blogs, and the person who has participated most often (i.e., submitted the most eligible votes) will get to select one compact disc that contains any one of the songs that were included in either of our ‘Battle Of The Bands’ installments (“Super-Colossal” expensive boxed-sets, imports, and ‘out-of-print’ compact discs not included). In the event of a tie, the names will be put in a Stetson and the name drawn from the cowboy hat will win the CD.

Rules For Voting: Stephen and I post new ‘Battle Of The Bands’ blog bits on the 1st and 15th of each month. We also post our own personal votes for the respective blog bits on the 7th and 21st of each month (i.e., six days later). For your vote to be counted, it must be submitted in our comment sections BEFORE we post our own votes (BEFORE we make our own votes known on the 7th and the 21st).

Every 4 months there will be a new compact disc winner. In other words, ‘Battle Of The Bands’ #1 was posted on August 1, 2013, so at the end of November, one of you lucky voters is going to win a CD that includes one of the songs we’ve featured in our ‘Battle Of The Bands’ installments (you get to choose, and it doesn’t matter if the song won or lost its battle – if you like it, it’s YOURS!)

Alright, now... VOTE ON and ROCK ON! (while we ‘Count On...’)

I’ll be back on the 21st to let you know my choice and the outcome of this BATTLE.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

You Say You Want a Revolution

I have really been remiss at making a reply to comments on my blog space. When I post a new Battle of the Bands, I intentionally don’t reply to comments, because I’m a blabber mouth, and I really don’t want to tip my hand regarding my favorite, before you all have a chance to vote. But, on some of my other thought provoking posts (Ha!) I have had replies formed in my mind, but life keeps me from making a timely comment.

Anyway…I want to use this post to reply to some things from the last post. Did that make sense? Probably not, but then ‘you know me’.

FIRST, to Alex and D.G. regarding the Battle of the Bands and any kind of list or links. I’m delighted that so many of you have decided to join in and post your own ‘Battles’. I’ve enjoyed reading them and voted at your spaces. This was not set up to be a blog hop and there never was any kind of linky list. Stephen T. McCarthy, Arlee Bird and I are hosting a contest (see the guidelines at the end of each of our BOTB posts), I haven’t linked to anyone outside of the contest because I didn’t want to cause any confusion or hurt feelings at the contest end with the possible winners. BUT, each of us has invited those of you who want to participate to leave a comment that warns tells everyone that you have also posted a Battle. I would suggest the same for the results, especially since some of you have posted your results on days other than the ones we have chosen.

I really have no intention to exclude anyone, just trying to keep it fair for those who have participated from the beginning and are going for the prize. Having said all of that I do hope those of you who have posted in the past, as well as anyone new who wants to, will leave a comment and display you musical knowledge and talents by hosting your very own Battle of the Bands. It might be a good idea to leave a comment at all three sites, so the word really gets around.

SECOND, for anyone who hasn’t gone over to Monkey Throw Dart and read the post titled ‘Operation Syria: Rescuing the Petrodollar’ of September 4, 2013, and viewed the video ‘The Petrodollar Explained’, do yourself a favor and go right now. Well, finish reading my post here first, but then hurry over.

I think this is an excellent explanation of why the US is so anxious to be involved in Middle Eastern Wars Conflicts. I was a tad disappointed that the video ended with talk of revolution. It seems that’s what some people will simply zero in on and not the real ‘meat’ of the information.

To Disc Connected and Arlee, I would say personally, I don’t believe there will be revolution in the US. Not when the masses have been so effectively bought off with a handful of food stamps, cell phones, and shortly, the long awaited illustrious universal health care (can you her me laughing). Most of the folks are happy as clams, buried in the sand. After all, the conditioning has been going on for a long time, and it isn’t about to stop any time soon. At one time people were promised a chicken in every pot, today they are getting pot in every chicken. What could be better than that? Most will gladly turn over their guns when the time comes, and vote to save the world from some global crisis by banning together into that infamous One World Government. All you really need to do, is sit back and ‘wait for it’… or not. The choice may still be yours.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

BATTLE OF THE BANDS III Results and A Little Something EXTRA

The votes are in and all tallied up. AND the winner is… by a little bit more than two to one JUDY COLLINS.

Judy in 2009 at 70 years young

I found it interesting that most of you agree that Barbra (who taught that woman to spell) has a fabulous voice, one that is surely a gift, but that doesn’t mean she does a better version of everything she sings. My favorite comment was by C.W. Martin

“My first instinct was that I would vote for Scrappy over Babs, but I said, now Chris, you've never heard it before, go on and listen. So I'm listening now, and what I hear is a self-indulgent Hollywood expert on everything oversinging yet another song. Judy in a landslide.

I agree C.W., she was over-singing this, way over-singing it. I thought the tempo, was off, taking a melancholy ballad down to something that seemed more like a dirge. There’s no doubt about the fact that Barbra (I can’t help myself, that spelling aggravates me) can belt ‘em out, but her style seemed inappropriate here.

On the other hand Judy’s crystal clear voice conveyed the proper sense of melancholy while still allowing this listener anyway, to feel the sense of irony in the lyrics. I’m sure you already knew that I would cast my vote for Judy Collins, the clear winner in BATTLE OF THE BANDS III here at the home of FAR AWAY EYES.

As a side note; I was fortunate enough to see Judy perform in a small acoustic venue. She was every bit as good in person as her recordings and quite charming and entertaining between songs.

Now I don’t want you to run away too quickly. I know you’re all anxious to see how the contest turned out at Stephen T. McCarthy's and Arlee bird's, but before you go running off, I want to suggest you take a minute and click on this link. Monkey Throw Dart This was originally posted at Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends the home of Stephen T. McCarthy and you probably would have seen it once you went on over there, BUT, I wanted to add my opinion as to the importance of the 14 minute video posted at Monkey Throw Dart

I’m never one to advocate anarchy, but I do think it’s important that everyone have the opportunity to know what all the fuss is about when there is some sort of fuss. Right now in the US (the world actually) there is quite a fuss and before you, we, or any country jump into the fray I think it’s important to know exactly what this is all about.

Sound cryptic. Sorry about that. I don’t want to try and explain in my own words for fear of either giving you the wrong impression or taking so long that you click away from this site. Go on click on the link and if you take the time to read or listen to nothing else, listen to the video titled ‘The Petrodollar Explained’.

NOW, get yourselves over to Stephen's and Arlee's to see the results of their BOTB III. We’ll be back on the 15th of September with BATTLE OF THE BANDS IV.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bad News - Good News

'Nough Said!

That my IWSG post for this month. If you want to know more about this group/bloghop go to the site of Alex J. Cavanaugh. Once there you can click on the badge and see other insecure writers spill their guts testify.

Happy Wednesday. the First Wednesday of FALL (well not officially, but I don't care) I Love Fall!