Wednesday, September 19, 2012


As I rolled over in me king sized bunk earl-I in this morning and gazed out over me bounteously beautiful turquoise Sea of the Caribe, I began to wonder, why am I thinking in these strange language patterns. I reached for me trusty iPhone in search of some answers.

While spying the blogs of some of me favorite buccaneers I dropped anchor for awhile at me good mate Donnas’ harbor  Weaving a Tale or Two to find, to my great pleasure, I might add, that I did not suffer some strange brain and speech anomaly whilst I did sleep, but that today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. It is actually the 10th Annual Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Arrgh! Me Hardies, you heard that correctly. Today is your one chance all year to talk like a pirate and be totally approved by his high holiness of the written comedy Mr. Dave Barry. TLAPD is not the brainchild of Mr. Barry, but its authors did contact him and he endorsed it heartily. As in ‘Shiver me timbers…what a great notion.’

Seeing that I live on an island in the Caribbean and I can almost see Captain Morgan’s ship makin’ the point at Buck Island, it’s time to man the nine pounders and make like a pirate, at least in the lingo. To find out all you need to know and watch an authentic pirate video click HERE

On my island we like any excuse for a holiday and this is as good as any. So, go on out into the world today and amaze your colleagues, friends and family and Talk like a Pirate to your heart’s content, or you may be ‘keel hauled’ for the not tryin.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Genre Favorites Blogfest

Today is Alex Cavanaugh's 'Genre Favorites Blogest. In a more perfect world or at least with a more perfect blogger you would be able to click on that badge and get right to the source and all the details of this particular blogfest. But, what you have here is me, so, to get the 'down and dirty' and see the linky list for other participants click HERE

If you come to this space often, you know that I have been posting less than regularly (there's a under statement). I signed up for this blogfest thinking it would help me get back into the swing of things now I'm simply thinking; 'what was I thinking?'

Anyway... the point here is for the participants , that's me, to list our favorites in three different genres,



A guilty pleasure genre from any of the three categories

Of course, this morning, my mind is a blank.


I have to go with 'Love Stories'. My favorite movie of all time is 'Life is Beautiful'. I see this movie as the most incredible love story on several different levels. The main character feels and expresses romantic love most beautifully (as maybe, only an Italian could) and he goes a long way in demonstrating his love for his family. Probably most important is the fact that he loves life. Often in great love stories we see the Protagonist as willing to die for those that he loves, but Guido is willing to live for them and this he does with every fiber of his being.


Gospel Music. It has to be Gospel Music. There are a lot of individual favorites, but here's a medley that I found that should give you a good example of what I'm talkin' 'bout. I don't care what you believe, or what type of music you enjoy, you have got to feel something when you listen to this stuff. At the end when those women sing 'every knees shall bow and every tongue confess', holy carp, I'm about brought to my knees.


This is the hardest category for me, I read a lot and a lot of everything. I have to admit it's not all good, it's not all uplifting or thought provoking, but I do like to read and I don't watch TV. I guess I'm gonna cheat and do what another blogger did (YES, I checked out a few of the posts before I wrote mine, not surprised are you?) and list my lest favorite genre to read. That would probably be horror or anything gory. For awhile I was reading a lot of Civil War non-fiction and had to give it up due to the gore. Seems just about anything historical is filled with it. Kinda makes you wonder who we human beings really are becoming. 


Why is this category so easy. It has got to be Rock Music. Not really hard rock, although sometimes that's OK, not really Pop Music, but that's alright too, but 'old school rock and roll', not exactly Elvis, but let's at least get back to the seventies. If you come around here much at all, you have got to know I love 'Van the Man Morrison'. Oh and I love the 'old' Surf Music - think Beach Boys and I was a die-hard Jan and Dean fan in my youth. (Just dated myself again didn't I - Oh, what the heck). Hey I even like me a little country.

Now take one of them rock and roll or country artists and give him a gospel tune to sing and I'm done for. I'll leave you with a song that has some great personal meaning to me.

Now get back up to the top and click on that Linky List to see what other bloggers have to say. Oh, and Thank You Alex for moving me a little bit further out of my shell today.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Just in case anybody is wondering, the answer is yes, I'm still crazy. Today you can check that out over at Arlee Bird's blog 'A Faraway View', click on the little stars *****

Mr Bird is crazy kind enough to turn his space over to me today. Go ahead, go on over and check it out. No need to linger around here. Leave your comments over there too, that way I can hide the evidence later of just how completely nuts talented I am.

One thing for certain Arlee and I are both FarAway!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Insecure Writers Support Group


Is it that time already? Where did the summer go? Of course, I live in the land of perpetual summer, but that’s beside the point. 

Anyway…onto today’s topic; Am I insecure? You bet. As a matter of fact I’m so insecure that there isn’t much I can say to you as either encouragement or venting my troubles.

INSTEAD, I would like to direct you to two incredible posts that I read earlier this week. Neither is really about insecurities, but they sure did help me sort some things out.

 FIRST, head on over to Jay Noel's space. Just click here
Are you at all surprised that I was touched by a post titled 'Be Water, My Friend'.

NEXT, go on over to Lori Freeland's blog by clicking here This post 'Parking Lot Prayer' is a little different than Jay's and yet it touched me and my insecurities deeply.

I apologize if this is taking the easy way out this month, but I sincerely thank Jay and Lori for the support and inspiration. While you there, tell 'em I sent you and leave a little note.

I might not know where the commas go, but I do know what touches my heart. 

For more inspiration and help dealing with insecurities go on over to the right and click on that little ole button and check out some of the other Insecure Writers. OR, click below and have a big helping of Van the Man.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012



Not a breath of air
Nor a ripple on the sea
Touch me if you dare
Help me, to not be me

Change is mandatory for survival
And change each of us must
See our life as a great revival
Learn lessons of love and trust

Give your heart away to another
Though trample it they may
Call them friend, lover, and brother
You learn to live another day

With no joy left in the living
Only the darkness of endless night
Let your heart keep on giving
Least your mind give up the fight

Keep on fighting to be stronger
Let no man take your rightful place
The night can get no longer
Because you can almost see God’s face

As the dawn breaks new and bright
New life shines with each of the sun’s rays
The winner is not always right
But the lover will see no more days

And the love still exists around you
Anger cannot make it dim
Though my heart may be cleave in two
In the end it is God who will win

My poetry may stink, but my heart is true.