Tuesday, October 18, 2011

October 18, Day 4

If I'm here it must be Tuesday. Keeping up two blogs is taxing my tiny little brain. Still nothing new from 'The Editor',so I'm letting it rest. Taking a break from the Far Away Series and trying to divert that tiny little brain of mine.

I'm still committed to NaNoWriMo. I have the story in my head and ready to go, now I need November 1 to come around quickly because this story is waking me up at night. It's ready to be told. This ghost is haunting me. I'm itching to tell you the story behind the story, but I won't. I'm afraid it would give too much away. Maybe after the story is written. I will tell you a few 'Ghost Stories' from my past or rather from my families past.

Why is it that some people live closer to the 'veil' than others? Why do some have experiences with those who have actually passed on but refuse to leave or who return for some purpose? I've wondered about that a lot, because in my family; everyone sees dead people at some time or other. It's amazing that it's not scary. They are just there.

Here's an instance that happened to me a few years ago. My husband who scoffs at this type of thing a lot witnessed it too, no he actually saw Michael also. My Godson was a Chicago policeman killed in the line of duty. I flew back to Chicago for the funeral. This funeral was a far worse experience than the funerals of my parents, probably because it was so public and he was so young. It was like something out of the movies. Michael was probably loving it, but it was hard on the friends and family. If I ever hear bagpipes again, it will be fine with me.

Anyway...Michael was a handsome guy and tall, about 6'6". A few weeks after his funeral I was back in SE Idaho at the State Fair. Rick and I were waiting in line to enter a ZZ Top Concert. Early September in Idaho it stays light until after 9p. It was still light as day. The line was long and there was a tremendous crush of people. I was standing there people watching and spacing out as usual. I looked up ahead and saw this guy who was really tall, a least a head taller than the average height of the crowd. He had on a Baseball Jersey, I'm pretty sure it was a Chicago Cubs Baseball Jersey. He walked right at me and was looking into my eyes. Something about him seemed familiar. When he got to me, he put his hand on my shoulder and looked at me and said "are you alright?" I nodded yes and he said "are you sure, you're alright?" I nodded yes again and knew it was Michael. Rick looked over at me and said "Was that...?" "Yeah," I said. We both stared in the direction he guy walked and could not see his head above the crowd. 

Thank you Michael for checking on me. I was a mess at your funeral. I went to be there for you Mom and I'm afraid I was such a mess, I needed the rest of your family to help me.

I guess I needed to remember that, because I started out thinking about something completely different. Maybe I'll have another Ghost Story for you on Thursday, maybe not. It makes me pretty emotional.

Remember no edits here, and I still don't know exactly "where the commas go".


  1. This is an interesting story. I also wonder about those who see ghosts and spirits. Because of my religious background it is all very real to me. Because of my educational background it makes me question :) I think that some must just be more sensitive than others.

  2. Cool story, hadn't heard that one....shocking because I hear them all. You have some great ones, although tough to share you should. Bag pipes still break my heart, and I always cry no matter the reason....

    Anyways, thanks for the gift....I see them too.

  3. I love ghost stories. I grew up seeing and hearing ghosts so I won't scoff at you. And that is lovely that he came back to check on you. Following you now. :)

  4. Hi there! I'm still blog-hopping(crawling?) and I am glad to meet you! Beautiful photos and interesting questions!