Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Sorry to report that I've been dealing with some sad news and struggling to write. So, that post I've been promising about Panama the Golden Retriever will have to wait another week, but I did write this Blog Bit about ten days ago to have as a back up so I hope you enjoy it. I'm going to try to write the Panama post later today. Next week for sure. I Promise (not the vague promise of before but a real promise).

Ya’all know I like to read, don’t ya? Well I was reading something very inspirations and informative the other day that prompted this post.

Ya’all know who this is, don’t ya?

BUT, do you know these guys?

Well if you’re like me, I knew who the first guy was immediately, but those second two I did not recognize. That will not happen again.

That FIRST PICTURE is of Lance Armstrong (if you didn’t already know). He’s pretty famous. I hope today in your mind he’s famous for the truth about him and not the lies. The truth that he’s a liar, cheat and a bully. He took a great physical achievement and turned it into a complete circus, a sham, a total counterfeit of what it should be. But as usual I digress…

Every year in May, my little island in the Caribbean is host to one of the big Ironman competitions. It’s a real big deal down here, more than another excuse for a party. It’s a time when the world of athletics takes a serious look at us and we Cruzans are proud.

Last year, the Ironman here was a bigger deal than ever because Lance Armstrong was coming to compete. Businesses and balconies all over town were covered with banners welcoming the Ironman participants and most were also welcoming Lance. Well the competition did not go well for Lance, he came in third overall. He was probably exhausted at the end, but he didn’t shake hands with those lining the streets to cheer him on and he did not attend the banquet that night in honor of all the participants but particularly the winners. No matter, the Cruzan officials made excuses and said after all, he’s a busy man and had to leave the island to be on schedule for his next appearance.

Now before I discuss the second picture I want to tell you how I came to know about these two fellows. I purchased Nick Wilford’s book “Overcoming Adersity An Anthology for Andrew’. I purchased this book because so many of you, my blogger friends, contributed to it. I really had no idea what to expect when I started reading.

Somewhere in the first half was a submission by Al Diaz. I just recently met Al at his blog Father Dragon Writes Al talked about these two men in the picture Dick and Rick Hoyt. I encourage you to purchase the book and read Al’s words for yourself. I promise you won’t be sorry. (You will also be treated to some other wonderful stories.)

Rick and Dick Hoyt are known in the racing circuit (marathons and triathlons) as Team Hoyt. They are a team because the run, swim and cycle together. Rick has Cerebral Palsy and his father Dick serves as his legs. It is this woman’s opinion, they are absolutely incredible. They love exhibited between this team is extraordinary. I find it most interesting that their dedication to each other has made each of them stronger at every level. Their love is an example in perseverance that exceeds the normal human spirit.

After reading the story of Team Hoyt put so simply by Al Diaz in a book that, by the way, is helping to fund a very good cause; I’m embarrassed that I could so easily recognize Lance but knew nothing of these two men. To Lance I say, ‘Shame on you! Shame on you for doping, shame on you for lying, shame on you for bullying other cyclists into keeping quiet about your and their doping, and double shame on you for trying to grab the limelight one more time by confessing  you lies on National TV in front of Oprah. (Oh, and Oprah, shame on you too, for giving him the opportunity.)

To Team Hoyt I say, BRAVO Gentlemen for a job well done. BRAVO for setting an example for everyone of love, devotion, loyalty, and to endurance not only in racing but in this thing we call life.


  1. They are real heroes! Yes, I discovered them when Al posted the clip. Just amazing what that father did for his son.

  2. I'm sorry to hear you are having a hard time.

    Can't agree with you more about Lance or the father/son team that Al also introduced me to. Amazing! And so inspiring.

  3. They are, indeed, amazing examples of determination. So much to learn from them! :D

  4. Hope the news stops giving you the blues soon. Never knew who they were until now either, and Lance is a douche.

  5. I hope you see your way through whatever is happening and that there will be rainbow waiting on the other side.

    I saw something on TV a while back about Rick and Dick. That's love.

  6. I did actually know about Rick and Dick Hoyt, and it's awesome to see them doing what they do, especially with Dick in his 70s now. He's doing what some 20 year olds can't even do by themselves. That's just amazing, and it definitely inspires me as a runner/cyclist.

  7. Such an inspirational story.

    And I hope you're doing okay...

  8. There is always a "silver lining" in all things. Love you!

  9. Wow, what an amazing story! I can't believe that I have never heard of the father / son team before. That is the kind of positivity and love that makes life worth living, and those are the kinds of things I wish I heard about on the news rather than stories about Mr. Armstrong! Thank you so much for sharing.

  10. Lance is a dink and I agree with Slimegreen, that people like Nick and his son should be in the news more. I always wonder what might happen if there was more good news reported than bad.

  11. Awesome post, and so true. Too often we give attention where it's undeserved.

  12. Sorry that I haven't been back to reply sooner. Computer woo and poor time management have kept me running in circles.

    Seems that we all agree. It would be nice if the world were willing to give more 'press' to people like Team Hoyt in stead of the cheap personalities like Lance.

    Thanks for your comments.

  13. They are real heroes! Too bad Lance Armstrong can't set an example.

  14. I saw this father son team on Youtube a few years ago and was moved to tears. Such an amazing and inspiring story! As for Lance Armstrong, we're still not sure what to do with all the Livestrong merchandise my husband and son own. What a disappointment.