Monday, December 9, 2013


Surprised to see me back so soon. Well today a group of bloggers are roasting this bird


OOPS! Sorry wrong Bird. We're actually roasting this Bird.

You see today is Cheerfest 2.0. for more details and to check out the Linky List showing all the other bloggers enlisted to give Mr. Bird a good 'basting' you'll have to take a trip to Hawaii and visit Mark Koopmans

Cheerfest has a few rules, and since you all know I would never break the rules (Ha, ha, ha!) let's get started.

FIRST, there are four questions that we are asked to answer with respect to Mr. Arlee Bird:

1.  Why did Lee come up with the A-Z Challenge? 
        I dunno, maybe to make us all (more) crazy!

2.  If someone dreams about being a juggler what does it mean?
        Maybe that they like to keep all their balls up in the air.

3.  Is a post by Mr. Bird worth two in the bush?
        Usually I decline answering 'bush' questions but since you asked, a post by Mr. Bird is worth a certain amount of controversy and at least, a partridge in a pear tree. 

4.  Who would play Lee in a documentary?
         Definitely Brad Pitt. I would love to explain my reasoning, but we are only allowed +/- 20 words for each answer, so I'll have to leave it to your imagination.

SECOND, we're supposed to write a piece of FLASH FICTION using the following prompts:.


Oh, BTW this piece of FLASH FICTION is not supposed to exceed 100 words (HA, ha, ha!)

Well here goes +/- a few 100 words (You know me!).

'It was a cold and stormy night. Absolutely nobody should be on the road on a night like this, let alone this solitary traveler. The wind was whipping and TOSSING his thin BROWN JACKET like some crazed JUGGLER who was somewhat vertically CHALLENGEd. The mournful cry of a night BIRD startled this lone sojourner, so he sought refuge at the first farmhouse where light burst forth from each window.

A firm rap on the door and it flew open to reveal the most beautiful woman our traveler had ever seen. Being a man of humble means he begged shelter in the barn and was granted such. In the middle of the night a soft song was heard...'

Well, I'm over 100 words there, so again you'll have to use your imagination

THIRD, we are supposed to 'caption this picture:

             'Another fine, upstanding, young man gone wrong by the evils of circus life.'

Well there you have it. A fine roasting, toasting, roller coasting for that man about town the debonair Mr. Arlee Bird!


  1. Dig the caption!
    My imagination is now wandering...
    I also said partridge in a pear tree. Must be the Christmas spirit.
    Thanks for participating in CheersFest!

  2. You're caption is a hoot! As for your flash... I don't appreciate being left "hanging" in the air. :D

  3. Brad Pitt? I am trying to see it and... not. Hmmmm.

    You don't normally answer questions about bushes... Me either!!! LOLOLOL.

  4. I can see the Brad Pitt thing if I squint really hard. Like, so hard my eyes are shut.

    Also, using vertically CHALLENGEd for the word "challenge" is just amazing. I love it. Well done, FAE!

  5. Brad Pitt - sounds like the beginnings of your next post…please, I want to know more!

  6. Brad Pitt huh? Hmm I can see him being that star of the circus

  7. Love the caption!

    The story had me so enthralled that I hated to see it left hanging. Despite the cliche opening I think you off to starting a pretty good story--or a pretty dirty joke.

    Love your post. Brad Pitt? Sure, I can fly with that.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out

  8. Nice flash fiction, farawayeyes!
    Sexy casting for Lee. I hope he cleaned the hay off his brown jacket.

  9. Love the Story. My Imagination can get kinda wild...well at least that is what my kids tell me.

  10. Hi Happy Roasting!!
    Your intro. is really very attractive
    At last we got the real BIRD to roast. Poor fellow got roasted up and is damn tired!!!
    Best regards

  11. I love your caption and your Flash~
    It was fun to roast the Bird~
    Brad Pitt, I see it! Comical with that sparkle in his eye, great smile!
    Nicely done

  12. Good roast, FAE!

    I liked how you made Boidman a "traveling man" in your flash fiction. He is THAT!

    2. If someone dreams about being a juggler what does it mean?
    3. Is a post by Mr. Bird worth two in the bush?

    I don't know the answer to either of those questions. All I know is that a juggler shouldn't put all their balls in one bush. Er-- EGGS! I meant, EGGS! Don't put all your eggs in one bush. ...Hmmmm... Somehow it still feels wrong. How does that old saying go again?...

    I enjoyed your caption too! Ah yes, in Lee we have a perfect example of how circus life corrupts young minds.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  13. Holy crap, Farawayeyes... you are seriously hilarious. Your personality just shines through this post. You are funny! So much imagining going on. :)

    Really fun. Thanks for the laugh!

  14. Loved your creative take on the flash fiction, and your clever caption! I also want to see where your story leads, and what Brad Pitt has to do with it.


  15. Stopping by from the Cheers Fest for Arlee. I am still laughing at your post. Great post honoring him!

  16. You're funny and unpredictable, Faraway. I loved this. Being vertically challenged, I especially liked your clever story and use of the word 'challenge'(d).

    Be well, kind lady.

  17. Love the caption. People are having a great time with this on. I hope Lee is writing all these down.

  18. That was fun and interesting, who knew!

  19. Thanks for all the wonderful comments. I trust lee had as much fun being roasted as we all had tossing him out into the fire. All in good fun my friend. All in good fun!

  20. Thanks for all the wonderful comments. I trust lee had as much fun being roasted as we all had tossing him out into the fire. All in good fun my friend. All in good fun!

  21. Such a fun and funny entry. I'm glad I stopped by.

  22. You make me smile! Great job and congrats to Arlee!

  23. I'm loving the roast posts. Poor Lee.