Friday, November 16, 2012

'Oh How I Miss You'

Today is the 'Oh How I Miss You Blogfest , but I bet you already figured that out for yourself.
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As you can tell, today is the ‘Oh, How I Miss you Blogfest”. For more information click on that little blue ‘here’ up above (don’t even try clicking on the badge – you guys know me better than that) and get all the info from the hosts. You can also check out the other participants and see if you are on anybody’s list.

First the three I miss ~

Number One – the person I miss the most is ME. Now before you think; ‘whew, what a narcissistic comment’, let me explain. Lately life has been kicking me to the curb on a continual basis. Health issues, financial issues, personal issues, computer issues, and on and on and on, have left me with very little motivation to blog. I hate complaining and I find myself whining more than ever, so I just keep my mouth shut and slink off into the corner.

The reason I miss me blogging, is that when I do post something ( I have made it now for three weeks in a row – posting once a week) so many of you come around, even after I’ve been delinquent for a long time, and you cannot imagine how good your comments make me feel. Also, because you guys comment, I get out and visit you back. When I’m out and about in the blogosphere, I’m more informed, entertained and think a whole lot less about my personal woes. I’m workin’ hard a making a comeback, at least on a weekly basis.

Number Two – Stephen T. McCarthy at ‘Stuffs’. Stephen shut this blog down months ago, but I still miss his great travelogues, goofy characterizations and entertaining blog bits. There are some things he’s talked about that can get a laugh out loud from me, when I just think about them. He still blogs at
FFF-F, but he is often a lot more serious in that space.

Finally – Draven Ames at ‘Another Slightly Scary Story’. Draven hasn’t posed anything since November 2011 (a year ago) and I miss the offbeat horror that he wrote and hosted. I’m not necessarily a big horror fan, but he did come up with some pretty different stuff. Not zombies or werewolves but ideas of a more psychological nature.  He seems to be gone, gone, gone.

Now who would I miss if they were to ‘go away’? Well it goes without saying; I would hate to see Mr. McCarthy shut down his FFF-F blog, as he is threatening to do. His serious, politically un-correct posts serve a needed purpose in the blogging world.

I would miss Alex J. Cavanaugh and Matthew McNish if they were to take more than a short vacation. Alex has to be the nicest blogger out there and I am learning a lot from Matt’s QQQE blogspot.

I do and would miss D.L. Hammonds of ‘Crusting Altitude 2.0’. The reason I do miss him is that he has been hosting ‘Fight Club’ forever. While FC is a great idea and it sure gives numerous writers an opportunity to get some really great flash fiction noticed, I miss some of the insightful posts D. L. makes about his work and things going on in the world. So, come on back D.L.

There are a whole lot more people that I would miss, if they were to stop blogging, but the rules said three and 'you know me'; I would never break the rules. Ha!


  1. Thank you, Faraway!
    When I was going through my blogs in Google Reader I noticed Draven hadn't posted in over a year.
    We do miss you and are always happy when you post and visit!
    Thanks for participating in our blogfest.

  2. The "Me" part was genius. Sly and funny. I'm much the same way with many of the same issues. I've been keeping my blogs going but with the assistance of some very kind and wonderful bloggers.

    I agree about Stephen T. I'm so glad you've mentioned him. I've been trying to promote his blogs for years now. I guess he's not for everybody, but I think everybody should read him.

    And ditto what you say about D.L.

    Best post in the "Miss You" blogfest so far.

    Tossing It Out

  3. Ooh missing yourself, genius! I always miss blogging when I'm away for whatever reason :)

  4. I think missing your own posts is perfect. Sorry about everything landing on you at once. Hope things turn around and you can return to writing as often as you wish.

  5. And I'd miss you if you stopped - your warmth and sincerity, and your positive outlook even through difficult times.


  6. Not narcissistic at all. It makes perfect sense in the way you explain it.

  7. Hi FarAwayEyes .. sorry about your news - but am delighted to read that people have been around to support you - issues you mention are mighty difficult to cope with.

    Good luck and all the very best - cheers Hilary

  8. Glad you didn't let those things keep you down!

  9. I think I'm friends with Stephen on Facebook. I'll have to double check.

  10. Alex and Matthew are both on my list, too. And yeah, Draven, wow, it's been a while.

  11. I always feel like that, too, when I stay out of the blogosphere for too long. There are a lot of wonderful, interesting people online.

  12. FAE ~
    I just responded to your "miss you" comment on my old 'Stuffs' blog. (Wasn't sure what that was all 'bout 'cause I hadn't seen this blog bit yet.)

    Thanks for mentioning me. And thanks to Arlee Bird for mentioning me too.

    And just to set the record straight:

    I've never had (and never will have) a Facebook account.

    Nor am I on Twitter because . . .
    Real Men don't "Tweet".

    The only other thing I have to say is:

    Senator Joseph McCarthy RULES!

    If we had MORE "Senator McCarthys", we wouldn't have ONE "President Obama".

    Is that Politically Incorrect enough?
    (Damn, that felt GOOD! :-)

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  13. I love your clever post and can relate! Life does get in the way~
    I need to figure out how to blog while biking and heating my house, lol!
    I enjoyed your list :D

  14. Hi, Faraway...

    We can ALL relate. Life beats us down often, but one must roll with the punches. Getting out into the blogosphere is HEALING. That is why we miss it when we don't.

    This community strives from people like US. We ALL have common insight, interests, passion, and TALENT. Creative minds MUST ALWAYS be linked or they will whither away...

    So stay with us ... you must for YOU!

  15. Great post and I know I don't often get around like I'd like to, sorry about that. I wish there was a way to subscribe to this blog with email. My computer went all bonkers with the Google+ thing so I can't use it for some reason. I also hit that magical 300 blogs I am following and had to delete some of those that had 3+ blogs that I was following all their blogs. I had to choose just one to follow. :( Enjoyed reading your posting!

  16. I have the same problem about missing "me" as in keeping up with the blog. Life does get in the way.

  17. I hope you find "you" very soon! Thank you for a great post.

  18. Great post. I'd miss blogging if I didn't get a chance to do it as regularly as I do.

  19. Don't even put it into Matt and Alex's minds!

  20. I concur as I would miss myself blogging too. I appreciate your honesty!

    And thanks for signing up for the Alex Fest!