Friday, November 29, 2013


Here we are at the day you’ve all been waiting for. NO, not that horrid shop till you drop, punch em, kick, em, do what it takes to get the sale price day. It’s the day we announce the winners of the first round of BATTLE OF THE BANDS.
If you remember, or if you read the rules, the person who voted the most at the three participating sites {Far Away Series, Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends and tossing It Out} would be the winner. In the case of a tie, Mr. McCarthy devised a highly scientific method to determine the winner.

Holy Moly! We had a four way tie. The finalists were C. W. Martin, Disconnected, Luckymama13, and Robin. Utilizing his ‘highly scientific method’ Mr. McCarthy was finally able to determine the winner.

Congratulations C.W. Martin. If you will get in touch with the ‘Contest Master” , Mr. McCarthy and give him your selection we will see that you CD of choice is speeding it’s way towards your home soon.

That’s it folks. A winner has been chosen. Don’t forget to return on Sunday, December 1 for the next round of BATTLE OF THE BANDS. The criteria for winning the next contest is going to change a little and become a teeny bit more random. Stay turned and sometime soon we’ll ‘splain it to ya.