Thursday, November 21, 2013


Once again I owe all of my readers and commenters an apology. It's my policy to at the very least, visit everyone who comments here at my site. Well, as most of you know, that didn't happen this past week. Between me trying to figure out the operating system on this computer, and it's basic incompatibility with 'google" (it doesn't seem to recognize a whole lot of your blog addresses) and the fact that I have been dealing with a taxing family crisis - I was a major slacker. I promise to do better in the future.

Anyway... I bet you're all anxious to see who I'm voting for in this last BATTLE OF THE BANDS contest and see the overall results. So, let's get to it.

I have to admit that I have never been a big fan of either Bobby Darin or his number one song 'Mack the Knife'. This particular BATTLE was suggested to me and I had to give it some serious consideration. I did fall in love with Louie Armstrong's version and that's where my vote is going. Next, I do want to say that after doing some research on Bobby and listening to more of his music I gained a whole new appreciation for the man. He was a very talented individual and was a lot more diverse that I had previously given him credit for. But, I still have a great big 'what was he thinking' when he tried to crossover into the hippie/folk/troubadour style.

Satchmo, on the other hand can seem to do NO WRONG. He takes a piece of music no matter the genre and makes it his own. I have one other favorite of his that I plan on using somewhere along the line in a future BATTLE, for for now I'm gonna let him rest on his laurels.

The final tally including my vote was -

                                             Louis 'Satchmo' Armstrong 10 votes

                                             Bobby Darin 6 votes

Not at all how I expected this BATTLE to go. I was pretty sure Ole Bobby would run away with this one. Just goes to show what I know. Absolutely nothing!

Now head on over to Tossing It Out the home of Arlee Bird and Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends the home of Stephen T. McCarthy and see who won their contests.

This marks the end of round one in the 'Official Contest' stay turned for a post at all three sites announcing the winner, sometime before the 1st of December.

Come back on the 1st of December where I will be posting a new BATTLE OF THE BANDS with my favorite; Christmas Music!

My 'family crisis' hasn't completely resolved itself, so just in case I don't make it back here before the 1st of December - I wish all of you and yours a most wonderful Thanksgiving. I truly am thankful for all of you, who so faithfully have returned time and time again to read the ramblings of this dumb blonde.


  1. Sorry I missed the battle.
    Praying for your crisis.
    And have a great Thanksgiving.

  2. Totally understand your situation as far as your personal issues. I don't understand the conspiratorial plot by Microsoft and friends in having to always screw up with things. I know that want to make trillions in profits, but why hold us all for ransom. I no longer have a Word program on my computer because I guess I now need to install the new "8" operating system program and my previous Word program is no longer supported by Microsoft. I guess I'll have to figure this out when I have more time.

    To me Satch was no competition against Darin. Ol' Bobby is okay but he's strictly Vegas following in the footsteps of Sinatra. Armstrong deserves the win.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and I hope your situation smooths over and comes to a good conclusion.

    Tossing It Out

  3. Microsoft is being a pain in the ass. Yay, mine won, yippee

  4. Life does have a habit of making things difficult, no??? I hope things go better for you soon!

  5. Hope your crisis gets resolved soon.

  6. Another great BotB. But more importantly, I hope your family crisis resolves itself sooner than later. Hang in there!