Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I know you're all surprised to see me here when it's not time for another BATTLE OF THE BANDS, and I've just posted the RESULTS from the last BATTLE OF THE BANDS, but that should give you an idea, how important this message is.

DL Hammons is hosting another 'Write Club' bout. This is an incredible endeavor, and an opportunity for you to get a free critique on a five hundred chunk (that's a technical writing term) of your current WIP or five hundred words of something new. Either way, you get to enter anonymously,(how cool is that?) and see what folks have to say about your work. In the end your piece has the potential to get before an actual agent.

Now, you all know me, and if I try to give you the particulars we'll all be thoroughly confused. I suggest you head on over to DL Hammons Web Site . Once you're there click on 'Write Club' on the bar across the top. This way you'll get the rules and regs right from the horses' mouth, or DL's Web Site, as the case may be.

The deadline for entries if this Saturday, May 31st, so what are you doing' still hanging around here. Get on over there and check it out. Then sit yerself down and crank out those five hundred superb words and join the fun.

I'll see y'all back here on June 1st with another BATTLE OF THE BANDS and Mr. McCarthy and I will announce the winner in our May contest. 



  1. Seen it around indeed. Think rhyming would be a dead giveaway at my feed? lol

  2. Ooh! Well, I better get to work on my 500-word chunk then! I'd hate to miss the opportunity of getting my writing scorched by jealous anonymous readers and having it presented to an actual agent, who will turn it down because if (s)he knew what good writing and good storytelling really was, (s)he wouldn't be a writer's agent to begin with but, rather, a WRITER!

    Stephen King's "Carrie" was rejected 30 times; "Chicken Soup for the Soul" was rejected 140 times; Margaret Mitchell's "Gone With The Wind" was rejected by 38 publishers; James Joyce's "Dubliner" was rejected 18 times. And I forget how many times the manuscript for 'Harry Potter' was rejected, but it was many.

    Kurt Warner will eventually wind up in the NFL Hall Of Fame. But for awhile he was stocking shelves in a grocery store while playing quarterback for some arena league football team because the NFL scouts, who get paid big bucks to evaluate talent, had determined that Kurt Warner didn't have what it takes to make second string on a National Football League team. He's retired now, having gone to 3 Super Bowls, winning one of them, and putting up impressive quarterback statistics. He WILL wind up in the NFL Hall Of Fame.

    The MOST OVERRATED professionals on the planet today are (in order)... Talent Agents, Athletic Scouts, and Computer Geeks.

    No offense meant, but 'scuse me if I don't jump at the chance to have a manuscript of mine read by a literary agent (most of which couldn't find their own asses given four chances and two metaphors).

    Nice to see you posting something other than BOTBs though! ...Seriously!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  3. Thanks for your comments folks. Sorry for this cheap group reply. I'm between residences, so currently no Internet.

    See you on the 1st, I hope!

  4. I've been seeing this everything. What a great thing it is. Hope you enjoy your new location. You changing states?

  5. Love the Write Club. Can't wait for it to begin.