Wednesday, November 23, 2011

November 24 - Number 15 Thanksgiving~What are Words

I wasn't going to write a Thanksgiving,'I am thankful for' post. It's not that I'm not thankful, it's just that so many people have said so many wonderful things so much better than I could. I don't want to sound trite. I'm more into being clever. Then I came to this site and saw my last post. Yeah the one where I took my clothes off and stood in front of you all naked, because I had been such an idiot. I clicked on that song I posted - 'What are Words'

         " What are words if you really don't mean them when you 
                  say them.

           Say them out loud, they never go away...
                  They live on even after we're gone."

I sincerely mean it when I say that I am thankful for every breath. I am thankful for a family that has always supported me in everything. I know that hasn't been easy.I have done and probably will continue to do some hair brained things. I am most thankful for this year 2011 to be right where I am supposed to be on the planet.

It isn't always easy. Living in paradise. I don't get to be on vacation all of the time. Some of the really cool things to do are expensive, real expensive. It's hard at the Holidays to be away from so many people that I love so much. It isn't easy to get here. There are no 'cheap seats'.

But...I am thankful to live in a place where I work with people who break my heart on a continual basis. What you say? You are thankful for a 'broken heart'.
You bet. Having your heart broken means you really truly love. I am there 150%. It doesn't always feel good,but it feels like you are alive.

I work with kids, teenagers. Talk about heart break on a stick. I keep thinking, OK I can do this without getting too involved. I can help out a little and back off. After all they are their parents responsibility not mine. Yeah right. We are our brother's keeper. At least, I know I am.

Culturally things are different here. Kids are kids, but some of the things that are a natural part of the cycle handicap them for life. I won't really be able to change that in a big way, but it won't stop me from trying. When I can't, I'll love them anyway and do what I can.

I'm working furiously to finish up my NaNoWriMo Project. I guess I won at NaNo because I crossed the 50k word mark. I'm trying to finish the novel. It turned out to be about something completely different than what I thought when I started. A Writing Professor told me "if you feel strongly about your theme, you can't help but write a moving novel". In other words your WHY had better be a good one. "If your why don't make you cry it ain't good enough." Well, it does. It's inspired by these kids I work with here in the VI. Funny, I didn't know that when I started out.

                 "What are words if your really don't mean them when 
                            you say them."

My Daddy used to say "Put your money where your mouth is". Daddy I'm doing that right now. I love words. I am a self proclaimed 'word junkie".I am thankful for: Faith, Courage, Hope, Strength, Charity, Friends, Family, Words, and the greatest of these Love. I'm thankful that I love enough,that my heart is broken on a daily basis.

Another blogger,whom I follow posted this quote this morning. I lifted it from him. He lifted it from John Lennon.

                           "When I was 5 years old,my mom always
                            told me that happiness was the key to
                            life. When I went to school, they asked
                            me what I wanted to be when I grew
                            up. I wrote down 'happy'. They told me
                            I didn't understand the assignment and
                            I told them they didn't understand life."

Man, I'm happy and thankful. Have a great Thanksgiving. Here is a song I like. By an artist I've not necessarily been too crazy about, but I love his cover of this song by Leonard Cohen. Enjoy.

Today I'm not even self-conscious about the fact that I don't know where the commas go and I live where "thinking is optional'.      


  1. This is a beautiful post & thank you so much for stopping by my blog. What island do you live on?

  2. In my little corner of the globe, we don't celebrate thanksgiving. Nevertheless, I have LOTS of things to be grateful for!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you... and nice to meet you *waves*


  3. The best words are actions. And when those youngsters say "I love you" with their actions I bet it eases the bruises others have left. Roland

  4. Hi Beth -
    Thank You. I'm on St.Croix, USVI (US Virgin Islands)

    Mish and Roland -Nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by. appreciate the comments.

    Roland - You better believe it.

  5. "I am thankful for a family that has always supported me in everything. I know that hasn't been easy."

    This is so true. We need to appreciate the sacrifices others make in our behalf so we can pursue our dreams.

    Lovely sentiments here. Thank you.

  6. God spoke and created the world. That's pretty meaningful.
    I hope you had a great Thanksgiving despite the miles between you and some of your family.

  7. Donna, as always Thank You. Hope your Turkey day was a good one.

    Alex, The Word IS good. Thank you. My Thanksgiving was great,hope you had the same.

  8. That Lennon quote is absolutely fantastic.

  9. That's a great quote.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog!

  10. It's funny how an a post that almost-wasn't turned out to be so reaffirming. I hope your holiday met all of your expectations! :)

  11. DL; Funny how that happens.Sometimes,I just start talking and I actually make sense.

    Holiday was great.I miss the fam.leading up to it,but when we actually get there I realize I have everything I need right here with me.

    Thanks,always appreciate your thoughtful comments.

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