Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ups and Downs

Everything we do or experience in life has its ups and downs.Of course,most of us would rather ride on the ups and forget about the downs. It doesn't work that way.

I've been thinking for a while now that I needed a new place to live. I wrote a blog post a few weeks back about some of the economic changes that are taking place on the island where I live. The large oil refinery that is the major industry here announced that they are closing down. Thousands will be out of work directly due to this, and there isn't a person on the island it won't affect in some way. Many people, especially those highly paid professionals tied to the oil industry have already bailed -heading back to the States.

Because of this I have been able to rent a three bedroom/ three bath villa with it's own swimming pool. Moving up from a two bedroom/ two bath condo with a nice large shared pool. There is no comparison. The villa is decorated to the max. It's private and luxurious. A year ago I couldn't not have imagined being able to afford something like this. Today I'm definitely moving up. I will post some pictures as soon as I actually move (around 5 March). This is an incredible UP side in my life.

Early this morning on my way into town I ran into a friend, Clayton. Clayton works at the condo complex. He is one of the landscapers. He's hardworking,friendly and has looked out for me since the day I moved in here. A few months back he was telling me about some trouble in his family. One of his older daughters (he has 9 children and they are all still at home. He works hard, with his wife, to support them.) was in a fight at school where she was knifed. Her injuries weren't serious but she was in trouble with the school and the law. Clayton was concerned and lamented about the younger generation.

This morning he was here at the condo office with his official doctor's notice excusing him from work for ten days. He just got out of the hospital. What I didn't know about Clayton was that in order to take care of his family he works another job at night. He is security at one of the fancy resorts where they also have a high end marina. This past weekend at his security job Clayton came upon a trespasser who was stealing ARE YOU READY FOR THIS coconuts. He told this guy that he had to leave and leave his coconuts behind. They guy refused, so Clayton turned his back on him to return to the guard shack and call his boss, to send the police over. The guy attacked him from behind knocking him to the ground and attacked him with a machete. He has a vicious slice down one third of his face. How he wasn't killed, I don't know. This was over COCONUTS. Definitely a down side.

I suppose as things get worse for the people of the VI, things like this will be more commonplace. That's what goes on in my neighborhood. They call it paradise.


  1. That is awful. It is so scary the depths people will go. On a lighter note...I am happy for you and looking forward to seeing the pictures. Have a great day!

  2. Paradise for one, is hell for another. He sounds an amazing guy and no-one deserves that. Your new place sounds awesome though :)

  3. That's awful. I hope everything turns out okay for him.

  4. That is terrible. Hopefully he heals quickly for the sake of his big family too.

  5. Oh, wow! That's horrible. I hope everything will be okay for him and his family.

    And your new place sounds wonderful. :)

  6. Clayton sounds like a stand up man; it always pains me when bad things happen to good people. Hearing about such brutality over coconuts however, is madness.

    On a lighter note, wishing you much happiness in your new place.

  7. Oh that's terrible...coconuts must be serious business on your island. Poor guy...I hope he feels better soon.

  8. There's only one "Paradise", and it ain't in "this world".

    Have the authorities located the guy who took the machete to Clayton yet? Because that guy is insane and seriously dangerous!

    There was no reason for his violence - he could have just taken some of the coconuts and run off while Clayton was making his call. Or he could have left the scene without the coconuts, either way.

    But the unprovoked attack proves that this dude is out of his mind and needs to be found and locked up quickly, because the next person who challenges him over anything might not be as "lucky" (to use an odd word under the circumstances) as Clayton was.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  9. Holy crow. For coconuts? That's horrible. Hope they find the guy. I hope Clayton recovers soon.

  10. wow...stealing coconuts? I'm guessing those to be a major export over there.


  11. That is just insane. Scary how someone could have no regard for human life and over something so insignificant.
    Glad you're getting a bigger place though.

  12. Good grief. That's nuts! That poor guy. I guess paradise is relative, huh?

  13. That's horrible. How someone could hurt and almost kill another person is just insane. I hope Clayton will be okay soon.