Monday, February 27, 2012

Your Gonna Love This Bit of Silliness

Your gonna love this bit of 'dumb blond' silliness. I could just about scream. can be the judge.

I don't watch TV. I mean, I REALLY don't watch TV. I have one and a DVD player and a whole collection of DVD's plus a Netflix subscription. When we first rented this condo they said the cable was included. During Hurricane Season the Weather Channel was convenient, but that is the only time the TV was ever on. I have wanted to cancel the cable for months, but Rick wanted it. It's been a constant battle. 

There are two things I generally watch one is the Super Bowl, but this year I hardly paid attention. To make matters even less interesting during the Super Bowl, it was broadcast on a network that comes from Puerto Rico. They preempted the fancy Super Bowl commercial for local Puerto Rican commercials in Spanish, so I didn't even get to see those.

I was informed last week that the cable was turned off. The bills are not sent to me. The Property Management Company that handles my condo doesn't want to take them out of the owners name, so they are supposed to get them to me each month and I go a pay them. Last month the manager lost my electric bill and who knows what she did with the cable bill. So, nothing got paid on time and my cable was turned off. I was going to just let it go, because I'm moving this weekend, but then I remembered the Academy Awards. Knowing I would get no break from the Property Manager on the cable bill I paid last months bill, this months bill and a $22 reconnect fee for a total of $62 to see the Academy Awards (actually Rick paid it, cause he's the one who wants the cable anyway. All I wanted to see was the Oscars!).

So, last night I'm trying to stay awake, knowing that I have to get up at 5:30AM if I want the car on Monday. Just when we get to the 'good stuff' like the Best Actor, Actress, and Movie guess what - are you ready for this - wait for it --the cable goes out. Gone -  completely gone to fuzz. Are you kidding me?

By now, I do know who won, but it's not the same as seeing and hearing the acceptance speeches and the tears and all the other stuff. I was really bummed.

I'm left wondering if I will ever learn. Probably not. But, my new place will not have cable. There are a lot of things that have gotten left behind in my move to the Caribbean, finally the possibility of Network TV will be one of them.


  1. Ouch! I would have been bummed too. You're stronger than me to give up TV. I don't watch nearly as much as I use to, but I have a few shows that I love.

  2. Bummer!
    Hope you win the cable battle at the next place.

  3. I hear ya. My hub enjoys TV waaaay more than I do. Still, it's nice to have for special programs. I've lived abroad without TV. It's quite nice, actually.

  4. That sucks. Move to the states and you can come over and visit me and we'll watch t.v. together. I'll even make dinner.

  5. I know I would get so much more down if I didn't watch TV, but I can't help it. Thank goodness for a DVR though. :)

  6. N.W.B. ~

    >>...There are two things I generally watch one is the Super Bowl, ... They preempted the fancy Super Bowl commercial for local Puerto Rican commercials in Spanish, so I didn't even get to see those.

    You didn't miss nuttin'!
    The Super Bowl commercials haven't been doo-doo for at least ten years and probably longer.

    The only thing more overrated than Super Bowl commercials is the Academy Awards. (I'm LITERALLY embarrassed that I ever desired one. I'd put the Oscar right up there with the Nobel Peace Prize in terms of B.S.)

    I am surprised, however... never woulda taken you for a Super Bowl watcher.

    OK, gonna work on an Email or two for you... TONIGHT!

    ~ D-FensDogg (a.k.a. "Filbert")
    'Loyal American Underground'

  7. I just use the T.V for watching movies! Isn't it just typical these silly things always happen eh? :)

    Universal Gibberish