Saturday, March 1, 2014


Can you believe it? It’s March 1st already. It seems to me that 2014 just keeps scooting along. Well, ya all know what that means, don’t ya? Time for another BATTLE OF THE BANDS (as if that header picture didn’t already clue you in). I’m trying not to whine, but I am seriously sleep deprived, so let’s get right to it.

Today I have selected a song that is quite a departure from what you’ve come to expect here at The Far Away Series. I like to keep ya guessin’.

Anyway…this week’s selection was made famous it a 1998 movie. I found an article on an ‘Entertainment’ site, wherein the director actually apologized for this movie. In the article, said movie was referred to as…’the brashest, outlandish, craptacularly entertaining blockbuster of all time’, but more about that when I come back on the 7th with my vote. For now the movie is ‘Armageddon’, which Wikipedia refers to as a science fiction, disaster drama.

The song ‘I don’t Want to Miss a Thing’, which was first made famous by ‘Boston’s Bad Boys’ – Aerosmith.
I found it interesting that this song is listed as one of Aerosmith’s more famous tunes. Ya couldnda fooled me! It did seem as though for a while there every one of the ‘hard rockers’ felt it mandatory to include at least one ballad type song in their repretore.
Around the same time (late nineties) some of the ‘newer’ country singers, apparently at a loss for new material, started rerecording famous ‘heavy mental /hard rock tunes in their own style. Up next, Mark Chestnutt with his version of the same tune, twang included.
Unfortunately, I was unable to find good video clips of each version that did not include clips from that craptacularly entertaining blockbuster, or Mark’s mullet . {NOTE: After I wrote this and looked for the only video I could  find on my 'dumb phone', I found this one, which is a studio version of Mark's version, sans the mullet. Oh well, I already warned you that I was pretty fuzzy. Sorry about that.}  Please try to vote for your favorite version of the song and not your favorite video, but by all means please feel free to comment on the videos, if you so desire.
Hopefully you all know the drill, because I’m far too fuzzy to ‘splain it to you here.  After you’ve made your choice and left your vote head on over to Ferret Faced Fascist Freinds the home of Stephen T. McCarthy. I’m gonna trust that STMc will give you a full explanation, as well as links to other participants in this BATTLE OF THE BANDS
Come back on the 7th, and I’ll let you know who the winner is and give you my vote and reasons why. Maybe we’ll even talk a little bit more about ‘Armageddon’ the movie, or the final battle – your choice.


  1. What do you have against Mark's mullet? (That really made me chuckle.)
    I'll just apologize up front - I don't like the song. So it's which version do I dislike less. Since country music is just not my style, I'll have to give it to Aerosmith.
    Now that I feel really guilty, I'll just go back to practicing my guitar...

    1. I like this space to be a guilt (and mullet) free zone. So voice your vote, with no worries at all.

      One for Aerosmith.

  2. Well this certainly is a tough choice.

    I'm a real sucker for earth destroying extravaganza films. I don't recall what Armaggedon was about but I remember that I enjoyed it.

    I knew Aerosmith did this song from the film. The orchestral intro threw me off but I like this song by them. It's big and sweeping and it's a lovely song to listen to.

    Chesnutt gives the song an even more authentic and romantic touch and turns it into a real pop country gem. I like his version a lot.

    I'll give my vote to Aerosmith. No, Chestnutt. Er, no, make that Aerosmith.

    Oh what the heck, it's hard to decide on this one.

    I'm going to give my final vote to Mark Chesnutt. He captures the spirit of the song the best and makes it a classic.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out

    1. I'm happy to hear that this was a tough choice, hopefully this one won't be a run-away for anyone. At this point it's one and one, Ha, ha, ha,

  3. This is a tough one FAE. I like both versions. I think that the Aerosmith version feels Bigger. Maybe that is because Tyler stretches the vocals out and the instrumentation is "fuller." And it tends to feel "more right" because it is the version I'm used to hearing. However, I also like the Mark Chesnutt version. The message of the vocals don't get lost when he sings it. It is heartfelt versus the sweeping style that Aerosmith employs. No vocal acrobatics for Mark.

    So, I am going to vote against type (meaning the song I am used to hearing and liking) and give this one to Mark Chesnutt. Turns out I prefer the more heartfelt, understated version when it comes to a love song. Just give it to me straight from the heart.

    1. Seems that you and Mr. Bird agree. Tough choice, but a more romantic version wins.

      Count another vote for the 'country boy'. And you didn't even get the benefit of his mullet.

  4. Not fond of Aerosmith so I'll go with Mark C.

    1. So, did you really like Mark better or just NOT like Aerosmith that much.

      So far, the 'country boy' w\is pulling ahead.

      Be honest did that promise of a mullet sway you too.

  5. Sadly, while Aerosmith is famous for this song, it is not their song, but one from human power-ballad factory Diane Warren (Hearts "Who Will You Run To" Laura Branigan's "Solitaire." pretty much everything by Michael Bolton, Celine Dion and Cher's 80's output).

    So while I prefer the band when they are writing their own stuff, I must admit a little sheepishly to liking the song.

    Since I am not a country fan, Chesnutt's version started in a hole, and I did not get the "heartfelt" "romantic" vibe Robin and Lee heard-I just heard someone driving off in my pickup truck with my music collection packed in the back, and I don't even own a pickup truck!

    So Aerosmith gets my vote!


    1. "Sheepishly!" really? No need to be shy or sheepish. It's a great song.

      I'm sure screamin/screechin Steven will appreciate it.

      Aerosmith for a slight come back.

  6. Steel guitar wins over screeched vocals. Sorry, Steven et al, I take the country version.

    1. Seems like 'twang' is taking this by storm or at least a cloudy day, or are you just another mullet fan also.

      'Country Boy' taking a strong lead.

  7. I think chestnut brings the song more to life, but I still have to go with aerosmith, could just be because of Armageddon though lol

    1. I see; you're into disaster drama. It appears this BOTB is becoming exactly that for Aerosmith - a disaster drama.

  8. First thing I gotta say (having been a big Aerosmith fan through their first 4 or 5 albums) is that, to me, 'Dream On' will always be their "big ballad" (even though it does pick up the pace toward the end).

    I just now looked up Aerosmith in my copy of 'The Billboard Book Of Top 40 Hits' and was shocked to see it stating... "Hard-rock band formed in Sunapee, New Hampshire, in 1970."

    New Hampshire?! I had no idea. I guess they must have moved to Boston early on and become associated with Beantown, but in truth, they were a New Hampshire band. (The things we learn at the age of 54!)

    And how did the first "T" Mark's name manage to move 4 places to the right? Who does he think he's foolin'? As if we don't all know it's really supposed to be ChesTnut, not ChesnutT.

    OK, my vote...

    Had I not known in advance that was Aerosmith, I don't think I'd have guessed it. Not bad, really, but kind of spoiled by the vocal histrionics.

    As others have already said (because it's totally obvious), The ChesTnut version seems more believable, more heartfelt, more... authentically performed. It sounds like a "love" song the way he performs it... plus, you can actually hear all the words.

    I vote for Mark (with or without mullet).

    According to the vote count so far, it looks to me like
    "ChesTnut's roasting Aerosmith on an open fire."
    (Yeah, I said it...)

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. Actually, I knew that about Aerosmith,(that they were originally from NH), because I had a friend from NH, who said he used to see them in bars and small clubs when they were little more than a garage band.

  9. Great song choice. I like aerosmith.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

    1. I'll count you as one of the few votes for Aerosmith. I'm sure they'll appreciate it, but I don't think it will help in this BATTLE.

  10. I just don't like Steven Tyler's voice. I never have. It's like nails on a chalkboard to me. So even though I'm not a fan of country, I like hearing Mark Chesnutt actually sing this song, so I'll happily hand over my vote to him.

  11. OK, I'll count your vote for Chesnutt, or at the very least against Tyler.

    I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I seem to be able to pick controversial artists that at least one person does not like - think Celine. Ha, ha, ha.

  12. I was thinking I bet you know who I'm gonna vote for, then I thought I have suprised you before. However, if you don't know on this one I am disappointed.

    Chesnutts shall roast and burn, cuz Areosmith owns this song. Beautiful song, that I will play at both my girls weddings!!!!! By Areosmith of course.

    (Mullets should never win)

  13. No disappointments or surprises here.

    Another vote for Aerosmith and against mullets. Ha!

  14. Really tough choice, as I love love Aerosmith, and Mark is one of my fav country artists also. I think I'll stick with Aerosmith though; that is where I heard the song first in my much younger years, and I still think its pretty awesome.

  15. Thanks for the vote. I'm not sure, but I think you just 'tied' things up.

    We'll see, on the 7th when we have the official tally.