Friday, June 29, 2012

100 People to Meet Before You Die

I intended to get this post up first thing this morning, keeping with a schedule of posting Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Well, that didn’t happen. The old HP is not cooperating, lately neither is life, both keep getting in my way.

Anyway…that’s not what I came here to talk about. As I was visiting the blogs of some of my newest followers about that Versatile Blogger Award, I read some interesting stuff. A few of them had just participated in Awards and Tags where they were asked, ‘who either living or dead they would most like to sit down and have a visit with’. It got me to thinking about that very question. Which lead me to thinking about some of the interesting people I have met in my lifetime. I decided that although when posed with THAT particular question we generally think of the famous or infamous, I have started my personal list of the 100 people you hope to meet before you die.

These are not folks whose names make the nightly news, although they could. They are not the rich and famous, yet in a way they are. They probably are not on the list of others as someone they would like to sit down and have a visit with, but maybe they should be.

Well, ya all know how much I like to tell a story, so that’s what I’m gonna do here on this blog over the next few posts and they we’ll come back and revisit the idea when I meet more interesting people. That’s not to say that everybody isn’t interesting in their own way, but this will be just my personal opinion (move over Mitch Ablom). I’m also gonna send you back in time to revisit some of my older blog posts that cover some of my personal 100 and that’s where I would like to start today.

So click on the link below and read my all time favorite post from the 2012 A to Z Challenge. I hope (you know me and technology).


  1. I love this as a theme for several posts. Can't wait.

  2. An excellent theme to explore! Looking forward to reading more stories! :)

  3. This is a great idea! I love that post.

  4. I love the idea, and your post about your time in Alma was such a great story.

  5. Very cool. Can't wait to see your interesting people.

  6. a clever theme! I'm looking forward to your next posts.