Friday, June 8, 2012

Say Hi to the Beer Boyz

If you have been reading my last few posts you cannot have helped but notice the ’blue funk’. What is with that? I’m gonna have to look for a different color funk. I actually, truthfully, and really used to own a pair of ‘rose colored glasses’. I wonder whatever happened to them. Well, no matter. Onward and upward to better things.

Couldn’t sleep again, so I’m up early this AM trolling the blogs. Due to the excess of ‘blue funk’ around here I try to hit the ’funny’ sites first. First stop are two seriously funny guys. Today I would like to talk a little bit about them and direct you over to their space.

BEFORE, anyone gets to excited about me ‘spotlighting’ (that’s a hunting term – where you shine a light in the face of your prey and they are then paralyzed with fear and you can shoot them – sad isn’t it?) another blog. Keep in mind, I have only done this once before and that particular BLOGGER completely shut his site down and went out of business shortly thereafter. Coincidence? Man, I hope so. I would hate to become known as the ‘kiss of death’ blog spotlighter’ (reference back that definition).

Anyway my morning laugh came from two really funny guys over at ‘A Beer for the Shower” here’s the link – hopefully – you know me and technology.

Brandon and Bryan are incredible artists and most days the visuals at their space will dazzle you into literary bliss. Recently, they’ve begun a series, a heartfelt tale about a hapless man who is the eternal sunshine of hope. Now I know many of you are little burnt by some of the writers who serialize their current WIP to bore entertain you at their space, BUT this is something special. Something that must be experienced to be fully appreciated.

The ‘Beer Boyz’ are from Denver, maybe that’s what makes me relate to them. I never lived in Denver, but my best stories come from my time in Breckenridge and Alma, Colorado. Don’t strain yourself trying to make that connection –some days, close enough is close enough. OK, I’ll try to explain.

Alma, Colorado sits at the edge of ’South Park’ – yeah that “South Park’ the place from the TV show –it’s real –I used to live there –not surprised are you? The first time someone showed me that show, I recognized every stinkin’ character (yeah, they are all real people). Anyway the South Park Boys, the writers, are thought to be some real clever dudes. I mean they even have the current number one Broadway musical running in New York City. They have made irreverence a science. It’s probably now a course in ‘film school’, but I digress. MY POINT IS…’the Beer Boyz’ are way more funny that the ’SP crowd’. I seriously expect one day to frame this blog bit and say’ I knew them when’.

So what are you doin’ still hanging out here, head on over and tell ‘em FAE sent you.

The Boyz always end their blog by telling you what music they are listening to and what beer their drinking. So in tribute….

Drinking: Caribbean Dreams Jamaican Old Style Chocolate (hey - it’s morning and anyway, I don’t drink beer, but you know those Jamaicans)
Music: Bob Dylan ‘Must be Santa’ (Christmas music reminds me of Colorado. It’s the only place I ever lived where I saw it snow every stinkin’ month of the year – besides Dylan and this particular Christmas song –hilarious)

Stay classy boys – Send me tickets for your Broadway opening.


  1. I follow Brandon and Bryan's site although I don't get to visit often.

  2. I like their site too. Hilarious about being a blog killer. I'm sure that's a coincidence. But don't shine on mine, OK?

  3. Those guys are absolutely hilarious, and I am extremely jealous of their genius.

    And you lived in South Park! Is it really as spacious as they make it appear?

  4. I check out this blog. You're right: it's great! Thanks for sharing! :D

  5. will check them out---wow too bad about the spotlighting thing ;)

  6. Intrigued! Will head for a beer, but meanwhile, find I am drawn in by the writing here. New follower :-)

  7. I;m so damned flattered I honestly don't know what to say here. Thank you so much. Bryan literally just sent me a text message that said "that's probably the biggest and most relevant compliment we've ever gotten" after I pointed him toward your post for today. So we both really, truly appreciate it. It's things like this that make the really bad days navigating the publishing seas (and gods know there are plenty of them) all worthwhile.

    Again, thank you! And cheers!

  8. Oh that Dylan video is hysterical!

  9. I'd never heard of them. Heading over now.

  10. I had a blue funk the other day. An argument with my husband caused it. By the next day, the colour had faded and today I'm seeing through the rose-coloured ones.

  11. I've learned not to take a sip of coffee, and then read B&B's posts... they are always hilarious. The Beer Boys never fail to put a smile on my face :)

  12. Funny stuff. I hope you're in a better mood today!