Monday, June 25, 2012

Last week I was visiting my friend Donna Hole and she was directing people to a site that was holding a poetry contest. The site is 'The Red Angel' hosted by Wendy Lu. In an irrational fit of thinking I should step outside my comfort zone I signed up.I was supposed to post my poem by June 24th (YESTERDAY). I didn't. Not because I'm a loser and a coward, although those words do sometimes apply, but I was not able to link back to Wendy's site. It didn't make sense to me to post and not let you look at the others.

Today Wendy sent me a very nice email,letting me off the hook. I'm going to post my poem anyway and I'll try again to make the link. If it doesn't work maybe you can go there yourself at it could be my 'islands Internet connection' that is malfunctioning.

Here's the link, if it will work.  OK there it is but it's telling me the same thing - that you have to be invited to read this blog and I'm not invited. Maybe you are. Try it.

Anyway...I'm coping out on the poem also. This is one I wrote and posted back in March We were supposed to write about 'birthdays' the roaring twenties' or 'time'. I think I fit into the 'time' category.


Never cheat on your memories
Never live a lie
Never love someone falsely
Don't be afraid to die

Speak for the truth
Protect what is right
Give to the future 
Stand up to the fight

Don't break a confidence
Treat others with care
Give more than you take
Be not afraid to share

Go where you're sent
Do what you must
Find meaning in life
Are you still afraid to trust?

Dance like you're dying
Sing to no one
Step out on the ledge
Let yourself feel the world crying

Don't tell your secrets
Least they break your tender heart
Try to be better

Happy belated birthday Wendy. Hope some others make it over to your blog, even if it won't let me back in.

Interesting side note that today that poem has a whole new meaning for me. Maybe I just needed to hear it again. Thanks for playing along.


  1. Faraway, that's not only a wonderful poem but wise words to live by!

  2. Hi Barbara, thanks so much for sharing! I see what the issue is now - my URL is It's got the pesky x's! Sorry for the confusion.

    I'm so glad that "revisiting" this poem of yours gave you some additional insight. I especially like the second stanza and the line, "Let yourself feel the world crying." Really moving. This whole poem is like a guide for my 20s as I enter adulthood.

    Thanks Barbara for joining in and for your sweet birthday wishes. :)


  3. that's the nice thing about poems: they can be recycled because they always mean something a little different when you revisit them! I really love this poem! :D

  4. I've been told that some of the best poems will mean different things each time you read them. Maybe you have a hidden talent there? :)

  5. Eyes, you have a gift. Thank you for sharing it with all of us. You have a voice that needs to be heard and stories that need to be told. Keep 'em coming.

  6. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You won my chapter critique giveaway, Far Away Eyes! If you don't believe me, come visit The Red Angel Blog and see for yourself. :) You have five days to email me and claim your chapter critique so we can grind out the details. Again, congrats! Thanks for participating.


  7. I love number 6! You lead a very interesting and exciting life.