Thursday, December 22, 2011

December 22 ~ Number 24 The Edge of the World~Thar Be Dragons

I started writing this on the Eve of the Solstice. The trade winds are crashing and the palms are thrashing; a perfect night for a Tropical Druid Princess to be out in the moonlight dancing around a cairn built at the edge of the world.

I have my own personal ’Edge of the World’. Let me tell ya ‘bout it.

I tend to be a little bit secretive and reclusive. I live on an island in the Caribbean that is 25 miles long by 7 miles wide a mere speck in the blue. Normally, I don’t tell people what island. (Pirate) What…do I think you’re gonna come down and look me up to tell me where the commas go. Well I live on the Isle of the Holy Cross, Santa Cruz, or St. Croix, as we say. It’s the ‘big island’ in the US Virgin Islands. I have a bad attitude about us being a US Territory, primarily because we really don’t have the rights of a US citizen, even though we are. (That’s a post for my other blog; here I try to be kinder, gentler and rational) Anyway…We are considered the further most eastern point in the US. Thus, it is said that the sun rises on the US first at Point Udall on St. Croix. My own personal ‘EDGE OF THE WORLD’ and truly when I stare out over the water at this spot ‘thar be dragons’. This is where I go when I hit that brick wall and can’t think/write/be anymore.

Last week a friend called and told me she was going back to Puerto Rico, permanently. She wanted me to go out to Point Udall with her and another friend Friday morning to see the sunrise. It was already late Thursday night. I had worked the Cruise Ship that day and I was tired, I didn’t want to go, but I have said good bye to too many friends over the phone to never see them again, so I said ‘sure, pick me up around 6:15am’.

Sunrise that morning was spectacular.  At the last minute I grabbed my camera, the pictures don’t do it justice, but here they are, all the same.

When I started thinking about it. Isn’t it December 21 or 22 of 2012 that is the last day of the Mayan Calendar, the end of the world? Just so you know…my personal take on this is…How did the Mayans suddenly become so knowledgeable? We trust that they knew when the world would end, but do we credit them with other marvelous wonders and teaching. Everyone who wants their personal fifteen minutes of fame need only come up with an end of the world prediction (or start your own blog, whichever is easier). Just sayin… (Rational remember, Barbara keep it rational).

Anyway…I have a Christmas wish for all of my friends and family, especially you lovely people who feed my ego and build my securities by reading my words and ramblings.  May you each find you own personal ‘Edge of the World” may it be a peaceful place where you muse may enlighten your mind and you worries be lifted and float into oblivion.

In this next year, be it the last of this world, the last of your life, or the first of the rest of it, I hope you dance. (I know avoid clich├ęs at all costs, but sometimes that’s what says it best.) Dance in the moonlight, dance in the day, dance in the streets or in the private of your own laundry room. Dance in person, dance in your heart, or dance in your mind. Dance on paper with words, dance with your feet, or simply let the light shine out your eyes and let them dance. Listen to the music and move with it. You know I’m gonna.

If you don’t have a personal’ edge of the world’ I’ll share mine. Come on down and see it in person. It only takes at least two planes from the US to get her. It’s expensive. We drive on the left. Everyone is so laid back, services are abominable, but “thar be dragons’.

Merry Christmas!

OK, not a Christmas song, but got a weight...gimme..I'll carry it for a while.


  1. The closest I come to my own "End of the World" spot is in the woods by our local lake. Me and my son like to go camping regularly, especially when its cooler, and sitting by a fire looking out over the rippling water brings a calm over me like no other.

    I appreciate the offer to carry some weight, really, but I'm good! :)

  2. I no sooner pushed the publish button and someone called and said "hey,could you carry this for a while". I said, "yeah, that's what I'm here for." Breaks my heart, but I know I'm alive.

  3. Thar are no dragons in Akumal, Mexico, but it is my perfect place in the world. Next year, December 21, 2012 is the end of the Mayan CALENDAR...not the world. If you ask a Mayan, as I have, they'll tell you that this will be a time when the earth moves into a new consciousness. I'll be living there then and wonder if I'll feel anything shift.
    Happy Holidays1

  4. Hey Em - I think that's an internal shift, felt individually. One can only pray the whole earth will move, and move to a better place.

  5. Beautiful pictures! It must have been amazing to see in person.

    I don't really have an "Edge of the World" like the one you describe; but there is a nearby bridge over a river where I like to stand an look down at the water sometimes.

    Merry Christmas to you, too! :)

  6. trekking your superb blog! keep blogging and inspiring people! happy holidays!


  7. I would love to live in paradise, whether it be on the small island or Puerto Rico. I think I'd be happier in Puerto Rico. I would need lots of money though so when I changed my mind I could go wherever and see shirtless men glistening in the sun. That's all that matters ya know...I'd be sipping margheritas and staring at butts all day.

  8. A music lover, I see. You do have interesting ramblings. Love the post about your father. An amazing character. I admire that you are doing what you want to do (although having been coerced into taking a few cruises with my parents, I don't know that I'd be able to put up with the cruising folk for very long). Look forward to hearing more from you.