Thursday, December 29, 2011


%$&#^%($*&^$@@(  OK, that was not me cussing, that was me dancing. What can I say? White girl living in the Caribbean, not a whole lot of natural rhythm, but a ton of enthusiasm.

Have I sounded a little dazed, crazed, and cooked lately. If you don't think so you just being nice. I have been crazy. Here let me explain.

I finished up NaNoWriMo a winner.I wrote 85k+ words in the month of November in a novel that contained a whole lot of my heart and soul. Then, I took a week or so off. I wrote a few reviews. Not bad, but I started to think and read. For me that's dangerous. I unleashed the Vampires in my head. I became afraid of pouring my soul into the balance of my work. People would see me standing there naked. They would know who I am. I couldn't do it.

This was not a simple case of 'writer's block'. Oh no. I knew exactly where the story and plot needed to go.I knew what needed to be said. I just couldn't make myself do it. I had read a few too many posts critizing some author for being a repressed so and so, who must not have had a life at whatever period her/his protag was going through. You know the kind of crap I mean( at least, I hope you do - Classic example all the stuff written comparing Stephanie Meyer to Bella Swan, etc. etc. etc.). Anyway...

I started thinking, is that what makes a work great vs.good. Putting yourself out there. Dipping that pen in your own blood and writing your soul. I hope so, because that's what I did today. There I go, taking my clothes off in public again. You're getting used to that aren't you. I can't seem to help myself.   

This morning someone made a comment that was simple and helpful, but I was on the precipice and it pushed me over the edge.I sat at the computer and cried for about twenty minutes (Are you kidding me? NO I'm not.).Then I wrote. I poured myself into that keyboard and I finished the NaNo project. It's over 125k+ words. A little too long. I'm sure there is a ton of 'word vomit' but there is a whole lot of heart and soul too.

I'll be crazed again in a little while when I head off in to the realm of 'slash and burn', but this one is good. It's worth the effort. I know it.

I'll be back tomorrow with that end of the year guest post that never made it elsewhere. More naked admissions. I figured I was gonna be safe making them on some one else's blog. Oh well,now you know all my secrets or at least tomorrow you will.

Still don't know where the commas go and tonight I don't care. Man, do I feel good! 


  1. Good for you!

    PS. You're gonna catch the sniffles if you keep getting naked like that! :)

  2. What DL said!
    While a good cry just isn't going to happen for me, I recently got my own push to write again - and I did last night.

  3. Only other writers would understand all the emotions that go into writing. Good job! And who cares about the commas.

  4. Naked is good! In fact, if it ain't naked, I ain't lookin'.

    Commas? I'm OK with the commas; it's the semicolons that confuse me. (Should I have put a semicolon there?)

    Hey, you ain't been had responded to my question that I posed on an earlier blog bit: Bodie, California - you been there? If so, whadja think of it?

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  5. "This morning someone made a comment that was simple and helpful, but I was on the precipice and it pushed me over the edge. I sat at the computer and cried for about twenty minutes (Are you kidding me? NO I'm not.)."

    OH, MY GOSH!

    When I submitted that comment just above this one, I was pleasantly surprised to find that you had disabled that Word Verification system, as I suggested the other day.

    And that's when it dawned on me . . . oh, my gosh! Was it MY "simple and helpful" comment about disabling the Word Verification system that caused you to cry "for about twenty minutes"?

    I sure hope not. If so, please be assured that I wasn't trying to be anything but... uhm... well, you know... like, "simple and helpful".

    But... "crying"... yeah, I'm afraid I've always had that effect on women (and I don't mean that in a good and naked way, either).

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'