Friday, December 9, 2011

December 8 ~ Number 19 ~ Perspective

I made a big deal on the other blog about the stress of keeping up two blogs. Last Monday,over there, I stated that I would Post on 'babs' on Monday and Friday and I will post here on the Far Away Series on Tuesday and Thursday and I would take Wednesday off. So the first Wednesday, I wasn't off, because it was the first Wednesday of the month and that's always The Insecure Writers Support Group, and because I'm sooo insecure, I had to post yesterday.

Are you thoroughly confused, if so,good. That means we're starting on the same page.

First, I want to thank everyone who helped me out. If you will look to the right you will see my new icons/badges. The best part is, if you run your cursor over them you will see that they are a link to the blog that tells you all about them. If you want go there now. I'm gonna keep typing but you can catch up.

Second, I have another technology question. When I open this blog some days it tells me I have 56 followers (Yeah!) and other times it says I have 19 followers (a little less than that big yeah). Does anybody know why that is? If so, can you explain it to me...slowly. I'm really not a headhunter, but it feels kind of nice to think 56 people thought enough of my blog at one time or another to click that little ole follow button. Maybe, it's just another 'insecurity  test'. Like can you take it today if I take over half of your followers away? I guess it depends on your perspective.

Today I had the car. (We only have one, so we share. Rick doesn't share well. I only get the car on rare occasions.) I love having the car. Even if I don't have to go anywhere it gives a sense of abandon and freedom. On an island that's 26 miles long by 7 miles wide that can be important. When I went to pick Rick up after work we decided to go to the West Coast for dinner.

We went to my favorite beach bar. Rhythms.

That's it right there down the beach. (This wasn't last night, but you get the idea) This place is right on the beach at the western end of the island. We went there for the Local Lobster Quesadillas and sunset. When you look out over the water, the next land mass you would come to will be Belize. That was my perspective tonight. Sometimes I'm very Far Away!

What's your perspective?

No commas, no philosophy and a lot of water.


Life in the Islands. Couldn't get an Internet connection to post this last night. Ah Pirates!


  1. Sorry, I can't offer any insights regarding the weird functionality of GoogleFriend Connect. It does that same thing on my blog, just not to that degree. :)

  2. The follower thingy on Blogger is strange sometimes. Frequently it won't load the first time I got to a blog (any blog) and I have to refresh the page to see it. Maybe it had the hiccups when you were looking? Is this happening a lot?

  3. Lobster quesadillas? YUM! Are they as good as shrimp tacos? You're not that far from where I will soon be in Akumal, Mexico. I'm 3 hours from the Belize border. Well, I guess it might be farther than I think depending on where your island is in relation to Belize. Looks like you live in paradise.

  4. DL & Donna: glad to hear it'snot just me. You all know about my love affair with technology. It happens all the time. Ah well...what can I say?

    EM: Not as close as you think.There's a lot of water between me and Belize. I'll get the miles for you from Rick. Lobster Quesadillas are better than shrimp tacos. Of course,I wouldn't turn down the shrimp. They don't shrimp here, so it'snot fresh. We're big on Lobster, Mahi-Mahi and Wahoo.

  5. Now that sounds like an awesome dinner!
    Someone else mentioned her followers were vanishing. I haven't lost anyone, but the order of the icons keeps changing, which means new followers aren't always the last listed. Frustrating!
    Have you checked Blogger's help section to see if others are having the same problem?

  6. Alex:You better believe it.The'followers'thing seems to be common.I'm just glad it'snot me.they always comeback,then they go away again and come back...

  7. Just dropped by to say thanks for always having been my friend, Roland

  8. I'm not sure about the blog followers thing. Probably just Blogger being glitchy. :)

  9. I'm not sure there is anything you can do about it. This is probably a Blogger issue. Wow, I'm not sure I could live on an island that small. I'm use to big cities and large countrysides.

  10. Roland: the thank yous are all to you my friend.

    Lydia and Ciara: The consensus is that you are right. Blogger and it's glitches. I tried to do this blog at WordPress, but found it is not for the technologically challenged.

    Ciara: I moved here from the middle of 800 acres in the wilds of Idaho.You could feel hemmed in, but I live on the water.It is infinitely more vast than the wheat fields of the high country.

    I appreciate all of you guys.

  11. So glad someone else experiences the declining/increasing count on their members. I get that and I also have the same "interesting" phenomenon on reviews for my books. I wish someone (the gremlin behind the screen) would decide what the count is and leave it alone.