Friday, December 30, 2011

GUEST POST - The one that almost wasn't.

Here is that guest post that never happened.I spent too much time on it to never let it see the light of day. (Besides ~ Word Junkie ~ need I say more.) I even had someone else edit for commas, 'cause, well, you know me. Enjoy or was a good time for me!

As the end of 2011 approaches and we’re about to climb down the rabbit hole of 2012, I want to tell you about some things I learned last month (November). First, let me tell you that in November I fell crazy, madly, and insanely in love. Being so crazy in love is a reckless, wonderful, and exciting place to be, because you know your heart is gonna get broken. Ah, a broken heart. The stuff that dreams and stories are made of.

November was my first time. Yeah, I’ll admit it right here on someone else’s blog.(OK, so now I'm admitting it right here on my own blog.) Up until last month I was a virgin. Crossing that bridge was absolutely awesome. Can anyone deny it? While experiencing that major rite of passage, I learned three important things.

First. You have got to go for broke. Hold nothing back. Take what you can, and give your heart away. It’s a real ‘ask not what you are going to get out of this, but give every last drop of blood, sweat and tears that you’ve got, sit back, and see if it wasn’t worth it’ experience.
Q & A
Was it worth it? You had better believe it.
 Would I do it again? Oh yeah, I plan to; over and over.
Did you give everything? Without a doubt.
Did you get an equal amount in return? More than anyone could ever imagine.

Second. Accept the fact that you don’t always know your own heart until you give it away and allow it to be broken. You think you know who you are and then you enter into an experience as enormous as this and everyday you’re finding out new little things about yourself. Never say never. All those things you thought and said you would never do/say/be. Give it up. Let yourself do/say/be them. There are no boundaries. You won’t fall off the edge of the world. Go ahead break a few rules. After all, this is love. You just might get better/bigger/experienced.
Q & A
Did you find your heart? You had better believe it.
Did it hurt? Oh yeah, but I still plan to do it over and over.
Did you get beyond the ‘never say never’? Without a doubt.
Did you get better/bigger/experienced? More than anyone could ever imagine.

Third. Don’t try to do it alone. Of course, you wouldn’t fall in love alone. You need a lover, but I’m talking about something more. I’m talking about surrounding yourself with friends, a family of sorts. People who have been there or are there right now. People who understand what you’re going through. Someone who can pick you up on those days when you feel ‘unloved’. Friends who can shout ‘huzzah’ for your small victories. Those who will be there at ‘the end’. How do you mend a broken heart? How do you go on after? How do you see yourself through until the next time? With friends.
Q & A
Did you find those like minded people? You had better believe it.
Do you still go to friends/family to be picked up, ‘loved’, share victories? Oh yeah, over and over again.
Were these friends/family honestly there for you? Without a doubt.
Friends? That’s the secret to dealing with love and a broken heart? More than anyone could ever imagine.

Funny how that Q&A thing worked out. You had better believe that in November I held nothing back. I gave it all I had. I found my heart and I got bigger/better/experienced. I made friends with some of the most incredible people who will always be a part of the experience. A part of me. My experience with this particular love affair taught me that it’s something I definitely want to do over and over. Absolutely, completely, without a doubt.  I can only hope I gave something back, because I got more than anyone could ever imagine.

In November 2011 I fell crazy in love with NaNoWriMo. It was my first time participating. Up until then, I was a NaNo virgin. I started out wanting to win, to finish, to make it across that 50k line. Somewhere in there, I realized that I won the day I started. Finishing wasn’t as important as participating. That 50k imaginary line was a minor accomplishment compared to the things I was learning. The people I connected with during this ‘love affair’ were a greater gift than the affair itself.

In 2012 I plan to fully participate in life and NaNoWriMo. I plan to put my heart out there and go for broke every single day and see what happens. I promise to keep meeting incredible people, to ‘make new friends, but keep the old’. After all, ‘one is silver and the other gold’. I hope you do too. In 2012 I plan to “Tell Great Stories”.

Here's a song I like. They call it the 'funeral song', but I don't feel that way about it. Besides, death is just the next adventure. Try not to picture this poor woman in a towel. Just listen and let it haunt you!


  1. That was too good to keep hidden! Last year was my first NaNo experience and I had a great time. More support from others than I ever imagined, which really helped as well.

  2. Yeah, that should not have been hidden. :) Following along now, so may 2012 bring us all more than we ask for.
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  3. first I didn't think that this was about Nano of all things. But I still want to say, "You go girl!"

  4. You kept me reading, so it had to be a intriguing post. I'm not a NaNo participant, but I encourage all who do enjoy it.

    Best wishes in 2012!

  5. Loved it! I also fell hard for NaNo the first year I did it. You'll find you do so every year now for the rest of your life!

  6. It is fun to watch someone discover something new and fascinating about themself! 2012 is going to be a blast!! :)

  7. Thanks you guys. Appreciate your comments. Ilive for the applesauce.

  8. I love the wordplay. Amazing.

  9. What an experience!!
    Hope you have an awesome New Year, Barbara!
    See you in 2012...